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  1. i just lost my 550 driver (to his new girlfriend) so is just the 72 911 now Jase
  2. i have a set of these wheels withe 90% conti tyres fitted not willing to split up set but you van have them all for $1500 if you're interested Jase
  3. this is 3 of the 4 porches in our stable (green car was away at the time having engine freshened up) Jase
  4. I've been looking for footage of me leaving lorbeks, (was about 8pm) there was a bit of a crowd so i put my foot down and the rear tyres lit up, (really didn't mean that to happen) may have looked like a bit of a hoon 😉
  5. hey hugh i see registration has officially closed but thinking I'll bring down my 72RSR and have my mechanic mate bring down my 550 just thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to leave any spots in your groupings (no stress I don't mind we'll park anywhere) being country folk we'll be coming form the north so wont be part of any convoys, will just turn up around 11am sorry couldn't make plans before now, had wait to see what the silly weather was doing with fires today first Jase 2 posts in one day wow
  6. that's me driving in (in the green 72 RSR) at 5.10 yep long time lurker first time poster

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