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  1. Good Day Here is a link to 997 service manuals that i just purchased . Don't know how long the link will be active . Enjoy https://mega.nz/#F!myJXhQBK!S662n-yvcF-2PMU_CcEPPA
  2. Some body work and a engine/tranny rip and strip. Drove hard by a pimple faced rich kid . Stopped counting the over revs in the 4 and up range . Got it for a song. Interior is not bad . Paint will need some minor dent and chip repair then a respray . I think the motor has a bottom end knock . Cant wait to crack it open . Thanks for the Question I'm located in the Great White North Ontario Canada . Thank You Very Much . This helps a lot in getting parts order correctly . But i was looking for specs , torque values and some technical direction on repair procedures . The Germans have a particular way doing things . Parts and Gaskets get expensive so i like to do the job right the first time round . I live in Ontario Canada and Porsche parts are pricey . I cant imagine what they are like in Australia . Thank You for the great information
  3. Go Day Looking for a service manual for a 997. I have just bought a basket case that needs a lot of TLC. My first attempt in such a huge undertaking. Any help would be great. Thanks in Advance

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