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  1. F Picked it up today. Wrap done. My final entry to this thread for those still looking in. Gojaria - might see you around sometime? Thanks again for making the journey bearable and memorable!
  2. Thank you both. Yes clear wrap essentially but with some small areas of red accent to give a little individuality. Can't wait to get my hands and right foot into the finished item.. 😄
  3. At last. Detailing underway and then off to be wrapped etc. My own little part in this extraordinary saga is drawing to a close. Thanks again to all the other contributors to the thread who provided location data, progress updates, support and at times much needed humour into the equation. Who's left still??
  4. What a stunning pair. But I'll take the one in front thanks! Congrats. Love the colour. Weissach as well as the carbon brakes? Great work. Love it, and well done! Not many of left now!
  5. Great news! Looks like everyone is getting close, though I still have no definitive news on a date of arrival for my car.
  6. Hi RRVelar. I have heard (yesterday) that some (or all) Porsches from MC will be released to dealers this coming week. Fingers (and everything else) crossed for us.
  7. Ah - I was ignorant on that critical detail - so a deep thanks from me too JV911. The thread has provided information support and a fun outlet for over 2 months.
  8. Yay - a fun WE ahead.. Looks great.
  9. Congrats Yass. My daily drive is a 2011 Adidas GTi. Great car, and they keep getting better. Enjoy!
  10. My goodness, if that doesn't make we want to escape the rat race nothing will. Very evocative - thanks for sharing.
  11. Gorgeous. Is that your garage or the showroom?? 🤔. If it's your garage, it's cleaner than my lounge room...😄
  12. Well I know it's going to be white (harbourside pics). Congrats. Looking like a race between RRVelar and myself to be last.....
  13. Very cool Gojaria - I look forward to seeing it in the flesh at some point. Not sure I could wait until the 23rd if I was you....
  14. Stunning! Congrats to you. Still getting my head around the idea of no noise. But it seems to be the way of the future. I also await the arrival of the Taycan with interest.
  15. Awesome couple - what a great reward after such a long long saga. Congrats.

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