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  1. I too have been wondering why the prices have gone up so much. 18 years ago, I sold my 3 owner Australian delivered '76 911s with 222km for $18k - boy do I wish I had that in my shed now. Well, actually if I had it, I would sell it. I liked it, but I personally think they are a bit too old to be practical. I didn't like the lack of air, the pre-unleaded smell, the bump crash handling. And it wasn't all that reliable either. But, I do (did) miss the whole 911 experience - it's like nothing else on the road. About 7 or 8 years ago a friend of mine was looking to buy a one owner 964 C4 in white with 9km for about $55k. I was saying to him, that I felt my BMW 335i was a better car for about the same money. It was quicker, had more room, more practical, felt (was) a lot newer. Now, who was right? - he has well and truely doubled his money. During the same time, my once new 335, has lost $100k. A few months ago I started getting the itch for a 911, but just couldn't justify the high price, so I posted on Bimmerpost forum on 911 values I just couldn't see why an 11 year old 997 could be worth the same as a 2 year old BMW M3. But the reality is it's all about supply and demand - they aren't making 996's anymore - light weight, flat six sound and feel, yet reasonably new and comfortable enough to easily drive everyday. Anyway, I must have FOMO, so I just had to join the 911 club, here's a photo: https://imgur.com/a/Cka9n5X
  2. In the end I went through CEVA too - but they wouldn't allow it on a normal car carrier, so it has to go on their Prestige and Race Transporter. I agree about the no lower than 120mm - the dealer said the 997s is about 110 at it's lowest point. Main problem is that it's been in Villawood for nearly a week, with no planned date for the move to Adelaide, so I might not even get it next week.
  3. Hey @Morpheus How did you get your 911 over on a standard truck? Did it cost a lot? I have just bought one from Sydney and I have had to use a race transporter - as the trucking company said they are too low for normal carriers. It cost about $400 more than normal, which isn't too bad. Originally, they quoted $4.9k !

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