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  1. Geezus!! What speed would they be traveling at through that section?
  2. Agree. Cheaper to run than wife’s daily Beemer. Yet her car is losing value & the P car seems to keep going up! (Rightly or wrongly my thinking is that this kinda off-sets any additional costs I might incur on the GT3). 4 years in, it seems pretty bulletproof.
  3. Pigs arse you’ll stay at the back!! 😁
  4. I wonder if 10-15 years ago a bunch of blokes all sat around their keyboards ruminating as to whether the maximum price a 993TT would change hands for would/should/could be $150K, $200K, or something else!!? We’re all a bunch of armchair experts, and we do it for every variant, every model, but hey, it makes for great conversation, right? I suspect in time, we’ll all be wrong with our price predictions. Rightly or wrongly, I can’t help but maintain that if Falcons, Toranas & Chargers can go for these crazy-high prices, P cars, being world cars, really have plenty of up-side. Of course, it’s only money, so in the meantime, drive them, get them dirty, clean them, mod them, admire them, enjoy them. PS…. 993TT……$500K max, surely?, right?,……….anyone??
  5. If I’m not punting the GT3 through the Adelaide Hills on a nice Adelaide Sunday, I I’m invariably behind the wheel of one of my Mustangs …. (Or chasing an annoying white ball around a golf course somewhere )….
  6. I’ve never considered a Boxster before, but No.1son sowed the idea over dinner last week ……. “Hey Dad, how about you & I go halves in a cheap & cheerful manual boxster ….. they sound like they’d be a bit of fun through the hills & the earlier ones must be close to bottoming-out in terms of depreciating” So of course a new search is saved in CS and the hunt begins ….. anyone know this car??https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-porsche-boxster-986-manual-my00/SSE-AD-7300874
  7. Geez, you were SOOOO close @wilson59. Missed it by 1 !! 😜😁

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