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  1. 1 sold to Tngy, one to go If there is more interest I can commission the Guru to make more.
  2. I recently had a few signs commissioned by my guru signwriter and have 2 spare. Perfect reproduction of an original that i found on the net, 1.5mm steel, 800mm round with a rolled edge. Perfect for the lounge room, bedroom ,toilet, shed or garage. $400 plus postage or pick-up in Adelaide Call or Pm 0427999045 Here are a few more that i have had made by the Guru
  3. Centre muffler or side mufflers have been retained? So both cats and side mufflers in the bin?
  4. Shit your neighbors off with this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Top-Speed-Porsche-991-997-GT3-GT3RS-Muffler-Bypass-System/264710148902?hash=item3da1f45326%3Ag%3AcCQAAOSwPYpeTfAF&LH_ItemCondition=4
  5. Plus it has the Aftermarket FVD/Sharkworks rear muffler delete, code for anti-social exhaust. Perfect for making little kids cry when you give it a rev cruising the Esplanade.
  6. Spent the weekend de-uglifing the Orange Whippy Wheels s
  7. I quizzed my brother who is a Panel Beater and he said $30k going on what photos are available, could be more or could be less. But looking at the photos it doesn't seem that bad, good for a Targa car.
  8. 924 Carrera GT https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/porsche/auction-2603388542.htm?rsqid=3745622690ae45abba6a02470a762d30-002
  9. Wouldn’t that mean that the .1 is overpriced ? Or is the .2 undervalued ?
  10. 7.1 Touring build date December 07, compliance 1/08, 2 seater
  11. The stupid clock that does nothing was a must have for me, pretty much the only reason I bought your car!!!
  12. Didn't the red one at Richmond's take 6 months to sell and that was priced in the 160's?? And didn't that head to the South Island as well? http://richmonds.com.au/portfolio/2007-porsche-911-gt3-4/
  13. Roy has his hand on it. Wouldn't this be better value? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-turbo-997-auto-awd-my08/OAG-AD-18591786/?Cr=23 This one still cracks me, was for sale in Adelaide for 18 months at around $130K and didn't sell, so why not send it to Sydney and put another $40k on it, then it will sell for sure. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2003-porsche-911-turbo-996-manual-awd-my04/OAG-AD-18174133/?Cr=22

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