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  1. Thanks for posting Coastr, great article. Glad to see it is much loved and still ind QLD.
  2. I knew a guy that that bought one new - Formula Blue in colour. Number 3 from memory. He was mates with my boss where I did my apprenticeship. Bob Triggs was his name from Wynnum. I think he died a short while ago and it was sold. I remember he crashed it coming back from the drags at Willowbank one night at a pretty fast rate. A car pulled out onto his lane and he went into the nature strip/divider and cleaned up a few small trees. It was repaired by John Dawson. Panels/spoilers were accessible as he was in partnership with a group of owners who bought the original moulds when the company went bust. Not sure where the moulds are now though. I remember that the shells were all second hand as Alfa would not sell them new ones. Some came from NZ from memory. Awesome cars with great history.
  3. TDW911

    WTB 993 Cup 2 wheels

    Thanks Marty, I’ll check them out. Appreciate the heads up. I’ve been looking daily but been busy the last few days with my daughters wedding. Cheers Todd
  4. TDW911

    Tassie Targa crash RIP

    From the photos it looked like a lime green Lotus Exige I think.
  5. WTB a set or genuine Porsche Turbo Twist 18x7.5 or 8.0 ET50 and 18x10 ET65. Either solid or hollow spoke. Let me know what you have.
  6. TDW911

    WTB 993 Cup 2 wheels

    Yep, always the way.
  7. 100% agree. My 993 interior is a thing of beauty. 996 not so much hence the correction 😆
  8. TDW911

    WTB 993 Cup 2 wheels

    Still on the hunt if anyone has a set or even two rears.
  9. I recently had the same issue. The code was written in the book but the previous owner had made up some sort of code to hide the code. I couldn’t work it out so went to one of those sites that will give you the correct code. The only thing is that you have to remove the radio to get the serial number.
  10. TDW911

    WTB 993 Cup 2 wheels

    I did last night, only replicas. I’ll have another look though.
  11. Hi I an looking for a set of genuine 993 Cup 2 wheels - 7 x 17 ET 55 and 9 x 17 ET 70. I have the early high rear offset rears but the later ET 55 would be ok. Even a just a set of rears would be fine. I have found a hairline crack in one of my rears so looking to replace and keep the repaired wheel as a spare. Unfortunately I didn’t need a set when the lovely Weiss gold set were up for sale as they would have been perfect - always the way. If you have something let me know. Cheers Todd
  12. Looks like she has had a big night. Slinking past dads 911 the next morning on the way to her bedroom for a much deserved sleep.

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