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  1. michel

    944 sale price

    The 924 turbo if it didn’t have issues and was 5k cheaper would be near top dollar I saw it last week and tried to drive it - dog No paperwork , deferred maintenance , clutch turbo tube bushes suspension etc Interior tidy
  2. Been quiet here though there’s three up for sale, all highly priced Went turbo shopping in sydney a week ago and looked at three incl the red one at the dealer for 30k . 2 of the 3 incl the dealer car were in need of a lot of work and we’re aspirationally priced the third aspirational what about this import some marketing tat applied and a track car https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/porsche/924/s-le-mans-badge
  3. Contact a few PORSCHE wreckers in particular Jenej in mlb . You’ll soon get a valuation.then you can add a bit more to it however I dont think as a whole unit it’s worth 4K. You’ll soon learn why when it comes to stripping it cleaning parts labelling them and fielding dud head calls . @LeeM summed it up well enough Tough call what to do , but every time next summer when you are whipper snipping around it , you’ll want rid of it. alternately have Brandon enrol in a night TAFE resto course and buy him a porta puller and see where he goes. i now know why on my wanted thread for 924 turbo bits this was commented on vaguely tempted but I don’t think I need a disembowelled 944 hanging around indefinitely
  4. And the guy selling it is the peachiest mid winter fruit you’ll ever have the pleasure of speaking to
  5. michel

    944 dash pad suit 1986

    Dead link sir
  6. michel

    944 dash pad suit 1986

    Hmm 👌
  7. michel

    Custom 914 Project

    Bravo sir.. im expecting you’ve studied this beauty https://www.motorward.com/2016/02/1974-porsche-914-restomod-is-the-coolest-thing-ever/
  8. michel

    944 dash pad suit 1986

    Must be good must be blk
  9. michel

    Junk 924 turbo for wrecking or parts

    Was ist das... ahh maybe too much muck about I think 924 turbo drive line the sensible approach and fastest route to get me back on the road Called ya back do you have one of the ex Hamilton GTP/R motors that disappeared during the 90’s fire sale ??? mobile 0477901911 cheers
  10. michel

    Recommendation for dashboard reskin

    Rodger or anyone got a good dash from a wrecked car
  11. michel

    Junk 924 turbo for wrecking or parts

    Marty is that the white one that was on car sales for ages around 21k?
  12. michel

    944 sale price

    Really ? That no brown a man in a kilt would drive
  13. michel

    Junk 924 turbo for wrecking or parts

    Quite possibly and read about it a bit There is also the motor werks racing out of the US conversion using the AUDI 1.8 tirbo I like that for obvious reasons power weight etc however still a lot of monkeying about. Worked 924 turbo with intercooler and other doo dads ‘simpler’ and good for plus 200hp Even bog std better than what’s in it now Send mobile will send pics can’t be bothered doing the host n post
  14. michel

    944 sale price

    Maybe got a good IG profile 😂😂😂😉