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  1. Just finally sat down and got my PFA update........ geez!! This all happened quickly! Was that a touring?
  2. Rick V

    WTB 997 GT3 CS

    Geez, you change GT3’s quicker than I change my jocks.
  3. @LeeM....Might be time to drop yours down to Richmonds mate, at those prices....... who know, maybe we could re-ignite that 996 craving?!!
  4. Doesn’t surprise me..... it’s an awesome car & Andrew has always presented it beautifully. Great price..... can’t wait to see his purchase!!
  5. Hey @Shedpest nice work. I’m keen to get the details of where you got this work done, as I will go down the same path once I have the new Bridgestone hoops installed. The GT3 took a back seat this weekend.... perfect convertible weather for a cruise up to the Barossa in the Green Machine.
  6. Speed yellow?? Common as. You need some midnight blue in your life!! 😜
  7. Shocking news. Initial reports sound like they were on a straight section of road when they lost control. Condolences to all involved. Very sad.
  8. Sounds like a good flogging is in order!
  9. Just got the photo pack through from the Rally..... video to come in next few days.... cant wait for 2022....
  10. Ha! After trying to keep up with @Shedpest for 3 days in the Adelaide Classic last week, I have fallen in love all over again with my 6.2 GT3
  11. Sounds like a ’try before you buy’ thing going on there!! 😁
  12. Hey @LeeM .... that wouldn’t have been us mate - we were limited to 80 kms/h, which of course we all obeyed. 😁😜🤪
  13. Good to see the ‘Stuttgart Stormers’ sticker made it to the hoist! How boring was work today?!?
  14. It’s like it never happened!! How good are these P cars???? Can spank it for three days, then pick the milk & bread up in it, without as much as a rough idle!

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