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  1. Congrats @Burgerman. Good commennts. You’ve gotta love the armchair critics/ keyboard warriors on here from time to time, whom make firm judgements on what cars are worth sight unseen!
  2. Certainly low stock now, but do these cars actually sell, or are they just removed from CS? I’m pretty sure in the past when I’ve taken an advert down, it shows as ‘sold’.
  3. Seemed like a good idea at the time?!?..... could alcohol perhaps have been involved in the decision making process?
  4. Snap..... I "had" to drive my GT3 to work today too........ no wombats to contend with, just useless dickhead Adelaide peak-hour drivers! Still had a smile on face despite them.
  5. Weather people are expecting a great Adelaide morning, so think I’ll get down there and see what rolls out of the sheds of Adelaide.
  6. Yeah, but do they even make Megane wall posters for teenagers to Blu-tak up?!
  7. 996.2 GT3 is a full 2 seconds faster around the ring......just saying! 😗
  8. Anyway, back to the program ..... hey @TwoHeadsTas , please post some snaps of the new baby, & congrats on what looks like a very smart purchase.
  9. Lorbeks just listed a blue 996GT3RS... not sure if it is the recently advertised Tassie one? Did anyone end up working out how many blue vs red were aussie delivered??
  10. If you squint, in some snaps, with a bit of imagination, it almost looks midnight blue! Shame it’s not 😁
  11. Congrats. Awesome looking car, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with a move to a road going GT3.
  12. Ha! We were all thinking it, but well done @The Caretaker, you were the one that said it. Surely there's already enough cats on the internet anyway.
  13. Nothin' wrong with dark blue 911's! I've gotta say, that 992 looks great in that colour.

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