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  1. No comment Isn't there a saying about ambition outweighing talent
  2. As well as ..... grow some balls, brake later into turns 1, 6 and 17, get on the gas harder out of said corners, hug the curb around turn 7, and remember to dab some brakes before turn 18 so you don't end up in the in-field. Yep all over it
  3. Doughy, coming out of a corner feeling like it is not on the boil/ low in the rev range/ not in the go zone.
  4. After watching that I realise I'm taking bike lines around that track in the car, old habits are hard to break. Interesting that you do turns 14/15 in 3rd and didn't come out doughy. Great video to learn from being a novice driver.
  5. I second the above. I /we imported 7 motorcycles for SA around 6 years ago, it was certainly a little stressful, they did get here but it was an ordeal. Having imported bikes and cars from all over the world, SA was the definitely the most challenging.
  6. DSC V1 Controller for 997.2 Removed from 2010 Carrera S Bought for my 997.1 but is incompatible $1300 plus postage
  7. @mbedford I'm sure i could find a home for the carbon buckets😁
  8. On that note, when are you coming past to test drive the 997
  9. Not yet. The 991 is having a sleep over for the weekend and I was encouraged to take it out and use it in anger. Certainly a different experience to the 997
  10. Quick test ride to the Southern Vales. Very impressive
  11. Just found this on the net, forum member @williamsf1 lauching on the Mt Lofty road.
  12. Couldn't attend yesterday, had to take a personal leave day to clean the car.
  13. There is a white hat that lives in the back hooked on to the scaffolding
  14. Back to "Old man going to the bowls club" mode

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