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  1. I ran RE71RS' as track tyres for the last year(3 track days and a training session)and they have held up well, last track I found there limit with a combination of warm track conditions, near end of life and more agresssive driving. Still a good bang for buck option.
  2. Cup 2's for the road on 19" rims and Nangkang AR1's for the track on 18" rims seems to be the go.
  3. At least he only control "C"ed the description and made an effort to take his own photo's, that is surely $30K worth of effort.
  4. Since this is the only one that has sold recently for 59K doesn't that suggest anything over that price is ambitious? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual/SSE-AD-12695416 Really, a Targa for 115k https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-996-manual-my03/SSE-AD-12720353/?Cr=2 128k for this? it's not Jesus' sandal, it's a 996 Carrera 2 FFS https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual-my04/SSE-AD-12500186/?Cr=4 Covid pricing is over, they are only 50k plus cars
  5. At The Bend for the Easter Nationals
  6. Heading up again on the 14th of May, get on it @Rick V
  7. Gotta love a Ducati single. In the pool room, 74 450 Mk3 and 73 250 Desmo
  8. Locked down with the filthy Rona so everything is getting a little love. The Big Blue Lounge Chair just had a 2 day detail.
  9. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Oh, they were the days of cheap 996's
  10. @LeeM, didn't you turn down a Sluggermatic/ Repairable write-off with minimal k's for mid 20's a few years back?
  11. Worlds gone made, 55k for a high k, Sluggermatic and Repairable Write-off

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