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  1. Yeah, sorry about the thread-drift …. Awesome looking 944 ….. and the best colour imho ….. no speed yellow 944’s, I'm pretty sure!! Why selling?
  2. Sounds about right …. A mate just put a deposit at Porsche Adelaide on a new 4.0 GTS last week and was told to expect to be contacted by them around Feb 23 to firm-up options & sign-off order, with delivery expected around Sep/Oct 23. He got the same story about a move away from ICE’s in 2025.
  3. Geez, we have a challenger for ‘The quickest turnover’ …. Usually the domain of @wilson59 !!
  4. White ….. meh! Speed yellow …. Meh!! Might as well be silver, black or one of 100 shades of grey! 😁
  5. Just saw it tonight…….really enjoyed it. Better than the original….. just needed a 996.2 GT3 to really shine!
  6. Just saying, your call, car or dog to suit….. (just jealous that you snagged the RS when you did!!)
  7. Great photos @edgy, but I’m sorry mate…. You either need to get a new car, or a new dog….. those two just don’t go together sorry!! 😁
  8. Rick V

    WTB blue 996.2 GT3

    In that case just get one if those common speed yellow ones! 🤪
  9. Rick V

    WTB blue 996.2 GT3

    Yes, two Midnight Blue 996.2’s My baby in Adelaide, and I think the other is located in SE Qld??
  10. My son was, up until a few weeks back. He's now moved on to a new employer/role. The radial engine is certainly an exciting piece of kit.
  11. Bugger,……boys golfing (& copious red wine) weekend then.. Keen for the next one though if up there again.
  12. 👍 Awesome day for it……. Flick me a text time you’re thinking of getting up there again and I will join you big fella!
  13. I've had three clients call me in a panic this morning with this one........ I told each of them that I thought they were actually brighter than they obviously are!!

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