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  1. Excellent news! 😎 Just took a little longer than anyone would like. 😲
  2. The little fella had his eye on the junior cab! 😎 Nice meeting you Tips and the pooches. 😀👍
  3. Enjoying a very tasty bacon and egg roll...oh, and there's some nice cars here too. 😎
  4. http://autohaushamilton.com.au/news/coffee-and-cars-february Reposted here for those that don't necessarily log in. 😉😉
  5. What's cheezing me off? Incorrect options listings on carsales ads. It's either stupidity or garden variety deception. 🤬 Thanks for listening 🤣
  6. Oh man! 😭 Work interfered with my life yet again. Sorry I missed attending, looks like a perfect day for it and a fantastic event. 👍👌🤘 Ps. I really should get the 912 out of storage and back to Sydney. Those pics are an inspiration. A #zwolfrod is tempting...🤔
  7. Bribed #1 son with a chocky milkshake so he'd help me do the lawns the other day. Lawns done, then into the Boxster for a McCarrs blat followed by milkshakes at Terrey Hills. 😎👌👍
  8. Yes, PDCC has sway bar disconnects. As far as I know, if it lights up it's fitted. Yes, all 955+957 have a transfer case.
  9. It's listed as an option on both redbook and carsales so I'd think yes as that would be data straight from PCAus supplied specs for this market.
  10. Good question! I'm interested to see the answer. There's only one turbo for sale at the moment on carsales that has the front and rear alloy skid plates and sill protectors. Don't know if it's got the full PB1 option. I'm not in a position to buy as yet so haven't contacted the seller. It does have PDCC however, so ticks the swaybar disconnect box per your rennlist post.
  11. It's a good question, and one I'd like to know the answer to, but it's kind of in an out of the way corner here. Try asking in 4 Doors. 😉
  12. There's a lot of dreaming on carsales. I think you can distill it down to 2 scenarios: 1. Float it on the market and see what happens, or, 2. Entirely delusional. Either way that one's at least 15k over the odds. Oldest trick in the book being leave house with said car/motorcycle/mountain bicycle, "object", and return with new/newer/better object in same colour???? 😉
  13. Burn it and post up the vid so the rest of us with taste can have closure? 😂🤣😋😜✌️

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