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  1. P.s nice cars to drive as are any equivalent g series car
  2. If you bought it for 30k 15 years ago ... pull your pants down and spend the 70k plus making it a c3 again @Mike D'Silva had a c3 motor a year or two ago IMO ( and I wouldn’t pay heed) end of the day it’s not going to be worth much more than 110k if beautiful and resplendent in a curious colour
  3. You wear leather and are a Shibari master on Every second Saturday night
  4. Tasty n tidy mr @Dreamr guessing we are having a charred grill run in the coming months . ..
  5. michel

    Recaro LS idealsitz

    Bought it maybe 3-4 years ago
  6. michel

    Recaro LS idealsitz

    Thx. ideally looking for one to match the seat I have
  7. Same pm ill buy if tom Doesnt .. where’s the f*#n bouquet
  8. ...pandering to your Peccadillos and perversions
  9. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-engine-conversion-tech-forum/941956-audi-v8-924-a.html .. wondering what happened to the guy who started in HK to install a4.2’v8 in a 356?
  10. Searching for a match to to this handsome seat Early Idealsitz LS anyone have one , or original fabric , let me know please. if you have any other honky seat(s) also let me know thx
  11. Ken I am interested if it is like the Patrick motorsport mount and allows a partial engine drop
  12. You should’ve been the cool kid on the block and called it a .2 C2 Sportomatic
  13. I dip my ear into the PFA waters and hearing Whale song; so much (996) love, latent and repressed, so long... what caused this recent upwelling ?

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