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  1. ahhhh , i was curious about just this! I noticed the "Going, Going..." bit in red as the finished time disappeared from my screen..
  2. "https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lane-cove-west/cars-vans-utes/1987-porsche-944-turbo-immaculate-5-speed-all-books/1240174250 " sold to...... fishcop ? Hot looking car that. Really liked the colour.
  3. Little heads up on the Brown tassie car: Repaireable Writeoff QLD 2014. Vin: WP0ZZZ00ZXS641458 I really like that colour, owner seems to know his way around cars and is Super helpful and friendly.
  4. Please include pics
  5. I have no idea which forum section this belongs in.... But here we go. https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/the-porsche-engine-of-coffee-machines-is-shaped-like-a-porsche-engine-124172/
  6. Found this little gem - Done a few marathons in its life https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/233651981232411/
  7. .....That sheen..... Impressive stuff 😂
  8. The name "Neil Collins" appears on one of the GOODPSANNER Invoices (they auction house should have caught that) Yeah with %7 fees , then transportation and rego.... $25K would be about it without a PPI
  9. I finally found a porsche i can afford ! 🤣 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/plumpton/cars-vans-utes/1968-vw-poraga-beetle-/1247420405 On a more serious note - anyone here have this up for auction ? https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-3463930/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1998-porsche-carrera-911-automatic-coupe?spr=true
  10. wobaby

    Manual 996

    Yeah wow, those tips are off a early cayenne are they not ?....... personal taste i guess....😨
  11. wobaby

    Introduction to Summon

    Awesome..... Has anyone found the link to the google app for summon ? I cant seem to find it.....
  12. wobaby

    Manual 996

    Gday @Troubleshooter , yeah ive done the regular rounds... carsales, tradingpost , autotrader , justcars , pickles , graysonline, manheim and facebook marketplace ect.... But ive seen 911's offered up on here before they hit the "Market" just curious to see if anyone within the PFA Fam has a semi working or fully working 996. I guess as far as budget goes , im certainly after the entry level manual.

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