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  1. That is a sweet looking car - still the best car I have ever driven around a track is the 991 GT3. You must be very pleased to finally get your car. What wrap are you getting done, just a clear coat for protection or something funky? Yes, that must be getting close to all of us coming through this saga now?
  2. Whooohooo! Looks fantastic, I have always liked the shape of the Velar and it looks stunning in the Corris Grey colour. Glad to see you have finally received your car after all the waiting and tracking. 😂
  3. Awesome news! Sounds like your wait is almost over. No more tracking sites to worry about, what are you doing with your time now?
  4. Looks fantastic, love the colour! 😜 Enjoy driving your car at last, and thanks must go to you for starting this thread. Without you doing this many of us would not have stumbled onto this site and shared all of the valuable information (and pain of course).
  5. Congratulations! Hopefully the Morning Composer will be a distant memory once you get a few Kms on the car and enjoy it. Yes, great cars, I used to have a Golf R a few years ago. Have fun!
  6. Ha Ha! Looks fantastic Carlene, glad you can finally enjoy it. Seeing a link to the vessel finder site sent shivers down my spine, not sure I can click on the link to be honest! I spent waaaay too long on this site for my own good. Good luck with your ship, it might just be a refuel in South Africa or it could be dropping off and/or picking up some more cars, trucks, stink bugs etc. 😂
  7. It's the lack of info that is frustrating, with neither the dealers or JLR able to say what the status or hold up is it seems. All of a sudden your car will move to "available" and the process will commence, but until then it seems there is not much you can do. Hopefully it is just a backlog thing and they will steadily work through the vehicles and you will get your car in the next few days. The dealer won't need much time with the car before it is handed over to you.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the pictures Gojaria, you have earned this car with all of your hard work helping us out! 👍
  9. Great choice on the seats, they look very nice! Lovely looking car, roll on the 23rd for you.
  10. What ship? Was there a ship? 🤐
  11. Awesome! Glad you have been rewarded at last after such a long saga. And my car is finally in my possession, no hint of a Mortein smell either! Thanks again for the help and support from everyone, and wishing you all a speedy delivery of your cars and boats. Ps. Loving the electric car. No sound but a lot of fun. Will be interesting to see what the Porsche Taycan is like when released.
  12. Nah, there are a few on the roads. Mine would have been one of the first on the roads if they had sprayed the Mortein properly on the Morning Composer! 🙄 Who knows for sure, seems to be a bit of a mystery! I was told it was repairs from delivery (if needed), fitting dealer accessories, compliance and I thought detailing but obviously not.
  13. Sales guy called Fabian sent them through. George is off to Sydney for a couple of days so Fabian is doing the handover for me on Friday.
  14. Another Corris Grey specimen getting ready...

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