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  1. I have never heard of this seller before....go & read the on-line reviews though ...... sounds like ‘buyer beware’ to say the least. The crappy adverts are a dead giveaway!!
  2. Yeah, subtle, it aint.....agree - it is a bit boy-racer for Porsche, but then again, you’re dead a long time, so why the hell not?!?
  3. Last post for my AUS GP weekend away...they say Greens are good for you....I’d happily have a serving of this green every day.
  4. Day 2 @ the track.... love this 996 cup car...
  5. 👍 see you down there @LeeM
  6. Great day down @ Albert Park today. Shame Dan didnt make it through to Q3. Good display of Pcars
  7. I’ve already registered & paid my $20 to park on the grass. Any of the local crew going?
  8. Mr Lapis finally makes an appearance! Hats off to you for the ballsy move on a very realistic asking price. If I had the $$'s I'd buy yours and the blue Mk1 in WA, and have three blue GT3s. X-lotto ticket for tonight please......
  9. I’ll have a real smile on my dial if I can post the finished paint job this time next week!
  10. Nice!! 351C 4V, C6, 9inch. Power everything. Should be a good cruiser (as opposed to the GT3!)
  11. Many of us have done it..... told a mate (who’s doing for you at mate’s rates)...no worries, just get to mine when you can...maybe when you’re a bit light on full-paying customers ...... only to see your project left in the corner of the workshop, unloved & barely touched. Well my ‘71 convertible Mustang has been in the corner for 18 months, but I can finally say that it will be in the spray booth this week!! Might even get to drive the bloody thing before winter sets in 😀
  12. @LeeM ...mate, if you can find me someone who’ll let me drive their 991 GT3 RS, you can drive my GT3!! Hope you boys had a great run through the hills this morning.
  13. I’m away this weekend, then off to the Melb F1 next weekend, and the following Sunday is the SA Porsche club display down @ Glenelg..... so it will be at least three weeks before I get another Sunday Morning blast through the Adelaide hills.... bugger ☹️
  14. Wow that was quick!.....half suspected it was going to sit there a long time, based on a small pool of potential buyers at that price point. Out of interest, any ideas on final sale price?

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