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  1. Mechanophilia... Whilst we may still have a lame ass lux tax and other impediments that get in the way spare a thought for those in some countries where mechanophilia, can see you charged and put on a sex offenders register This story has a happy ending
  2. And Hong Kong and South Africa and Tasmania and NZ fuk me this is a great car and I suspect Matt May well hate himself once sold
  3. Interested to buy 3 , 5 if deal falls over and 9 cheers PM on its way
  4. It sold. I know the buyer. Why not sell more? Pre Xmas . Too many times not sold , etc unrealistic first asking price i offered 13k when it was at the dealers in sydney. I think at least 5k plus worth of make good probably more then be pretty . Shame it’s red i
  5. The very one same pretty albeit turd burger ( who can give German translation?) was at a five dock? ‘’prestige’ dealer when on car sales /gumtree and when I saw it
  6. Still waiting on PayPal or bank info to transfer cash for sway bars cheers
  7. Send me your number I’ll give you a call
  8. Go away to strain the potatoes and mikeys thread gets jacked ill start a wtf 924 interiors thread @Mikey1st I’ll be happy to help you pull the dash p.S if you shop to carelessly at Gulson’s you’ll need every food voucher and stamps you can muster ...

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