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  1. The 996.2 GT3 is not far off an annual visit to the team @ Buiks, but took her for a spin today & had ABS Failure light come on. Before I get the pros onto it, I wondered if anyone here has experienced this before? Sensor issue? Easy fix, or otherwise?
  2. It has been years in the making - talk about death by a thousand cuts!...... none-the-less, something to put a smile on my dial....... slowly, slowly the 'stang is inching it's way back to the road..... final assembly and sort a few teething issues, deal with the power-hungry clowns at motor-rego inspections, and then we're motoring! Meanwhile, the new (to me) daily drive has arrived.... an awesome all-rounder. All the while, the GT3 is lurking in the garage, hankering for a spanking when the Mon-Fri turbo 4 gets a bit ho-hum.
  3. Hey Paul, did the plates go with the car, or do you still have them?
  4. Cheers, but annoyed that I didn’t hand them over at time of sale. I always want as much history as I can when I buy a car, so keen to move them onto current owner.
  5. A spring clean has turned up an envelope full of service records for my ‘85 Carrera at Buiks during my ownership & Chateau Moteur prior to that. I sold it to a guy in Sydney 12 years ago (waaaay too cheap in hindsight! - geez I miss her!). I think he may have moved it on, possibly up Brisbane way. It had an unusual combo of guards red with dark blue interior with Porsche Logo linen seats. VIN WPOZZZ91ZFS103441. Just putting it out there in case the owner is on PFA, or someone here knows the owner..... happy to send the envelope on.
  6. Imo price is about right.....these cars are getting close to the point on the depreciation/valuation curve that spending money on it would add value to it, rather than being a lost expense. Go and look at current asking prices for 964’s, then come back and compare.... its a no-brainer in my mind that this is where the 911 value is at present.
  7. It’s been around for a while now, at a few different places.....but I reckon give it 5 years and we’ll all be pissed off that we didn’t buy it.......this model is a future classic, without doubt.
  8. After negotiating yesterday, a new (to me) daily drive arriving soon. BMW 430i Gran Coupe..... 2 litre turbo 185kw 350nm 0-100 5.9 sec, 2 years old, half price of a new one. ‘Snapper Rocks Blue’ colour looks even better in the flesh. 3 years free servicing included. Appreciate that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it fits my criteria of comfortable, practical (hatch works well for golf clubs and bikes), modern, good on fuel & still has a bit of squirt (not a fair comparison but in reality its faster than my old 3.2 Carrera yet full of tech and luxury). Flying to Melb next week to drive it back home. Will make the Mon -Fri commute much more enjoyable, whilst waiting for the weekend & Pcar time.
  9. Looks great, and my favorite colour combo, but I reckon it’d want to be pretty much mint for that money, given the kms (even taking into account the $$’s spent). Having said that, compared to late AC cars, this is cheap entry into genuine Pcar performance & fun. Closer to $60K would be very smart buying, and pretty much future proof.
  10. Congrats on the sale Paul, that was a great example of a 997 GT3 ..... did it stay in SA, or head over the border? Next car will be silver I assume?!?
  11. Hey @smit2100 great advice, but geez it would have been more useful if you had of posted this on the forum 25 years ago!! 😀
  12. ......If you’re happy to keep running into other common white & yellow GT3 ‘s whilst out for a spin. Or you could buy a rare midnight blue one! 😄👍

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