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  1. It looks awesome, Orange. Enjoy it!
  2. WOW! that is so cool. hope you enjoy every minute of it...
  3. Yes, I might have to concentrate on my actual job now! That looks great. I bet it goes well too. Btw what’s hiding in the garage! A45 AMG?
  4. Yes! The car has arrived at dealership. Should be ready to pick up on Saturday - will find out today. Can’t wait 👍🏻
  5. It's funny - I am now obsessively checking trackyourcar.prixcar.com.au - before it was shipping websites for MC. Don't think I have ever spent so long tracking one item in my life......😩
  6. I wasn't aware either - so thank you JV911. The car looks great and the information on this forum has been so helpful. Appreciate PFA for hosting us too. My car is so close, but so far. Still at PrixCar in Altona. Spoke to the dealer on Friday and they have no word when it will be released. I was pretty furious - it is incomprehensible to me that they can't get a straight answer. I told him that pretty much everyone else had their car from the MC. This week will be the third week of inaction - but I am hopeful something will actually happen. Enjoy your cars this weekend all!
  7. congrats. I used to have one - they are great cars.
  8. That a great shot. Glad you are on the water!
  9. Mine isn’t even diesel, so they can’t use that excuse....No idea what is taking them so long. It’s been at Port Melbourne longer than it was in Indonesia being fumigated! There just doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency.
  10. Enjoy Gojaria! I spoke to my dealer today - he still doesn't know when the car will get to him. It is sitting at Prix Car in Altona. I am so frustrated! Especially as Aus-Ipace's car was delivered on Friday by the same dealer! There just doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency with Prix Car at all. The dealer is still waiting on 5 other cars - I just can't believe it is over two weeks since the ship docked and the car is still sitting there!!! ***rant over***
  11. Congratulations! Looks great. You will love the electric car. Another week until I can post photos I’m afraid 😧
  12. Looking good mate and you win the first to post a photo price. If only the car could talk about it’s adventures so far. Enjoy!
  13. So what does Prix Car do then? I thought they actually detailed the car ready for delivery? Maybe it’s just compliance?

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