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  1. Jim is close - he's in NZ at the moment !
  2. Jim is about 3/4 hour from me here in the UK, always had a great reputation - people trust what he uses and copy him. I recall when he started using a Race Glaze Water Filter, we were deluged with orders (you can buy them in Aus now)
  3. I'm pleased to report that Phil is a top bloke, Porsche through and through and has been a friend of mine since before we worked on GT Porsche at its inception ( I was the Ad Manager). He's very realistic about the cars and if anyone in the UK is looking to buy or have one sourced, I'd recommend his company.
  4. Thank you - I will do my best to attend. Will be in a black M2 cabrio.
  5. Thanks for the lead, Lee has already come back to me. I'll be buying the mag when I'm there but its not the advertising solution I was looking for.
  6. Humour is alive and, er....well, just about alive.... Thank you, will check it out
  7. Came across this thread and as vitaminpmazagine appears to no longer exist, can someone point me in the direction of a national Australian Porsche magazine, as I wish to advertise to fellow Porsche owners ?
  8. Is this happening in Feb, if so where please, and start time ? Thanks
  9. I'm coming over to Brisbane next month and will happily bring over Race Glaze products for local despatch from there - apart from the ones that are of course offered from their Aussie website. Anyone want anything, let me know - PM or post up thanks Mark
  10. This seems to have gone a little off-topic, but you can do a proper water wash with very little water as long as you do it by hand and the car isnt that dirty. Just do a side at a time so it doesn't dry, use lots of fluffy drying towels to dry it off. I regularly wash down a 4.5m long car with 1 bucket of water - its not really dirty admittedly but it can be done.
  11. Hi, I got it, thank you. I'm trying to find out how big the event is, what type of cars go etc before I consider sponsorship etc - trust thats OK ? But do send me your proposal too, as its looks rather good regards Mark
  12. Thanks Rob. The M2 isnt very special so I wont mind a bit of a walk - but you guys dont half get up early !!
  13. I'm over in Brisbane in February so will defo be coming along, sadly only in my brothers M2 Convertible. What time do I really need to be there ? I'm going to look like everyone else, and promote my detailing supplies business, based in Brisbane - www.raceglaze.com.au if I may post the url ? In the UK, I'm a senior official of the Ferrari Owners Club and own 2 Porsches (986 Boxster and late 944 Turbo). Over there, I'm a tourist visiting family and trying to grow the business enough to pay for regular airfares ! Here my collection
  14. Polymer resin products like this have a 3 year life on a vehicle, and are far inferior to true ceramic coatings which are much harder. The salesman is just trying to sell you a product which, as others have pointed out, he knows nothing about and which will either be slapped on a washed down car in an hour or shipped elsewhere, where admittedly a better job may be done. But it wont get over the hugely inflated price tag for an inferior product. I could point you at a similar kit that would cost you $60-70 for example. Ideally, I'd recommend that you ask your favourite detailer to prep the car for you at the dealership, and apply a ceramic coating there, before it does any road miles. Just ask the dealer to take off the plastic etc and leave it, do nothing more. Or take it home and do it yourself with something like this: http://raceglaze.com.au/9h-ceramic-glass-coat-kit/
  15. 944Tman


    Yes - except I don't have my GF with me then - and she loved being driven at funeral pace ! I compete in Speed Hillclimbing and Sprinting, she was scared I'd kill myself in front of her the first time she came. I've only been doing it for 6 years...

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