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  1. neilb

    ESR porsche in sydney

    not to worry, i spoke to them this afternoon
  2. neilb

    ESR porsche in sydney

    just a quick ask if anyone on here works for ESR in sydney, I'm just weighing up my options and considering moving to sydney. they are advertising for a panel beater
  3. neilb

    356 coupe

    little update, i did take this a couple of weeks ago as i was turning the car around. i did post this on my instabrag page but here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwKvNTEcGpI enjoy
  4. all the best stew stay safe in the hills
  5. neilb

    LHD to RHD conversions

    only downside to doing a 356 is the steering pitman arm. they are very hard to get hold of. i can put you in touch with a guy i know that had some made (reverse engineered) and made by some company who make components for v8 supercars. dash is very easy to do
  6. neilb

    356 coupe

    thanks rafik, i had someone tell me it reminds him of the batmobile?....
  7. neilb

    356 coupe

    thank you jeff, i will do
  8. neilb

    356 coupe

    getting ever closer to finishing this panel, just on to the bottom section now, where it rolls under. still heaps of work yet but it's moving forward thanks for watching
  9. spotted a lovely white 356 on highett road at the traffic lights, at the junction with bluff road. around 7pm today
  10. neilb

    356 coupe

    little bit of an update, i made another nose section. the one pictured above is now wall art or bin filler, which ever the case may be. i made the replacement as both sides together, i had this sitting on the buck i have and i have made the top section on the left side and also the side section. i started on the right hand side today which is exciting lol. dino, it was a few weeks ago now but great to meet you, hope you have had some more progress pics of your coupe since i saw you last
  11. neilb

    356 coupe

    not much to report really as i have been building a tube bender for an up coming task... pretty much where we are up to, i have cleaned up the front section in the recess and trimmed the top edge down, trimmed up the lower section of the guard, ready for tig welding together thanks for watching
  12. looks great raf great to meet you the other day, next time i'll try and clean up lol
  13. neilb

    356 coupe

    hi dino, how is yours going? do you have a thread anywhere? is it being done local? rafik, i think mine would come under the term recreation, rebuilding a bt6 chassis then converting it to look like a pre-a lol, thank you for the kind words
  14. oops... honestly officer it had nothing to do with speed! lol seriously though, hope the occupants are fine

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