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  1. @donR yeah I saw all of them. My wife wouldn't drive a silver car so that rhodium one was out, but I was actually quite keen on it... Didnt bother to make contact with that but was surprised how long it stayed. I went to pcss to test drive the red GTS with 2 owner, 40k kms, since it was also up for a while, thought there was wiggle room, found out that there were 2 people in line (literally) after me to buy after my test drive so they weren't interested in negotiating, I passed and the guy after me bought it. Got a small from the sales guy who just sent me the pic attached of a car he just traded and I was instantly in love. Single owner, PDK,No PTV but vent/heated seats, sensors + camera(surprised how little cars have this option), folding mirrors, agate grey (it's really a black brown) full leather interior with white dials. All up apparently this car had about 35k in options above list. 18.5k kms. 98% happy, only wished the previous owner got the sports steering wheel (can be retrofit). @nytelferthanks for the info, didn't realise the GTS was such a rare car! I test drove both the 718 and 981, there is no comparison, one felt like a quick car, other was a symphony of sound.
  2. Hey guys, Long time lurker I've been on the market for a 981 CGTS or highly optioned CS for quite some time now and have been observing for the last 6 months the lack of supply on the market - are people holding onto these or is it not the right time to list these things? Anyway, just purchased an unlisted highly optioned,low k, CGTS from PCSS and couldn't be happier ... i just didn't have anything else to compare it to

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