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  1. cotter loop with some of the fabled Kollektiv boffins
  2. But this way you don’t get to see the dirty Foot wells and vintage Marlboro packs love the colour
  3. Tk.. I’m get all teary eyed reading this, on a wet sat morning and you mist be one of the first forum posts where I read ... and the wife encouraged me ...
  4. If anyone has a 3 spoke wheel as found on G series cars let me know or, alternately if you got stashed a piece of period after market coolness to suit, let me know. inbox empty and waiting .. call me cheers
  5. 944T Rod ends And a Jax Align a quickie job for a change
  6. That’s the one . Was planning a second attempt to view last Friday but was told by owner sold Wednesday - Canberra guy ? a cheeky offer was made and accepted cheeky for me would have been 13k
  7. michel

    AUDI B5 S4 avant

    IMG_7060.mov IMG_7059.mov
  8. What’s good/bad about the ‘85 @ 110 ? odd ball colour scheme - big tick solid history - big tick Old spice and leather smells ? Hmm engine and box Almost leak free and zippy ? suspension steering recently botoxed? shame you didn’t use the NSX as trade bait
  9. Looking for. Tidy Parcel shelf and rear internal panels for targa - black

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