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  1. Lock it in for next month..... the better weather is bringing out an awesome mix of cars. Plenty of Porsches there this morning, alas no 928s!! Enjoy getting her out.... top day for it.
  2. ‘Winging it’ at C&C Unley this morning before a cruise up the Adelaide coast....
  3. Looks awesome.... it had better not rain for the Prima Tour!! Mine is well & truly due for the same treatment.... jest need to find a free day or two.
  4. What could be the worlds slowest Mustang reno, has reached a milestone today - it has finally left the paint shop that it has called home for close to three years.... now off for a new exhaust, flush, filters, fluids, tune & then to motor rego inspection. Summer, here we come....
  5. I act for many boomers & very few of them are selling their property holdings, or ever intend to..... at their stage of life, asset value is much less important to them than income is, and they are having no problem consistently renting their properties. It is income that pays the bills, funds the lifestyle, etc.......most of their assets, including their property holdings will simply be left to their families. We are already seeing this occurring- a large part of my practice is assisting with inter-generational wealth transfer. Whilst the adult children of these baby-boomers may inherit assets which may have come off of their highest market values, I can assure you that they are still happily receiving them! Some are residing in these inherited homes, some are simply continuing to rent them, and yes, some are selling them. Whilst I agree that the gap between house prices growth and wages growth is not sustainable, & will most likely lead to a slowing of property values (as wages catch up), I’m not convinced that there is going to be a major ‘sell-off’ by baby boomers.
  6. Took the GT3 for a trundle down to C&C Unley last Sunday......the nicer weather usually brings out a bigger crowd, and I always enjoy seeing some cars I haven’t seen before. Even spotted @LeeM’s car there, although didn’t bump into him!! I love my Pcars, but I really enjoy just being amongst motoring enthusiasts, regardless of whether you’re driving a Lambo, Fezza or a Morris minor........talking cars, talking sh#t.......this is my tribe!!
  7. Rick V

    996 Mk1 GT3

    I must have gotten lucky.... might is as tight as a drum, no squeaks, rattles, no issues.... door closing has the same 'thunk' as my old '85 Carrera Maybe Heinz, Gunther and Hans had not been out drinking steins of beer the night before, and were having a good day on the production line the day mine rolled down? .... (Disclaimer: Apologies for total stereo-typing of the German folk here!) Definitely a bit of a cheap-arse interior, but I agree with @hugh, that is part of the charm, after getting out of a daily drive that looks like a fighter pilot cabin.
  8. As posted on a previous thread (not entirely sure where this original data was pulled from)......... Lapis Blue was not a PTS ...... in fact there were two of them delivered to Australia. This must have been the era when some clown decided that Black, white, grey and silver were on-trend!
  9. Wow, looks beautiful. Good call @edgy to drag it back from Richmonds. Enjoy.
  10. Ha! That certainly wasn’t my intention.... I totally rate the 997 GT3 - they are a significant step up from the 996.... I’m just watching price movements 👍
  11. Mate, based on the quality of the car you just sold, and the look of the one you just bought, I reckon you've definitely got the idea!! 👍
  12. Geez, that little 996 vs 997 price question put a cat amongst the pigeons! It was more about price than merits of each car.... eg an F355 is more expensive than a 360, a 993 Turbo more expensive than a 996TT. There’s many examples across many marques where arguably the younger car is superior in terms of performance/comfort/reliability/safety/drive-ability, etc yet the older car is more expensive. Of course production numbers and other factors come into it, and there are exceptions.... eg the 348 was an un-loved Ferrari and still is (even if I have a soft spot for them and secretly still think they’ll have their day in the sun like the Dino eventually did). I suspect that at some future point the 996.1 & .2 GT3 will sell for more than the 997.1 GT3..... it’s a matter of when...from the responses it appears the general consensus is ‘not for some time yet’. In the end it’s all just academic, as I’m never selling mine anyway...my Will says it’s going to No.1 son!!
  13. Is the market ready for prices of 996 GT3‘s to overtake 997.1 GT3 ‘s??..... the 996 prices seem to be holding if not slightly growing, whereas the 997’s which not long ago were all in the low $200k’s seem to have slipped back to high $100K’s.
  14. New to market... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-Porsche-911-GT3-996-Manual-MY04/SSE-AD-6343468
  15. Congrats Paul, I've always fancied the 997.2... it looks great. Coffee & Cars Unley this Sunday if you want to show off your new wheels and detailing skills.......

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