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  1. Wholly agree , on tight roads it’s a. CHarm . more so if you can drive keeping the speed on, and yep they get trounced by many with outright ooompha, but that ain’t itself a measure of skill or hairy balls … For sake of transparency should add. I drive a smart roadster as well .😅😜😊 Exh mod a must and I did a PSE hack with 1.5” pipes .. some say it’s too loud , trev would say not loud enough
  2. fixed the hood mech (again) on the Boxster , put a GT2 bonnet , a clamshell and boot lid on it put the hard top back on and will rewrap it in something laity ..
  3. michel

    Stolen 944 Turbo

    Only applicable to the owners 😅 Disappointing about the theft. An equivalent will be difficult to find.
  4. michel

    Looking to buy 944

    If your interested in turbos , can have a chat with me . I have two .
  5. I’m with mr Fishcop on the 1.8t swap I’ve been chatting with a guy in Canada, who is doing the conversion ( pro fabricator /mechanic) and been waiting (too long) for a list of parts he can supply https://instagram.com/audische?utm_medium=copy_link Think Motor Werks Racing for all out, all in $$$ high end solitons. They build wildly beautiful cars .. $$$$ http://www.motorwerksracing.com/
  6. fixed a centre tail shaft support on a mates cayenne washed the 996 charged the boxsta battery shook my head at the CGT rep Tripped over the yellow konis destined for the 944 turbo thoight about rego on the trailer to work out how to collect tangent from QLD. then felt well fukd and had some chilled sake shots and urchin
  7. Been learning new skills like macrame
  8. Ha! It’s more fruity fruity than carmen

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