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  1. So the sensors up front, in the nose of the mudguard, send a message to that module? Can that module be re-set?
  2. The original bag had deployed probably because the sensor wire was severed by a torn mudguard in a 'soft' accident. The replacement bag has not deployed, it is from another car being wrecked. The codes are: 803C - Drivers thorax bag (below lower limit) This is the bag that had fired off. And, 800B - Drivers Head bag (steering wheel) (above upper limit) which has not fired off! Thorax (Porsche term) bag is at right shoulder, in seat back, to provide head side trauma. My dilemma is to explain how the Drivers head bag has shown a fault - nothing has happened to it! And the one that did fire off has been replaced. ANF that's an interesting question! What is a 'control module' and and where is it? What's it look like? How do I get at it? And I meant to PREVENT, not -- ( to provide head side trauma. )
  3. Thanks Coastr, Cleared the code and it re-appeared as soon as motor started!
  4. Boxster 987 Data scan shows air-bag faults. Have replaced the offending air-bag but cannot clear the dash warning light. Is there something else between the sensors and the air-bags that I need to look at?
  5. I found second-hand belts - hope they do the job! Smokey.
  6. Thanks WB, I fired off an enquiry. Smokey
  7. Thanks JA I am open to any suggestions. Could you please ask your mate to contact me: mailformil@gmail.com Cheers, Smokey. Not available from them! Thanks.
  8. I have to replace both Boxster 987 seat belts -- an eye watering $ exercise! Any suggestions? I'm near Melbourne.
  9. Dan, Did you find Dave J? Could we have a contact please!
  10. With a little help I solved the mystery. I bit the bullet, connected 12v power and 'bingo'! Problem solved. LED narrow strip along the bottom edge of the light.
  11. My photo shows the rear of a Boxster fog light. "A" is the socket for power in to a globe. "B" is a two pin socket with no globe! What is this device and its function?
  12. Thanks Barks. I do find the Box easy to work on and very satisfying to resurrect a write-off! I'm now hoping some kind soul can post a photo of the wiring harness route across the front of the Boxster. The bit around the radiator? and behind the bumper? My car had the wiring ripped out when I bought it so I desperately need assistance. Any suggestions appreciated.
  13. Thanks gelb, but I could find nothing helpful. I'm hoping some kind soul has a photo! Close to getting my Boxster on the road again soon! This one is (nearly) back from the dead!
  14. Anyone got a photo of the front wiring harness route for a Boxster 987? Wires were ripped out when I bought the car. Now need info to replace the harness. Above or beside the radiator?, where to attach from right to left side? etc.. Any suggestions please!

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