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  1. Well done Dave, looks great ! I have the Arctic twin, same wheels but sadly no red seat belts, so you've probably just got me on the line lol ! Look forward to seeing it around G'town.
  2. I have a stock 997S manual and be F#%ked if I can heel/toe it poperly, seems to me the shape of the brake peddle narrowing at one end and the distance to the go peddle is the issue. I have had WRX'S a MIni and other cars with no issue, am I on my own and just a klutz ?
  3. Wow! There's $25 worth. What great resources we have at our disposal here, take that one to the bank.
  4. Hey Lee, Shouldn't that last shot have been posted to the other thread??? I hope the pic is just a little grainy, or otherwise might need a little maintenance😲
  5. Okay edgy ! I thought we had just about shut the gate on this one, but now you've flung it open again lol !
  6. Thanks very much Edgy ! Unless someone categorically tells me they run 245's and it works, then 235's it will be.
  7. It's interesting, Rennlist is suggesting there are guy's that track there cars and prefer the 305/245 setup over 305/235. Regards the rolling diameters I think that is what my tyre guy was iluding to, the CS 2 spec is 295/235 and as I have gone with 305 rears(ticked off by PCM) his theory is it restores the status quo. Can I say upfront, this for me is more about aesthtic's not about performance gains. Having said that I'm also not looking to send the car backwards.
  8. Long story short, where talking about a 997 S coupe. I have recently fitted Michelin PS 4's to the rear 305/30/19 and now looking at the fronts, currently 235's. My tyre guy is saying why don't you go for the 245/35/19 as according to him, match up better with the 305's. The trouble is I can't find any flavour of 997 spec that puts a 245 on the front, plenty that run with 305's matched to 235's which include the GT3. Pro's and con's please guys.
  9. Volvo ! V40 hatch 5cyl 2ltr engine with the Polstar chip, goes like the clappers and hard as nails well built and safe, second handies starting around 20k. Also the iconic looking C30 5cyl 2.5ltr R-Design they stopped building them in 2013 I think, don't know why. You can get highly specked polstar chipped cars under 20k lots of goodies availble for them, they use the same running gear as the Focus so upgrading brakes an suspension a piece of piss. V8 slayer is what my wife calls hers.
  10. Or perhaps one of those big fat roll your own ciggies...
  11. I reckon there was a discussion here on the forum about this exact subject a couple of months ago.
  12. Now this is what I love about motor sport, political correctness has not been taken so as to prevent girls from just being the beautiful things they are.😍
  13. Again not pushing the point, but with the REX it wasn't until you put the car under load you notice it. Being intermittent and eletrical, the lack of current to the fuel pump would be enough to cause it to starve and shudder when it was having it's hizzie fit. Otherwise perhaps try just swapping out the fuel pump, somone may have one they can vouch for and would be happy to let you borrow for the exercise.
  14. Definitely not the car! loved that thing, heaps of fun. Especially after it went to Al at Gotitrex in Sunshine for a tune and some goodies. The immobilisers were put on the OZ delivered cars after they arrive. I believe to appease the insurance companies as these cars were over represented in their theft payouts. The immobilisers were notorious for shitting themselves, they had a hijacking component which had the ability to shut down the electrics and leave you stranded.

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