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  1. looks great raf great to meet you the other day, next time i'll try and clean up lol
  2. neilb

    356 coupe

    hi dino, how is yours going? do you have a thread anywhere? is it being done local? rafik, i think mine would come under the term recreation, rebuilding a bt6 chassis then converting it to look like a pre-a lol, thank you for the kind words
  3. oops... honestly officer it had nothing to do with speed! lol seriously though, hope the occupants are fine
  4. neilb

    356 coupe

    carrying on with this project, it was time to make a windscreen panel to convert this bt6 to the pre-a i can't afford lol, so after the first attempt i started another, following tradition i had a go at making it in one piece. only a little fettling to finish and put the indents for the wiper spindles (i'll do that when the dash is made) then tip the edges for the door gaps. thanks for watching
  5. neilb

    356 coupe

    well time for an update, i have been making the 1/4 panel for the L/H side. i made the R/H side in two pieces (top + bottom), but ever trying to be better i decided to have a go at making this one in 1 piece. so obviously now i have done this in 1 piece i will have to re-make the other side in 1 piece lol thanks for watching
  6. neilb

    356 coupe

    are you local to braeside? I'm just up the road in sandy
  7. neilb

    356 coupe

    hey Peter John, I have seen them widened, I didn't want to do that. having to make the chassis did give me the chance to 'pinch' the rear chassis rails in a little bit. I should be able to get 7" wide wheels in without issue thank you rafik, I may take you up on that, I've got to finish the windscreen scuttle and then alter the front section of the roof. a paper pattern would be really handy for that lol
  8. neilb

    356 coupe

    rafik, it's a bt6 so quite late, I'm converting it to a pre-a. thank you though, I've just about finished the nose panel.
  9. neilb

    356 coupe

    thank you pal, neurologist can't do anything for me, he's pretty much said that. I see a homeopathy doctor who has me on a heavy metal detox, reading my results, it reads like I've been eating batteries while drinking mercury lol
  10. neilb

    356 coupe

    thanks for the comments guys rafik, yes I'm here at last lol, I think I can remember trying to get intouch just after you messaged, it was a while ago though now lol there is a place for bog and wire mesh lol, rabbit hutch for the mesh lol, bog is ok if used how it should be
  11. neilb

    356 coupe

    I'm not a big fan of being in front of the camera, but I did a short video to show the difference in my forearms, you can also see the difference in the muscle for the thumbs. https://youtu.be/CGZHd0xBfJo thanks for watching
  12. i think they can, i was speaking to a friend of mine a few years ago on a similar topic, he had just left jaguar and had set up with a friend of mine doing performance fords. he was telling me that car companies can have a small percentage of ''development'' power plants. that is why mazda can still use the rotary. it's relatively small displacement (ie swept volume) but it is a dirty engine. but who knows for sure?
  13. neilb

    356 coupe

    hi MFX, yes i did pal, i had some help with the door skins as it's a little hard to hold, especially for me lol. i'm not sure if anyone has read and noticed in the links i posted in my intro, i was diagnosed with CIDP in my left hand and forearm, i've lost about 90% strength in my left hand. it's awkward to grip panels and manipulate them how i need them but i manage cause that's what you do. just get on with it. i've just had a quick look through your build thread, it looks good, i like it! next time we are up in camden i'd love to see it if you would give me a tour lol
  14. neilb

    356 coupe

    thank you guy's for the kind words. smokey, i am using TIG to join the panels together
  15. neilb

    356 coupe

    well after getting that lower piece welded on, i did some hammer and dolly work, cleaning up and altering the shut line around the engine lid, trimmed off some excess metal from the overlap to the 1/4 panel. i turned the car around to get the other side to this stage, i took a couple of pics. thanks for watching

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