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  1. Yep, I too remember seeing it around town &.thinking how awesome it looked.... was actually listed for quite some time, back in the day when it was dark green. Interior actually wasn’t that offensive back then, but doesn’t suit the red.
  2. How can something so beautiful have such an ugly centre console stack!?!? Having dropped close to a $mil on it, that would Pi#@ me off every time I opened the door!
  3. Best of the best in my view..... awesome colour in the flesh.
  4. Maybe in 6 months time..... when their lease payments ‘holiday’ is over?!?
  5. I'd happily put up with the mid-life crisis jokes to own the red one!
  6. Couldn’t be any worse that Renault could it?!?
  7. Finally got her on the road... 3 friggin’ years since bringing her in from Nth California .... some minor teething to sort, but very happy....it ain’t no Pcar, but expecting sunshine tomorrow, so roof down cruise for mother’s day.
  8. Mate, with fence-sitting like that........ if your day job doesn’t work out, I reckon there is a political career in you!😁👍
  9. Hey Paul, just curious..... one a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best).... where would you peg the 997 vs 997.2 vs 991.2 GT3’s?? Fun factor, pure performance, etc?
  10. C’mon ScoMo.... looking forward to your presser tomorrow, when you ease restrictions..... spent last weekend polishing & waxing .... need a decent drive soon!!
  11. Yep, I get it. If my wife ever files for divorce, the reason will simply read "CARSALES". Threats have been made in the past!
  12. Awesome work Paul, Congrats. Look forward to seeing it out some time soon.
  13. Just when I thought I was sooooo bored and done with black cars, this pops up & looks awesome in black. Perhaps a little optimistic pricing wise?!? But hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  14. Agreed - Absolutely no doubt in my mind that these first GT3’s are primed for a run up in value, once the world fixes itself again.

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