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  1. Hi Snake, nothing other than they’re screwed and need replacing. But I trust these guys, so I will get them done. As I hadn’t noticed any issues/ vibration, I just thought it was a bit unusual. But apparently not after reading my replies thanks Ash Thanks Bruce. I’ll book it in soon when I can afford it Thanks Simon, Im not sure I’d be game enough. But I can’t beleive how expensive they are! Cheers ash
  2. Hi all, has anyone had to replace their engine mounts in a 997? My car has only 60k and my workshop is suggesting they need replacing. Anyone experienced an issue like this? I can’t imagine it’s common? thanks Ash
  3. Thanks Troubleshooter - much appreciated Thanks Simonk
  4. Thanks Avon - much appreciated cheers ash
  5. Thanks Wilburforce - much appreciated. Do you recommend any retailer? Thanks TwoHeadsTas - please let me know how you go. Also would you recommend any particular tyre shop?
  6. Love to know your recommendations for 997.1 Carrera 2s. Currently running Pirellis but the ride is harsh and the road noise is too much. Thanks all ash
  7. Yes, I’m keen to hear as well. I am running Pirellis as well and find them harsh and noisy. I’m wanting a tyre for eveyday use...ride comfort and low noise is important thanks ash
  8. Hi all, looking for recommendations about tyres for a 997 Carrera S . Currently running Pirellis which I find harsh with lots of road noise. I’m looking for a good road tyre, not for track days but for every day use. Much appreciated Ash

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