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  1. Just got the photo pack through from the Rally..... video to come in next few days.... cant wait for 2022....
  2. Ha! After trying to keep up with @Shedpest for 3 days in the Adelaide Classic last week, I have fallen in love all over again with my 6.2 GT3
  3. Sounds like a ’try before you buy’ thing going on there!! 😁
  4. Hey @LeeM .... that wouldn’t have been us mate - we were limited to 80 kms/h, which of course we all obeyed. 😁😜🤪
  5. Good to see the ‘Stuttgart Stormers’ sticker made it to the hoist! How boring was work today?!?
  6. It’s like it never happened!! How good are these P cars???? Can spank it for three days, then pick the milk & bread up in it, without as much as a rough idle!
  7. Do it...... I’d be happy to watch you scream past in that thing!!
  8. Yeah PO changed out the mufflers from some crowd in the UK..... must find out from him exactly what he did...... it really comes into it’s own north of 5K revs. Addictive stuff. There’s room for you in the Stuttgart Stormers for next one!!
  9. Paul, if I squint a little, I reckon that looks a lot like you on a Saturday night!! Congrats on taking out the final ‘Eagle’ stage too!
  10. Thanks for going easy on me! Enjoyed listening to your Mezger at full song (on the odd occasion I was close enough to your rear spoiler!). Definitely a new set of hoops before next one!! Those stinking hot, sticky RE71RS’s look the goods 👍
  11. The rain just added another dimension to it..... slippery as up there, but an absolute hoot. Ripper blokes in our group of Stuttgart Stormers...... an awesome three days.
  12. I spotted your car lurking up in the carpark....... next year!!
  13. Sounds like a great day out. Am I the only one on here dumb enough to still have to go to work to earn a living on a Friday?!? (Yes I’m jealous!)
  14. Giddy-up!!!! 2022.... sign me up 👍
  15. Didn’t take home any chocolates, biscuits or even honorable mentions, but still enjoyed the PCSA show n shine last Sunday........ its been a slow burn, but it seems people are finally no longer confusing the GT3 for a boxster coupe!!!!!

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