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  1. Simon, paid the Healey Factory $8.5K. in 2014.
  2. Hi Simon and Others, I'm another one new to this forum. My car is a 924 - (1984). I have been lucky enough to find one that was owned by someone for the previous 27 years. Always serviced by Porsche specialists in Melbourne. No corners cut. Inspection showed the car to be original and in good condition. With it I received a fat binder with full maintenance history details. Have had it now for four years. All maintenance is carried out by a garage where they often work on classic cars. I just clean and polish. During my time I have clocked-up some 16000 km. Cost of maintenance to date is $2400 over four years. This includes a one-of post-purchase inspection., but does not include the next basic service due this September. Annual basic service cost me around $250. Additional items were: relining rear brake shoes ; adjust valve clearances; worn gear shift bush; replace brake master cylinder. That's all. I live in TasTarga territory and the sheer driving pleasure I get from my little lightweight 924 on my weekly trip to the big smoke in Hobart (two hours round trip), I just find difficult to describe. Not exactly a muscle car, but so well balanced, precise and forgiving. Have never driven another Porsche, so I don't compare, just enjoy the 924 for what it is. Damn thing really grows on you. So what does all this mean to me in terms of running and maintenance cost? Huge value for money. Simon, if you would like to talk, you can get me on 0427 951006. Cheers/Svend

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