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  1. RS6 bi turbo would’ve been the beast... there’s boxstas bangin about with Ferrari Maserati and all other manner of follies p
  2. To the OP . Backdate, forward date, as you please, what you are seeing in these and my posts to your Q is the turn of the wheel and fads and fashions wax n wane. My moment of standing at the trough, do your research get the car , drive it get it set and hunkered right on good wheels , go wildly fun in anyway you wish on the interior play with exhausts etc form your own thoughts do your research I like the G series cars after years of thinking them not so great. More so love a shiny hooped targa or blk for that matter Even had a fave G car - sporto with paint that would fall off it when you hit 90hm/h and tartan seat inserts nothing wrong in driving a well sorted mechanically and interior trimmed 911 with sun roached dull faded flaky paint And there ain’t nuthin wrong in doin a backdate ... don’t let nobody tell ya otherwise
  3. It would then make more sense for SINGER to QA the car in country, prior to export
  4. It’s as easy as driving a manual , without the issue of using your left foot
  5. In my quest for upgrades to my 97 boxsta, trying to decipher the differences in suspension packages. Can anyone definitively clarify whether S suspension, is slightly firmer and lower than base spec, and how much by and whether the M0 30 sports suspension package is firmer and lower again. Or is S spec M030 spec? noting I’m comparing manual-manual And anyway to quickly identify the difference e.g. colour banding or other
  6. I’ve been told and perhaps not for all states , incorporating the cage within the interior trim, allows it to be classed as integral to the car . Though door bars remain clearly non legal
  7. I’m aware of a couple of track prepped 944’s avail . Both turbo
  8. Bravo sir, rim down for one. We can discuss 3-D printingWe can discuss 3-D printing
  9. That one got away… And foiled a dumb arse plan that Jeff and I could’ve enjoyed ... it’s Local to him tafe called him yesterday and said that they would complete the car Holus bolus for nix. #boxstabargain

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