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  1. I thought the same until I had a mate drive my car and me as a passenger ... then I realised how fast it really is ..
  2. Oh yes .. that’s a sweet car but it’s a little more than I have to spend ... i don’t bother people if I don’t have the funds .. unfortunately , I’m on a budget,
  3. I went and had a look at this car tonight . its a good looking car but the guy is a dodge ball... full of shit .. I went there with 80k to spend and he. Wouldn’t even take me for a drive in the car !! couldnt believe it !!
  4. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-Porsche-911-Carrera-Manual/SSE-AD-6330539 hi all does anyone have any info on this car ? my 997 was written off last year and may be looking for something different .. there is also another 997 s im looking at as well but this blue Carrera caught my attention ! the 997 is also listed on Carsales , a dark green 6 speed also with a few mods I’m thinking of going air cooled but don’t want to buy a car that needs a ton of work like the last air cooled car I bought I live in NSW , so it’s not so easy for me to get up to QLD CHEERS
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-Porsche-911-Carrera-Manual/SSE-AD-6330539 hi may have been posted before , but does anyone have any info on this ? i can’t reach the owner , I’m interested in buying
  6. I’m off to the Isle of Man TT in a weeks time. While I’m over there , I’m going to the Le Mans 24 hr race to see some magic . Has enyone else here been ?
  7. That’s the thing ... out of curiosity.. what is a good start point offer on a car without insulting ? I looked at a 997 4S on the weekend that was originally listed for 125k ( a low k blue one on Carsales) , then he reduced the price to 120, then 115 and he rang me and offered it to me for 100 k i never made an offer as it’s a non PDK auto .. shoule one start at 30k below asking price ? I wouldn’t pay more than $1000 for that Even scare face loved these
  8. Sweet ride... unfortunately, it’s about 30k above my budget range .. I’m looking for a solid 997.2 which makes me wonder .. why is it that 997.2 prices are still so high? Most “S” models are hovering around 150k . I could buy a 991 for that much cash
  9. Around 100k. A little more for the right car. looking for a manual S with sport plus , preferred no black interior . Im also looking for an imported 997.2 S ... I’m not fussed about resale value as I’m buying to enjoy
  10. Anyone know of any good 997 s cars for sale?
  11. Bore scoring and any IMS issues are not affected in the 992.2 cars. They have an updated motor and more HP 😊 If I go with an imported car , it will be a 997.2 The resale value is determined by the purchase price. I can buy a 997.2 for the same cost as an Australian delivered 997.1. So the resale value will be lower, but u pay lower in the first place I agree with the corrosion issues.... the one I looked at is a one owner car and been only used as a weekend car.. and I will get a PPI if I decide to go with it
  12. I’m off to take a look at an imported 997.2 today.. being an imported car, I’m not too sure what to really offer if I do in fact like it. They are all built in the same factory, and I’m not too fussed about the resale value as I’m buying another car as I love driving them I might be able to score a bargain as what u said is correct.... there are not too many cars that are selling at the moment so I’m hoping it’s a good buyers market. Ive been looking out now for months , and it’s becoming quite rare that a Porsche actually sells!

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