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  1. Looking at getting a tune for 981 Cayman, currently narrowed down the options to COBB tune + PDK tune as well. Has anyone tuned their 981s , if so, what are your thoughts on whether it is worth it? Any other tunes to consider? i.e. Softronic COBB seems to be the most expensive option however they've been in the game a long time (used them in the past with BMWs). Currently have got a Borla catback exhaust as the only mod thus far. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, Ozvino! I've been quoted some wild prices with the difficulty of rear camera installation ~$350-500 Does that sound right considering the camera itself was about $500?
  3. Just a quick update guys! Ended up finally getting my Borla exhaust and getting it installed. Although it isn't a valved system it seems to act a bit like one depending on whether I hit sports/sport plus button or not. No buttons = no burbles and quieter operation (still fairly loud) Sports/Sports Plus = A lot of burbling and even louder exhaust noises! Anyway, here is a short sound clip of revving it a bit! 981 Borla Type S.mp3
  4. Anyone had to go through the experience of having to replace the LED in their fog lights? My left one is no longer working, however, am unsure whether I can simply change the LED DIY or whether I will need to change the entire foglight unit itself. Nothing seems to come up in my quick online search. Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. Just purchased myself a ThinkWare F770 from autobarn and am looking at getting it professionally installed with hard wiring for parking. Any recommendations
  6. Will do! Definitely will be doing some sound clips etc 1) it is not valved, so permanently on 2) costed $2,880.00 landed through a dealer (American speed - speak to Fred, great guy!). Did quite a bit of researching and haggling through other dealers but, Fred had the best price! Please PM the contact! Thanks
  7. Just thought I’d update this - still waiting for the exhaust to arrive.. it has been delayed and now due 2nd week of Jan 😢
  8. The PDK is great (probably the best example of an automatic transmission in the world), however being a manual transmission driver for my entire life, I won't lie that I miss it! What I'd have preferred to purchase is: - Cayman S - MT - Sports Steering - Sports Exhaust Too bad they're a confirmed 1 in 16 in Australia!
  9. Definitely well priced however haven't seen it in person to say about it's the condition. The advert also mentions that it daily driven to CBD and back. There's a base cayman MT in NSW for a good price too https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Cayman-2013/SSE-AD-5779940/?Cr=1
  10. PlenumCo phone mount http://plenumco.com/ Perfect if you don’t want to use the magnet thing on your phone (I found that it made my old iPhone GPS buggy so stopped using them since) Opens and closes automatically and wireless charges too!
  11. Picked up GTS tail lights for the Cayman to install over the weekend! Still eagerly waiting for the Borla catback exhaust due to arrive end of next month!
  12. I think we do! I can bring another 981 mate along too!
  13. Congrats on joining the 981 club! If you're a melbournian, keen to see you at a meet/cruise
  14. I'm the mate in the agate grey Less fortunate in that I couldn't get an S or a Manual but still in a 981 nonetheless! Will definitely be joining in on the SMTs! Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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