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  1. I’m off to the Isle of Man TT in a weeks time. While I’m over there , I’m going to the Le Mans 24 hr race to see some magic . Has enyone else here been ?
  2. That’s the thing ... out of curiosity.. what is a good start point offer on a car without insulting ? I looked at a 997 4S on the weekend that was originally listed for 125k ( a low k blue one on Carsales) , then he reduced the price to 120, then 115 and he rang me and offered it to me for 100 k i never made an offer as it’s a non PDK auto .. shoule one start at 30k below asking price ? I wouldn’t pay more than $1000 for that Even scare face loved these
  3. Sweet ride... unfortunately, it’s about 30k above my budget range .. I’m looking for a solid 997.2 which makes me wonder .. why is it that 997.2 prices are still so high? Most “S” models are hovering around 150k . I could buy a 991 for that much cash
  4. Around 100k. A little more for the right car. looking for a manual S with sport plus , preferred no black interior . Im also looking for an imported 997.2 S ... I’m not fussed about resale value as I’m buying to enjoy
  5. Anyone know of any good 997 s cars for sale?
  6. Bore scoring and any IMS issues are not affected in the 992.2 cars. They have an updated motor and more HP 😊 If I go with an imported car , it will be a 997.2 The resale value is determined by the purchase price. I can buy a 997.2 for the same cost as an Australian delivered 997.1. So the resale value will be lower, but u pay lower in the first place I agree with the corrosion issues.... the one I looked at is a one owner car and been only used as a weekend car.. and I will get a PPI if I decide to go with it
  7. I’m off to take a look at an imported 997.2 today.. being an imported car, I’m not too sure what to really offer if I do in fact like it. They are all built in the same factory, and I’m not too fussed about the resale value as I’m buying another car as I love driving them I might be able to score a bargain as what u said is correct.... there are not too many cars that are selling at the moment so I’m hoping it’s a good buyers market. Ive been looking out now for months , and it’s becoming quite rare that a Porsche actually sells!
  8. Yep , I’ve seen them all on car sales. The engine swap car in WA .... why so cheap.. ? i actually like the red one and I will try to take a look at it .. limited for time as I’m heading off to the Isle of Man in a couple weeks I’m looking at a 997.2 tomorrow, an imported one from England . But looks like pretty good value.
  9. We’ll I can’t seem to find many posts on 997 sales so I’ll post here... im in the market for another 997 S ... mine was totaled a couple months back. there is a massive difference in some of the asking prices.!! some of the earlier cars (2005-2006) command huge prices.. even compatible with some 997.2 and a couple 991 cars. im actually hoping to jump into a 997.2 S .. and would even consider an imported car.. ( after all, they are all imported ) i just don’t see any value in buying a 2005 model for 140 k when u can buy a better , newer car what’s with some of these huge differences in asking prices? I guess they will be listed for a long time to come.. all Porsche sales are very slow at the moment
  10. Cheers.. I definitely want a manual.. there is also a pretty big price difference across the whole range . Some are asking nearly 991 prices
  11. Hi. well having my sweet 2005 997s written off last month, I’m now looking for a replacement i would love to be able to afford a 997.2 , but it would have to be one of the imported ones or just a Carrera . man, there is some huge price differences to some of the cars around . I just don’t see 135k plus for a 997.1 being any sort of value.. u can almost buy a 991 for that much.. my last car was an auto with no sport plus ... but it was a sweet ride does the standard 997.1 Carrera with manual box and sport plus go as good as an S Tiptronic? There seem to be some great standard Carreras on the market there is also a couple sweet 997.1 S cars, in particular a red manual with all the fruit asking 99k. ( about 5-10k above my current budget). anyone know anything about some of the cars currently on the market? Or is anyone selling a good one? Im almost open to a standard Carrera as long as it’s a manual with sport Chrono ... ive only ever driven my 997.1S with Tiptronic gearbox so I have nothing else to compare it to any recommendations would be appreciated
  12. Does the 997 also come with x51 option? i crashed and totaled my 997s and in the market for another. There is a 997s for sale on Carsales and claims it has 281 kw.. power upgrade kit. but for the same cash, I can buy a gen 2 997
  13. I had my 996 (when I owned one) checked out by Autohause . They never said anything about the IMS either. I asked them about it and at the time they said that they have only ever seen 1 example of a fail , and it was on a car that was regulary tracked... i never had mine done, and gave my Carrera a great time in the high rev range often. ill have to start my own thread shortly... my 997s is totaled after a head butt with a pole at 80plus k an hour a couple weeks ago. Devastated ... plucky I wasn’t hurt i will be looking after I get back from the Isle of Man next month enjoy your 996, they are great cars
  14. Cheers... I’ll find out if they would fit 3.8 motor.. if not I might ask my local exhaust shop to make me a set I think $695USD For a couple of mandrill bends is a bit rich from fabspeed

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