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  1. True story, as it happened in Montrose. Other than the very curious way of transporting their furniture , this elderly couple was trying to race me on Canterbury Road. Gutsy effort.πŸ˜‚
  2. I think that has been done and is on every bodies mind. Having an open discussion about the subject, and topic of various aspects of racing, to me does not constitute " thinking about myself."
  3. Totally agree. I have been doing hill climbs and Targa driving for 40 years , most of it in Europe , coming to think of it , close enough of 20 years in Victoria. I don't know about others , but speaking of myself : I think a lot of problems that can come up, have to do with fatigue and losing concentration. I can drive all day , no problem , but 30 minutes of driving on the limit , particularly on an unfamiliar road , is very testing . Driving 6 days in a row , multiple sections per day , I would have to take it down a few notches , in order to stay safe. Counter intuitive in a competitive setting. Might not be an issue for others , but that is the one point that scares me about multi day competitive events .
  4. I guess after 4 fatalities in 2 consequent events /years you got to have discussions about safety , format processes, and so on. Imagine 2 F1 seasons and 4 drivers dead.
  5. We did a spontaneous early morning run. The idea was in part th check on progress of Chum Creek Road upgrades. The road is finished and all open for traffic. Convinient spot for a brekkie and a chat was The Beechworth Bakery. A good number of cars arrived and tons of motor bikes. Mark very generously gifted me a Porsche World Travel Adapter , which I appreciate a lot , given my overseas trip coming up in June. We had a pleasant morning and home early for all those jobs, my ministry of planning had lined up. 😊
  6. had webbers on my V 12 ,Winter start involved open bonnet and fire extinguisher on stand by. The SU's on trumpets were more civil.πŸ˜‚
  7. I can help you with a 2 inch SU carbie question....
  8. The Autobahn Berlin-Hannover is THE speed run in Germany. Car enthusiasts drive this stretch on a regular basis and most top speeds are around 300km/h. And guess what: no serious accidents. Drivers have 'lane discipline", you are slower , you stay in the slow lane. I have been doing that run many times , and will be doing it again in June . Looking forward to it. The difference to the chap in the photo: Not a millionaire , not a Bugatti and not 400km/h. BUT the same roads. 😁 I hope we will eventually will get at least 1 decent freeway with realistic speed limits.
  9. looks like I have to check the long range weather for cast. I am heading to Europe in June . Amongst other things I will catch up with some Porsche driving group and mates in Hamburg. Hopefully we can check out those Autobahns ,and and see what life is all about at 280 Km/h. But I would love to organize a run before I go. It will be after Easter , just looking at that magic late summer Sunday morning with nice autumn sun .πŸ‘
  10. Hi mate, I remember our chat back than. Good to hear you are out and about driving. We will have a run within the next month or so , keeping an eye on the weather for now. Hope to have a drive together sometime.
  11. mate of mine wanted to know what the Cayman is all about. So i showed him this glorious morning. Arrived in Healesville for brekkie , old mate of mine a bit dizzy and seasick . Big number of cars pulled up at the Beechworth Bakery , some familiar faces and chats. Had a great morning out. Bit lean on photos .

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