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  1. Sell? Why would I do that?:-) No luck so far. Trying to persuade the boss to send me to the Perth office, it's literally 20 minutes away......
  2. Down Gawler way. any difference to the import? I'm assuming just that it may have been exposed to Euro winters, but I would assume since its been in Aus for 15 years or so any major isues would have been noticed. Defintely noticed the dash/seats, but given the issues the last one I looked at had, it's minor! Also have a line on a good leather interior bloke down my way who apparently works cheap-ish. Unfortunately Andy from RennSport is on holidays at the moment, will have to wait to chat to him....
  3. Yep, I've been doing some ressearch (on company time, bad boy!) and RennSport has come recommended highly. Fantastic to know he has his own 928's, looks like the dream is starting to take shape again.....to the phones!
  4. Hi all. Newbie here. Recently started looking at getting my dream car, the mighty Landshark. Currently bitterly disappointed- a locally available car in Adelaide failed to pass muster on PPI, although I suppose $450 for the inspection was cheap to avoid the money pit it would have become. (slight aside, many thanks to the forum for the recommendation on Buik Motorworks for the PPI, those guys certainly know their stuff and saved me some real heartache) Was prepared to give up on the dream when I found this example online, certainly within my current price range and looks pretty nice to boot! http://www.ksmotorcompany.com.au/cars-for-sale/PORSCHE/928/1985-PORSCHE-928-S-No-Series-COUPE/7K6X67/details?fr=13&fd=0&ft=5&fb=0 So, my question would be, any of you guys local to Perth/Myaree, or know of the previous owner or history of the car? Bit of a long shot but I figure it's worth a try. I want to live the dream but adding to the normal worries about the car itself, now I have to worry about how the hell I get it back here......

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