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  1. i get it .. but So many cars , could have been on WOVR , due to cash settling , age etc , they don’t appear and then say goodman Et Al or any other Good un did the work, who would then be so worried about this nice white car was it on Fb A cpl weeks back ?
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/porsche/924/turbo-badge mentioned before ?
  3. 97 red silver - bargain? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1101413573749878/ anyone seen it ?
  4. If bought and exported to Thailand then one of the renndrive guys would certainly smack it’s panties
  5. Looks Good Steve . Bills a whiz and a great guy
  6. We’re you thinking it was your old one ?
  7. Carbone have interstitial gear let that one through to the keeper as it’s a fave word .. *interesting
  8. If you have , let me know cheers
  9. Ricky Baby .. that’s a sweet thang glws !!! BTW How much for the dash ?
  10. Interested I your thoughts abs exhaust feedback ?
  11. It was bought for about 40-50 k less about 12 months ago I sold my targa Dan Resto deluxe Resto roof kit to the guy who must have sold it to this dealer ? has had a shit tonne (ton) of money spent on it by a prev owner get a special wishes hardtop or after market and lots of hot wheels karma to be had

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