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  1. Has anyone done this? There seem to be a few places selling replacement bits, just wondering if there are any recommendations for suppliers or ways to do it. My display is missing a few segments on the numbers.
  2. Been looking at tyres, seems that Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is not available in the right size in Australia (255/40 R17). I can get PS2's but they are more expensive and would be about $350 more than if I got a full set of P Zero Rosso tyres. Has anyone been able to get PS4's on a 986?
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I am a Costco member so will check that out. After doing a bit more reading I suspect the clunks are the drop links so I'll swap them out then look at the tyres. It's a 2001, 156k KMs, had the bump stops replaced and a wheel alignment done as part of the RWC when I bought it ~3 months ago. On a flat roads and freeways it's fine, but the tramlining is unnerving on some of the highways.
  4. Hi all. Just looking for some guidance. I've only ever driven one Boxster so have nothing to compare to. I find that on highways that have grooves in the road from lots of traffic, my car feels unstable when changing lanes, wandering all over the place. When I bought the car it had had some suspension work and a wheel alignment. There also quite noticeable looseness/clunks from underneath when traveling on a bumpy road surface. Is this normal? Tyres are P Zero on the front and Minerva on the back. Pressures are correct but I'm wondering how sensitive the car is to different tyre types. The ones on the front are getting worn so I'd also be seeking recommendations about what to replace them with given the cost of P Zeros...
  5. That did the trick, have punched through but still unable to get a drill bit to catch. Waiting for my flexible drill bit extension now;-)
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for a "smart" trickle charger or alternatively just a lithium emergency jump starter? My 986 Boxster is only going to be driven once every 2 weeks and I'd like it to start when asked. I have looked at both the solar chargers (my preference) and the emergency jump starters, but there are so many available and not a lot get good reviews.
  7. Yes, I bought a 250mm long one just for this purpose. There just seems to be no place where it will bite in, curves everywhere. Mine has the oval chrome extension, I thought about cutting that off but it's welded on both sides plus the middle.
  8. ...and I spent half an hour yesterday trying to get a drill to bite so I could drill the holes, tried punching with a screwdriver, etc but no luck. The chrome extension is welded on so very hard to get access. I am very sad.
  9. ok. I've seen another one that opens up the pipe before (I think) it enters the muffler, adjusting the collar that joins the pipes. I might try that too ? together
  10. Ok, I have found one hack, which involves sliding a collar and either drilling a hole or cutting a slot. Silly questions, I assume both sides need to be done, or do people just do one?) And what is the other hack?
  11. Thanks for the tips, good thing I’ve already got a Dremel...
  12. Thanks both. Who'd have thought it was just a CD holder? Mystery solved anyway. Also re the speakers, I got some Hertz DCX 100.3 for $68/pr on eBay. Seems like a good deal, will see how they go.
  13. Hi all. So I've got my 986 now ? and have looked through the forums but can't find answers to these questions. Any help appreciated: 1. What aftermarket speakers do people suggest for the front dash in Australia? I've seen overseas people suggest Polk 401 or Infinity but I don't think I can source them locally. 2. Is there a trick to get the CD stacker to work? Mine will accept the CD's, but the player (CDR220) will only play the CD that is behind the flip down front. The source button will switch between FM and CD, but nothing else. There is no info on it in the manual that I can find...
  14. And it goes on. The external mechanic is Europi Motori, who do work for Lorbek but seem to be arm's length and have some good reviews. I sent the car back to the original PPI mechanic today - and they have said the items they first found are now Ok and did some additional tests (compression, over-rev etc) for me which have all come up positive. The price for the car is $2k below what they originally asked, highish but not unreasonable and now has an extra 12 months rego thrown in so based on all of that I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. The only concern is that at 155,000km the IMS bearing has *not* been done yet so I'll have that to consider as a future expense. Body, trim, etc are really good.
  15. So the saga goes on. They have provided receipts for $1620 from an external mechanic to cover 2 globes, bump stop replacement, coolant flush, replacing upper link boots, priming the heater system, a basic service and RWC. It seems like a lot of money for not a lot of work, I'm curious if anyone is able to comment on that. However, they *haven't* done the work that the PPI recommended because they said their own checks showed that work didn't need to be done so now I don't know who to believe. He's happy for me to walk away from the deal if I'm not satisfied.

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