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  1. ? Might hold out for an SC to come on the market that I like... keep long term.... Probably a smarter option
  2. How low would i need to get a tip with an ability of a relatively short term turnaround profit
  3. ?I Guess it depends how low I can get it. Sometimes you gotta quit when you're ahead ... take the profit and buy an aircooled
  4. Yes, i will see, if i can get it for $40,000 then i might buy it. I am worried about the high km's for resale, as I might need to sell it in 6-12 months
  5. Thank everyone. It is a Factory full body GT3 Kit, i believe one owner and full logs. Not imported. I'm not sure of the specific colour names as of yet, looks to be well maintained paint
  6. Yeh - the KM's are starting to go further through 130k's so I think I might pass it off. Will be to hard to sell when needed at 150+++
  7. Hey, Im new to all this and was wondering, a 2000 911 Carrera with over 100k on it, what would be a good price to get it at? What factory options are desirable? Does a GT3 Kit diminish value? TIA

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