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  1. Yep, I have lost many hours drooling over cars , and talking to David & Andy down at Richmonds....
  2. Err, yep..... that’ll do it! Thanks @TwoHeadsTas 👍 ... (nicely done too) I’m now fully up to speed, and can safely delete that dealership from my ‘favorites’ searches!
  3. Relatively new to the forum, so apologies in advance if this has been well covered in the past, (and without wanting to slander anyone) but is it fair to say that Lorbeks have a less than glowing reputation over there? I ask this, because sitting in Adelaide looking at their adverts and stock lists, they seem to have some pretty decent cars through there from time to time, including Pcars. I've been close to tempted on a couple of their cars,
  4. Rick V

    Morning composer

    Geez, I don’t know who to be more excited for..... everyone involved in this Morning Composer debacle which appears to be coming to an end, or all the lucky buggers going to the Hanger Banger next weekend!!
  5. Ahhh that makes sense, as it has actually been on the market quite a few months.... I first saw it at $149K back in September, as I was looking for either a 996 TT, or 996 GT3. i ended up buying a local GT3 for less than that, but have continued to watch this 996TT. Whilst I ‘m loving the GT3, with this car’s price progressively dropping, down to the $112K it is now, I had thoughts creeping in from time to time that maybe I could have held out & got this one at a good price. But in the back of my mind I figured that if this model with such low kms, great colour combo & manual was tanking price-wise, then something must be wrong with it. So, thanks @PASHN8, you’ve ‘set me free’, and now I can forget about it & just get back to lovin’ my GT3!!
  6. Thank-you @Raven. This is awesome work. Please keep it up .... the way you’re going, this may end up being the most comprehensive collection of Pcar colour examples outside of Porsche’s own records. But geez, you’re making it bloody difficult to choose a favorite! At this stage I’ve got about 15 favorite shades of blue alone! 🤪
  7. Ha!, Maybe that's where I've gone wrong..... I should be in the market for a Boxster...is that grey with red interior one down in Tassie still on the market?!?
  8. Agree with @edgy. Rightly or wrongly, I was more focussed on getting the colour I wanted, and given that it will be a road car for me, I didn't really want/need the 003. And whilst the purists might argue that I'm missing the point by not tracking a GT3, it is still a sensational road car, and when wifey joins me for a run, I'm sure she's not missing a cage, fire extinguisher or six point harness. Based on my time searching for the right car, whilst in theory the CS should command a premium (for the reasons Edgy raised), in the real-world, I don't think the market-place really does (having said that I was focussed on 996.2 GT3 only). Ultimately I think it comes down to personal preferences, and what the intended use is.
  9. Beautiful car, made even better with some elbow grease. Great job, and good intel on the products used. What time can I drop mine around for the same treatment?!? Do I hear a hint of possible sale coming up?
  10. Rick V


    Yep, great place to lose an hour or more. My folks live just around the corner, and since Richmonds moved in, I've visited my folks more often than ever before! They've dropped some serious coin on getting this showroom/workshop/storage facility up to a great level. Always interesting stock, and great guys always happy for a chat & not stressed if you're just in for a look / drool.
  11. Never been a fan in the past & never driven one, but after that write-up by @edgy I might just have to give one a go. Now, if you could just get a set of golf clubs in one......
  12. Rick V

    Unley SA Cars and Coffee

    I went to the last Unley C&C on 16th Dec (my first time there). It was damp, so whilst there was a great diverse range of stuff to look at, everyone was saying numbers were down due to the rain. I had the only Porsche there, so felt like a bit of a 'Nigel-no-mate' (apologies to any PFA'ers by the name Nigel). Didn't stay all that long, but headed home to Prospect from Unley, via Strathalbyn, if you know what I mean.😀
  13. Rick V

    996 backdate

    Good pick-up @Airhead.... try ‘small’ bumper, rather than ‘chrome’. And its a ‘no’ from me for the 996 back date
  14. Rick V

    996 backdate

    I must be getting old, ‘cos my tastes are changing.......in my younger days;- - I used to like these forward dated creations (because I hated the old fashioned look of chrome bumper 911’s) yet now I feel that they look terribly tacky & destroy the pretty shape of the early 911’s. - I used to hate the front lights of the 996, but now I think they’ve actually aged pretty well, and give a sufficient change to the front end treatment for those years without totally trashing the 911 style. - I couldn’t see any point in owning a 911 without it having a ‘Whale-tail’ out back.... but now I can appreciate the ‘naked’ 911 silhouette. - I was never a fan of the Boxster, but lately I’ve even got a few in my Carsales ‘saved favorites ‘! Then again I always thought the Panamera was goddam ugly..... and I still do. Perhaps this view will change in another 10 years?!?
  15. Congrats @EZEE , great looking Targa. That (French?) blue suits that model perfectly & is my favorite 70’s Porsche colour. I can totally relate to the lines ‘I dropped it to a mates paint & panel shop’ & ‘at times I forgot about it’.... I did exactly the same with a ‘71 mustang convertible I imported this time last year, & its still being ‘worked on’. If it wasn’t for my darling wife periodically asking if the ‘Stang is ready, I’d have forgotten I have one! I agree with @Lucky Phil - keep these wheels but get them painted out. Awesome list of cars to add to the collection, but if you want to come to the dark side (water cooled!) nothing will put that porsche smile on your face like a 996GT3 (ok, I am totally biased). Happy motoring in the Targa.

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