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  1. Thanks! This other forum thread hates the Pirelli's! https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/997/249236-tyre-better-pirelli-pzero-rosso-michelin-ps2-2.html I remember way back in the late 90's I have a '76 911 with Boxster wheels on it for a while, and that came with Bridgestone SO2s - I remember liking those 🙂
  2. Are there any choices in modern 285/30 sizes? I'm faced with replacing the back two which say Michelin Pilot Sport N3 285/30 ZR18. But might go all four if there was a good modern choice - the fronts still have wear in them but are old and pretty dead. I know nothing about tyres LOL So - dont all manufacturers say that? Do we know what happens if you do? Why is it so bad? I'm struggling to get matching rears - and when I say me, I mean my tyre guy.
  3. Ah - thanks! Edit: Here's the post: https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/15164-rear-tyres-for-996-melbourne/?do=findComment&comment=291416
  4. My tyre guy got back to me, said they were hard to find at that size. Two options: Conti Sports - $480 each fitted Pirelli P-Zero - $500 each fitted I've asked him to see if he can source the Michelin PS2s. and by Tyre guy, I mean Lube Mobile LOL - I called them to see if they could come out and fix the flat - but they couldnt as the tyre is borked :-)
  5. 1. Mostly town, little bit of hills. Nothing too keen 2. Not many 🙂 3. Well... I guess I don't mind too much, not overly interested in budget as such 4. Not at the moment, they seem decent Thanks! I'm so out of the loop on this stuff 🙂
  6. Hi, Need a new set of rears. Current ones are Michelin Pilot Sport 3 285/30 ZR18. They are totally dead - been on there way out since I got the car, so cant say if I think they are any good or not 🙂 Whats a good recommendation? Just get the same again? The car is a 996 on GT3 alloys. Thanks!
  7. That is a great video - the game does a good job of making the 996 GT3 look amazing!
  8. firecall999


    I'd love to own a 928. But the 911 had to come first... i need a bigger garage. Nice car - looks very cool 🙂
  9. firecall999


    Thats such a good looking car - nice photo!
  10. Just browsing the forums and thought I'd share. So i got the kids a PS4 Pro and the VR headset. I used to play GT way back in PS2 days and hadnt played for years, so picked up the latest version. They have Porsche now! And being a 996 owner I bought the 996 GT3. It's so awesome. In silver it's almost like my own 996 😉 The game with the VR headset on is also amazing... i can see me 'investing' in a steering wheel and peddles now LOL. Anyway - just thought I'd share how awesome it is. I should get a screen shot and post
  11. I test drove that one I reckon up at collectable classics? If it wasnt that one it was bloody similar - but had black decals on the side. As you say - you have no idea what the paint is like under the wrap. Nice car - just bloody terrible colour combo. Green and savannah beige have not aged well. I remember it feeling very orange inside. I like the look of this one: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual/OAG-AD-16757465/ Similar to my car, but manual and a rebuilt engine.
  12. Photo of my 996 I picked up late last year. Such an amazing car for the money. I love the simplicity of it, whilst still being modern with incredible performance and handling.
  13. If I hadnt recently bought a 996 I'd be so tempted... used to have that exact car in the ice mint Green colour with Tan interior. God I loved that car!
  14. Whats the current go to supplier for small parts? I need some interior bits and bobs for my 996. All I can really find is http://www.aporschapart.com Although good to see Porsche now has a decent 996 section on it's site for heritage parts 🙂

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