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  1. Despite having sone some MC events and a 2 day classic in other cars. I declared myself a beginner, and that was a correct statement. Pretty sure I was the slowest car of the day lol. But that didn't detract from the immense fun I had, and to get to know the Cayman was amazing. It's capabilities far exceed my own. Barbs is a really fast circuit compared to anything else I'd done, and I'll openly say, it freaked me out a little at first. Hats off to the instructors who were EXCELLENT! Looking back, I of course could have been faster in the corners, AND i think I possibly should have dipped into 2nd to pull out of the corner on the other side of the hill before the back straight. Other than that, great fun. We weren't timing, but according to the GPS data of my gopro, my fastest was a 1:18 ish (it's not that accurate) At the end of the day: Fun = CHECK Nothing broke = CHECK Alive = CHECK Win win win.
  2. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Using the controller I was down to 2:11.xxx but today I picked up a g29 and secured it to my old static rig.....so relearning again lol. Back in the teens but feel much more in control, especially with reguards to feeling and correcting under steer. Will post time once I've had practice and crack a 2:10. (Starting to sound like my drag racing thread lol)
  3. Yep I think this End of month is Barbagallo. Much more like it. I ve dragged before and read heaps before going down there about how to launch a Cayman S as I was set on a 13 (and being competative against the jaaaaag) but you know what it's like once you're fully staged. It's not "ready set go" It's "CRAP! FARK! OH FK IT!!!!"
  4. One of the runs Camera was set to consecutive photos most of the night by mistake So I've only processed the last run which wasn't a fast one.
  5. They're consistently bad but the fastest run was 60' 2.301 Trap 101.13 mph 162.76 kph I'm pleased I looked back at the time slips as I was tempted to bin them buuuuttt...... My fastest run was the time I was side by side against my mates jag. Why does that make me happier? Because I know that run was an "OK ish" launch, but....... I totally stuffed up mid run and hit limiter, and the car backed off hard before I hit the next gear. I KNOW that run could have been better. Easily a 13 in this car. I think that was a PSM off launch but can't be sure but pretty sure it was, and I launched just under 2000 rpm.
  6. Hit the 1/4 mile last night as I always have in any worthy toy. All to date have been in the 14s bracket. And.....I'm STILL in a 14s car lol. I just couldn't bring it together. The only part I can blame on the car is the fact that the tires are aged and I'd guess hard. I found it really hard to not light them up, even with PSM turned on. I only tried launching in 2nd once, and that was a terrible launch and the slowest run of the night. Note: My car does NOT have sports chrono, or PASM. Fastest time was 14.245 which makes it 0.022s faster than the 2008 350Z Roadster I once owned ? and slower than my 1989 300ZX Twin Turbo, which was a total lemon and a POS haha. BUT....as said.....I don't blame the car. It was all me. I didn't want to slip the clutch so I was jumping off it, and coming off the throttle to correct loss of traction, rather than burning through a clutch in 1 night. Sadly, i was there to take on my mates Jaguar XF, which on paper, the CS should be a fraction of a second faster (with a perfect run) with both in the mid to low 13s. Him being V8 auto, but a much bigger car, he just ran easy 13's all night long. Point and shoot. Push the pedal and go. After 5 runs I stopped as the last run "felt" good, but turned out to be a 14.7xx so I called it a night, rather than keep trying until something breaks. All good fun still, and I KNOW the Cayman is by far the best car I have ever owned, and straight line is not what it's built for, but still, I was kind of down at the end of the evening, and now just wish I hadn't put it through such pointless abuse in the first place. Not that I abused it but you know what I mean. I'll throw some videos up when I have time to process them. Want to see if the gopro telemetry thing works.
  7. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Yep turn 3 and 4 are a real odd ball. Ok I've actually now adjusted my controller configuration. As I said before it felt kind of "compromised". I'd already killed the deadzones mostly but it still felt like control using a PS4 controller was somehow "assisted" in a bad way. Key changes..... Controller Dampening...now set to ZERO. And I've dialed UP the steering and throttle sensitivity. It wasn't acting like true 0 to 100% before so even with TC off, it's hard to light up the rears, which is a real clue to how false it is. Clearly to make up for the little physical movement on the triggers. Am I blaming my tools? YES. With the above changes, have I improved? YES 2:12.982 And I can happily now say with confidence..."and there's more in it"
  8. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Well I hit again and turned TC totally off rather than the default "authentic". This increased lock ups but was otherwise controllable and arguably faster but I'm still 10 seconds off you guys. I think I need to get more angry across the top. I mag post a video of a good lap so you guys can give pointers on where I'm slacking off. We're all using the 911 GT3 R as the base yes?
  9. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    No no no. That means its something to do with my skills. That can't be right
  10. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Holy crap. What's your setup?
  11. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Yeah sadly the pickings for PS4 compatible wheels are thin. There are a couple of entry level wheels I wouldn't waste my time on, then you get to the G29, and then you go UP to the fantechs and the like but even then there aren't many that work with the PS4. All due to licencing of course. There are "adapters" but from my research, none to date work properly and you usually end up loosing force feedback and other functions. So really...it's G29 on sale or nothing. Pisses me off a little, as there was nothing wrong with my G27, and in my mind, other than "making money", they had no cause to not allow compatibility with the PS4. But meh.
  12. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Ah yeah so same I think. TC "As it comes" i believe is "authentic", not "off". And yep I too drive games like a car in RL. You can't just mash. Harder to achieve on the controller though as there is far less travel and I think the controls are compromised a little also. I was also doing it in practice but I switched to Time Trials. Interestingly, you do NOT need PSN+ Subscription to use this mode on the PS4. Yay Sony Looked st G29 prices yesterday. JBHIFI Have literally just put it back up to full price at $499. Was $350 last week! I'll wait.
  13. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Out of interested, as you guys using traction control completely OFF, or set to "authentic"?
  14. ugame

    Project Cars 2

    Well I did my tax this week finally, and on the calculation it said "We owe you a Logitech G29" which is nice. I'm not sure that's how the wife read it, but she gets her own return this year so......
  15. That old Xbox game was the only one I've ever seen Barbs on. Re the ring, I've played that track on every game that features it, over and over and over. I still consider it a good day if I stay on the blacktop for a whole lap lol. Hence....I'm not sure how keen I am to try it in RL haha.

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