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  1. michel

    My 928S

    Much kudos to you ... sterling choice. is the interior as lascivious as the exterior? can I ask what sort of wardrobe you’re thinking to kit yourself out , for the odd occasion it’s working
  2. michel

    Fuchs copies

    Spin them and see if they wobble
  3. Has a sunroof . Might just be me , but don’t think I could happily drive a stock stock 996 . A malady perhaps and also a carry over from modded JDM stuff then Aircooled . 70k in my uneducated water cooled opinion too much for no frills and no thrills modifications
  4. Can you post the receipt ( once done) for two tone paint today
  5. Fantastic result ! And Buchanan’s while not the fount of youth fount of knowledge btw how long was the chat with Bruce ?
  6. Is it that you agreed on a $$$ .. past exp suggests they’ll take a bite from your percentage say 10k fixed and then take anything over and above they sell it for
  7. Even if I squint can’t see a 993 RS in the coop
  8. Has patina on body . Straight and light surface rust in places .decals faded and paint crazed cracking in places Windscreen surrounds battery tray plenum inner guards sills solid interior quite good . Though needed the dash and velour seat inserts done . with usual major Service items done , brakes etc and a better different seT of wheels and interior looking sharp - fun coffee car. so would sit in project bucket . But not heavy duty
  9. . Same two cars, same specs, same condition . one with factory engine.the other rebuilt as you’ve described, both have all the IMS etc done. I’d speculate the factory car may have broader appeal, as it’s untampered internally and maybe achieve a bigger sale # . The 3.9 may sell just as quick as the stocker. Cause it’s got more mumbo and done by Hartech and will appeal to those like myself, who don’t put much stock in stock . Some may pay as much or more for the upgrades. .. is there parallel with AC market for modded powered up cars ?
  10. It took my fancy .. so diallied . Number disconnected
  11. Dear sir , we are overdue for a beer... being a good doodling pen though more seriously , if you get close to a Solution interested in my 74 targa iPhone on cradle /Bose noise cancelling is a useful combo
  12. Hate to be buying secret Santa for you so what about if you pair the specs with these And Just rip out the console? You got a Sawzall ?
  13. http://www.google.com/glass/start/ an alternate ?

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