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  1. Looks great.....silver of course! Look forward to seeing it through the Adelaide hills one Sunday.
  2. Ha, Nothing wrong with that silver GT3 of yours mate! It’s all personal choice, but I reckon guards red suits the GT3 better than Zanzibar. But then again, I’d choose a blue every time...
  3. There's a half reasonable write-up on buying a used 991.1 C2S in the latest edition of Total 911 magazine (the one with 20 years of GT3 on the cover).
  4. Ha 👍 .... but I never said I was selling mine!! ps... where were you this morning?
  5. @edgy.....Sell your GT3 to me cheaply(!), off-load the Boxster, give-up on the Italian dalliance, & buy this for yourself!!
  6. Would love to drive one to see if it’s worth $200K over my wheels! (Ignoring collectability considerations, of course!).
  7. This rare beast has hit the market.... v v v nice. Love the blue over the red. . Check out carsales....not exactly giving it away!?!
  8. Nice Sporto in Richmonds showroom this morning....
  9. I'm over this fkng cold, rainy weather....... I just want to be able to be able to give my Pcar a leisurely wash and polish on a Saturday afternoon, ready to roll her out for a SMT the next morning!!!! OK, Old man rant over.......fkng winter!!
  10. Anyone on here pick up either of the two which recently disappeared from CS..... the Silver Mk1, or the Atlas grey Mk2 @ CTS.?
  11. If you go back a few years to the 2nd comment in this topic, there is a table for Australian Mk 1 deliveries & no Zanzibar is mentioned. Only guards red & orange pearl..... is this correct?
  12. I reckon it is pretty sharply priced.... Mk 1’s are getting plenty of collector attention in Pommy Land, and are likely to become the darlings of the early GT cars. Gotta be worth more in 5 years than it is today.
  13. Nice car, but is it really that hard to get the bloody thing out of the garage for a few decent photos?!?
  14. I like your thinking & reckon you're on the money.... a gated Murci is looking (relatively) cheap compared to where Diablos have gone, and even against a F430 or 458. Some on CS have recently fallen through $300K, with $250k, possibly even low $200's being a reality.

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