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  1. Poor form Kennards! What the hell are they taking money for, if the can’t even supply CCTV footage?!!
  2. I might be on my own here.... but that just makes me sad. What a waste. Some air-cooled lovin' PFA'r could have been SMTing in that.
  3. Geez after helping bring a Re 997 GT3 to Adelaide last week, another one has popped up at Richmonds. http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/2007-porsche-gt3-touring/ Haven't seen it in the flesh, but that looks like sharp pricing. Might get down there over the weekend.
  4. Agree.... its certainly not my thing, but I can appreciate that it looks in great nick & you’re very unlikely to bump into something at a C&C with the same colour scheme ..... and compared to what people are paying for other cars (P & non-P cars) it is probably a fair price point. Of course you can ask whatever you want.... its what you GET that matters!
  5. Yeah, but getting harder to find. Come to the dark side .....996.2!
  6. Congrats @Harold996tt. I can remember that car going around. It must be awesome to be a custodian of such a beast. Thanks for sharing.... please feel free to keep sharing via PFA, as some of us (older/lazier buggers) can't be arsed with other social media platforms! Would love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to have a serious drive of it.
  7. Yeah, keen to do so @g_match. Probably get to C&C Unley 19/5, if any local crew are keen.... coffee, talk cars, then maybe head for a quick hills spin.
  8. Ha! I tell you what.... this is a ripper 997 my mate Tim has picked up. ( don’t disagree with you though @901er!!). All credit to @Mafia88for being a great seller.... easiest, hassle free deal I’ve seen for some time....top bloke. Best value, great car, a good day out. I would also like to credit all PFA members for what a great community we have here....when you read some of the other forums full of negative wankers, you appreciate what a great bunch we have here.
  9. There’s a nice Red 997 GT3 heading back to Adelaide, after a quick flight up to Sydney this morning with a mate.....
  10. Only in America!! It’s like a car crash.... I don’t want to look at it, but I kinda can’t look away.......I couldn’t stand driving it, but it would look pretty wild chucking a mainy in it!!
  11. Spotted whilst trawling through Craig's list in USA.....

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