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  1. it's Russia after all, Za Zdarovje.🥃
  2. Thank you , good info and starting point. Niko, you are actually not too far away from the historical past of these items . They were hidden , found again and kept out of harms way during WW1and WW2. Everything else was stolen , burnt and taken. I want to give this to Lenny.
  3. Can anybody help me out with information? I need to transport 2 antique items from Germany back to Melbourne. ( a clock appro. 80 cm high and a musical box , approx. 90 cm wide ). Last time I was over there I could not find any service and the general advise was to organise from Australia, I know nothing about freighting and shipping internationally. I am hoping somebody in the Forum has some tips . Thank you kindly in advance.
  4. We might enjoy another drive in the foreseeable future after all.
  5. how are you going? Did you finish up selling the Porsche?
  6. thank you for all the input, very helpful .
  7. love pushing to the limit and very happy in my current Cayman. Love the idea of enhancing the experience . Very agile car , out corners and out breaks cars with many more HP. At the same time , I am curious how that unfolds with about an additional 100 HP to play with. Can't be bad. Having said that , I have no experience in a 996 GT3 on that level. We did belt my 911 in 1980 ( back in Germany ) , but my hazy memory about this car is drifting sideways through roundabouts , and being a hoon.
  8. how does a 996 GT3 compare to Cayman GT4 in terms of handling ,speed and feel on the road/ MANUALLLLLLLLLL. Purpose? Scare myself , track , but mainly Hill climb , love tight corners , changing from fast straights into winding bit s , etc.
  9. Hi everyone , I am looking for some ideas and opinions . What Porsche would you buy second hand , with a budget of up to 150K.? I am thinking maybe 2015/16 Cayman GT4 , mainly for the handling, and it probably has plenty of stink for me. On the other hand I have to say , I have not driven too many different models , to compare. Grateful for any insights.
  10. my dad is German and 93 years old now , he was forced to fight on the Western front in France in 1943 as a 16 year old kid. Sat 2 years on a barb wired fence beach in the Normanby before released to go home. People spat in his face when he came home. Lifelong trauma and a lost childhood. My Dad was amazed when he used to come to Australia to visit , and witnessed the love and care we put into our Australian Diggers. His Australian cousin fought against the Japanese as a fighter pilot , and to see these two proud people to meet and reunite , forced to fight on opposite sides in the war , was priceless and very special. I did 2 years of service in the German Army back in 1982 , Helicopter Regiment Celle , I was embarrassed and felt guilty as a 22 year old to 'serve ' , after the horrible nightmares of Worldwar2 , but now , after years of reflection , I am content that I was able to convince Dad , that it is right to serve your country and that there is a difference between political propaganda and standing up for your family and your country. . God bless all the people who sacrificed their lives , ensuring our way of save and free living. I'll be honoring these sacrifices on my driveway with all of us as a family. Stay safe.
  11. I guess they need to get to the bottom as to why the truckie did run into the group. Was he doing other things whilst driving and was distracted? Did he have some sort of medical problem? I also think one should rethink policies. Why stand in the Emergency lane? Plenty of space on the grass area . Other side of barriers , much safer. Anyway, total tragedy for everybody.
  12. I manage about 3 hours sober midday. Car is overpolished and underused. Planning for an awesome post virus run. I reckon about 4 weeks from now. I hope🥃!🍻 Would be nice to be the 'S'.
  13. hope you are well and we cross roads somewhere👍
  14. 15mm front and rear perfect for my set up.wheels sit perfect in relation to the chassis , not to much in or out , just right. Of course depends on your rims and wheels as well.

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