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  1. Gotta go and make room for some other retro goodness
  2. The Shed and pool-room are overloaded and need to find a new home for this baby. Relive the glory days of 2 stroke GP bikes in the comfort of your shed/lounge/ bedroom with the wafting aroma of Castrol TT in the air. 1984 Yamaha RZ500 V4 2 stroke Oz delivered 10k Km's Open to offers , Pm for more details
  3. The supersized GB sticker wasn't enough of a clue?
  4. Darryl: See that lattice up there?Valuer: Yeah?Darryl: Fake. Plastic. Gives the place a Victoriana feel. Chimney. Fake too.Valuer: Why’s it there?Darryl: Charm. Adds a bit of charm.
  5. Those two 996's make this 997 look like a bargain https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my07/OAG-AD-18972189/?Cr=3
  6. Agree, it has been on and off the market for 3 odd years. Funny how the price seemed astromonical back then but now seems resonable.
  7. Bump, gotta go, get them outta the shed. Make an offer
  8. He went black and polished edge, cause Black Rims Matter
  9. A good friend of mine just paid mid 20's for this S2. Oz delivered, fresh motor, new suspension, mint interior, body is dent free, full leather and everything works. I now have a new appreciation for them.

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