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  1. Now this is what I love about motor sport, political correctness has not been taken so as to prevent girls from just being the beautiful things they are.😍
  2. Again not pushing the point, but with the REX it wasn't until you put the car under load you notice it. Being intermittent and eletrical, the lack of current to the fuel pump would be enough to cause it to starve and shudder when it was having it's hizzie fit. Otherwise perhaps try just swapping out the fuel pump, somone may have one they can vouch for and would be happy to let you borrow for the exercise.
  3. Definitely not the car! loved that thing, heaps of fun. Especially after it went to Al at Gotitrex in Sunshine for a tune and some goodies. The immobilisers were put on the OZ delivered cars after they arrive. I believe to appease the insurance companies as these cars were over represented in their theft payouts. The immobilisers were notorious for shitting themselves, they had a hijacking component which had the ability to shut down the electrics and leave you stranded.
  4. I had a REX and it did exactly the same thing, eventually tracked it back to a intermittent fault in the immobiliser. Threw the piece of shit away.🙂
  5. Hi Andreas, Can I ask what head unit have you used ? Also where did you have the headlights refurbished.
  6. Moriac> Deans Marsh > Lorne Also worth a thought when heading that way over summer, as that seems to avoid most of the bottle necks at Angelsea and approach to Lorne.
  7. Okay! They can come and live in my garage Red, if you still have them lol! mbl 0417390021.

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