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  1. Fresh from the upholsters All new foam, period correct vinyl, period correct Pepita cloth (woven not printed), rails and springs repainted. Suit all G series cars from 74-89 Pick up in Adelaide or happy to help with courier $2700 or offer
  2. I can lend the mirror ball as well
  3. Its South Australia Digger, not Sicktoria We are free to drive our GT3's with gay, vigor and reckless abandon anytime we feel the need✌️
  4. Ferry Action on the way to The Bend Raceway with @wilson59
  5. The Panel Beater/ Painter is an immediated member of my family so there was a little discount. To be completely honest the previous paint work was done by Mexican's probably for $300 in the US of A so removing the paint was minimal effort with a scraper! Body was near perfect with only a few shopping trolley dings, only rust was the water channel under the windscreen. There was one of my brothers "Trade mark" runs on it but thats what 6K gets you. I'm sure the new owner of the car could not tell if the paint cost 6k or 45K
  6. 25-45k is a piss-take Is the paint mixed with Unicorn pheromones? 6K to paint the 76 including the wheels (bare metal plus replacement of the bonnet channel)
  7. Spotted at C&C Blackwood a few weeks back
  8. Price Drop The cheapest Oz delivered manual on the market with complimently rashed rims and fluffy seats https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2001-porsche-911-turbo-996-manual-awd-my01/SSE-AD-6424110/?Cr=34
  9. https://www.uniquecarcarriers.com.au/ I've heard they're not cheap but...... Or I'm sure @LeeM would drive it home for you
  10. Wow, sounds special, good luck, hope it comes to fruition
  11. Sold or removed? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Manual-MY08/SSE-AD-6433633
  12. Are they are overated like the Sport Chrono wanky clock that does nothing?

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