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  1. Thanks @LeeM & @hugh ..... I get what you’re saying ....but having trouble reconciling this with ScoMo’s instruction to cease unnecessary travel..... stay home unless food shopping, medical appointment, work, etc. I know there’s an argument there, but not sure it is in the spirit of what those front-line health workers would expect & probably deserve.
  2. Where did I drive my Porsche today? Nowhere. That's right, no-fkng-anywhere! Damn you Covid-19. I did back it out of the garage for a wash, shampoo & vacuum....... then drove forward 5 metres, back into the garage. I sat in the garage and admired the shape, curves, and the piece of artwork that it is. My wife doesn't understand it, nor does my daughter....... but if you're reading this........you get it, don't you? OK, so it's a first-world-problem, but this really sucks..........a spirited drive on the weekend through the Adelaide hills in my P-Car is my stress relief. It's my time alone......no staff or client demands, no family responsibilities, nothing, ...... just me and some twisty black stuff and an awesome machine to enjoy it in. I refuse to do yoga, I don't like reading fiction, sick of TV,............. so if anyone needs me, I'll be in the garage.......... admiring my Pcar and hitting that PFA button on the iPad. We're in this together folks - please help keep me sane over these coming months, PFA'ers!! I will do my best to contribute, and do the same for all of you.
  3. Whilst there will be a lot of financial pain, I think there are many people who will ride this out financially. At the risk of falling into the ‘This tine it is different’ trap..... this is not a normal market cycle which sees over-priced assets deflating as people loose jobs, etc. The combination of banks freezing repayments (which includes vehicle lease payments) government financial support packages (more to be released in next 24 hours, possibly including employee wage subsidies), and pending rent/landlord changes, provide a significant support & therefore may negate the need for people to be selling assets at fire-sale prices. No past economic downturn has had such support.... even the GFC, so I do think this time is different! Whilst this may not completely stop a fall in asset prices, I suggest that it will reduce the severity and provide for a much safer landing. Many of my clients are passive investors, and they will simply ride this out (many of whom have no intention of selling their toys). Certain industries, such as Tourism &/or Hospitality will be hit harder than others, and these people may need to sell assets to survive financially or reduce their exposure. But many industries will effectively be in a state of hibernation, without the need to trigger asset sales. That said, if you don’t have to sell, I wouldn’t, and if you are thinking of buying, I would wait until the lockdown is expanded, as there will be a slowing of the market, with downward pressure on prices. But, I don't think there will the total carnage & bargains everywhere, as some dooms-dayers are suggesting. My view only.......time will tell.... Stay safe everyone.
  4. Subject to your personal circumstances and motivation for sale, if you can hang onto it, then re-list it once the economy is in better shape, I would certainly be doing so. Now is not the time to be selling assets, unless absolutely necessary. I expect that there will a flood of 'discretionary spending' toys coming onto the market once the full effect of Covid-19 hits, including cars, bikes, boats, holiday homes.
  5. I run a financial advisory business, specialising in Small to Medium businesses, many of them ‘mum & dad’ operations...cafes, restaurants, wedding photographers, corporate trainers, tradies, with many of them going from having a full book of work, to zero work overnight. These people have done nothing wrong, but are now facing financial ruin overnight. We have been working with our clients intensely this week, starting with Tourism & Hospitality, and then working through other impacted industries. The Federal Govt stimulus package (including phase 2 announced a couple of hours ago) along with support from the banks will go some way to ease the pain (But not everyone will be saved)..... we will be flat-out helping clients navigate what their options are...... all the while trying to manage my team of 40 people, many of whom are facing similar challenges, like Partners losing their jobs, school-children obligations, high-risk parents, etc and the stress & anxiety that comes with all this. Of course if my clients are struggling...... it is highly likely that my business wont get paid for helping them through this, so we will take a bit hit to keep our staff on. BUT these are genuine, hard-working, risk taking SME business owners, whom are the back-bone of Australia, and they deserve to be supported through this. Obviously there is the serious health aspect of this, but many people are assuming that because they’re younger &/or healthy this wont affect them. This is going to have a wide-reaching economic fall-out, impacting people who would never have expected to be. Two weeks ago I joked with my daughter (a florist with a lot of funeral work), that two things in life are certain.... death & taxes, so both of our jobs are safe...... turns out I was wrong, as even funerals are being impacted by the new social rules/recommendations! Stay safe people.
  6. Wow!!! Well, I guess you can ASK whatever you want! I love my Pcars, but can’t help thinking of the ‘stable’ of cars I would have for that price!!
  7. Mate, that is exactly the same as my old man! Just hit 80, still smoking like a train..... no justice in this lottery, that we call life!!
  8. Good luck @wilson59, sounds great. Silver? 😁 If it happens, I look forward to seeing it out & about soon.
  9. Double the price and see if the same wanker comes back and low-balls you with $20K
  10. Another vote for MB insurance from me.
  11. Congrats @Burgerman. Good commennts. You’ve gotta love the armchair critics/ keyboard warriors on here from time to time, whom make firm judgements on what cars are worth sight unseen!
  12. Certainly low stock now, but do these cars actually sell, or are they just removed from CS? I’m pretty sure in the past when I’ve taken an advert down, it shows as ‘sold’.
  13. Seemed like a good idea at the time?!?..... could alcohol perhaps have been involved in the decision making process?
  14. Snap..... I "had" to drive my GT3 to work today too........ no wombats to contend with, just useless dickhead Adelaide peak-hour drivers! Still had a smile on face despite them.
  15. Weather people are expecting a great Adelaide morning, so think I’ll get down there and see what rolls out of the sheds of Adelaide.

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