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  1. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations on your baby!
  2. Congratulations Yass! Like your wheels! No more stalking vessels!
  3. Looking amazing Carlene! Black and white is the way to go!
  4. Looking amazing! I didn't expect them to look this good! Better looking than Tesla. My dealer was away and just got the photos! As I am in Canberra, I have to go to Sydney to pick it up. Scheduled on the 23rd. Cannot wait to rub my face on the leather 😂😂😂
  5. Looking amazing Cappa! Congratulations!
  6. I believe they do just delivery and storage. They are pretty big though. They have storage in each port. They were about to buy the shipping company that our cars came on.
  7. @JV911 and @Aus-Ipace congratulations! Looking great! I am glad to see all the protective covers including the wheels. First I Paces I believe?
  8. Just saw an update on the tracker. It says "Delivered" to my dealer!
  9. Thanks Orange. When is your due? Do you know where your car is now?
  10. Sorry for missing all the actions! Yes, mine is Available and dispatch ETA is 6 Feb. My dealer told me that it is meant to arrive on the 8 Feb. We discussed a handover date of 23rd. Getting close!
  11. That's great news. I believe they are gathering all Prixcar and other mass delivery companies cars at individual locations within Port Kembla facilities. After that they will be disbursed to Minto and from Minto to dealerships. Mine still says Unbooked though 😏 Does it come up with a clickable link? If it doesn't, you may have incorrect VIN.
  12. On mine it says Unbooked as well.
  13. Hi Bleak, Once you get your VIN, contact Prixcar and get Entry Number for DAWR. This should be a nine digit number starts with A or Z. Once you get that, call 1800 900 090 and press option 1 then 2 and then 1. That would be the document assessment team and they can tell you status of the car. If this is too difficult, please PM me your VIN.
  14. MC is still at anchor outside of Sunshine Coast. Not sure what is happening. It is a bit disappointing as they changed the ETA but still not in dock yet.
  15. Welcome to our little world! Do you have VIN from your dealer? If so, you can track it via prixcar website. If the website doesn't show anything, I can make some calls tomorrow.

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