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  1. a cheap 6.6 kw package , say Jinko/Goodwe , most likely will pack up within 10-12 years , and produce probably $500 less per year. The performance breakdown is much quicker and these panels are crap under clouds and overcast conditions. You want to look for Monocrystalline 450 watt Twin Blade , Half cell and PERC technology panels ' Longi , Q-cell , Seraphim are the better brands. Inverter wise you want to stick with SMA or Growatt , low start up voltage and high efficiencies. All of this and more will effect your outcome. You can sign in/up with Pylon observer , a program designed to show your returns etc. If you message a power bill , i could send a report to you. Cheers.
  2. Saw this 74‘(?) 3 Liter beauty on monbulk road , first drive after7 mths in the shed. Had a chat with the owner , he took of flooring it , she sounds sick.
  3. it is more like biting a 'Cannon ball' , rather than a bullet. I guess commercially it is not viable , more a 'labor of love'. My experience is : if in doubt or questioning the option , leave it alone.
  4. I reckon I am doing 100 km when my Speedo shows 115 km 😂
  5. Spotted this very tidy 911 Carrera on Eastlink today , travelling at a very tidy speed of 95 km.
  6. Did the run up lake mountain about a month ago . Initially I was impressed with road conditions , but yes , when it came to clean the car , i noticed stubborn black residue on the body and rims . Hard to close to impossible to clean.!! Give it a miss next time .
  7. The Combo is about to receive some TLC , that’s why , there is also a free space that was housing a 911 , recently sold.☺️
  8. Some days work can be fun . Saw a customer this morning and as we were chatting the ‘Porsche’ topic came up . He said, “when we are finished, I show you some of my toys”. I was not prepared for what was to come . A 928 , early 356’s , VW camper bus , engines , photos , tons of stuff. The 356 x 2 are in concourse condition . Lots of stories and information, could have stayed for the rest of the day. Great man cave and a fantastic bloke . Thank you Wayne.
  9. the main reason i am not a member of the Porsche Club Victoria , but a member of the PFA is the inclusiveness of all things Porsche. Having been a member of various car clubs for around 25 years , i find the more separate groups emerge and people get excluded , the spirit of the idea of likeminded people come together, seems to disappear. On the other hand it is a great thing to voice opinions and ideas freely. So , 'no feathers ruffled' , just my thoughts.
  10. very happy with my Carnewal exhaust.! Good news to be able to get it done

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