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  1. It’s a .2 for me, but the .1 is always going to hold a special place in Porsche history, being the first of the breed.
  2. Good luck to you all you guys out there from tomorrow. Bummer I can’t do it this year but will be back for the next one. Have a hoot & stay safe. Will try to track you down at some stage over the event.
  3. What an awesome collection. No wonder it went like hot-cakes! Even better to hear that it went to a PFA member....
  4. Cheers mate … need to get that Uraidla coffee run going again!
  5. Took the GT3 down to Sports Car Sunday this afternoon. Upon entering, I was told to park in the VIP section reserved for high-end sports cars. So the tiny little 996 GT3 was surrounded by menacing Lambos, Fezzas, Aston Martins, etc…… it appears as though everyone has finally woken up to early GT3s !! Great mix of cars, and a good vibe. The Midnight blue looked great in the Adelaide sunshine.
  6. Ha! Yes but @edgyonly ‘suspects’ prices, whereas you ‘know them’?!?
  7. Prepared to enlighten the masses as to what the current going rate is @mc968cs??
  8. Hey @Shedpest, not looking likely unfortunately……. At this stage it looks like Tom & I will be there to provide security over your & @wilson59’s car during the Gouger St party (maybe we can join the lads for dinner?), and then offer free windscreen washing and coffee runs Saturday morning. ☹️☹️☹️ Maybe I can get some good action snaps of you guys on the Saturday. Not happy Jan.
  9. Hey @Shedpest…. Well spotted….. hopeful of still getting in…. Just negotiating with builder as to when office move happens….. at this stage it’s happening same time, so hoping to bring it forward. Want to join you boys again… loved every minute of last one.
  10. It seems to have disappeared following the $10K price drop….. anyone clued-up??
  11. Hey @LeeM, you could of course just sell it to me, cheaply 😜😊😁

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