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  1. What model and year is your car?
  2. I am in the industry for 20 years. Happy to have a chat if you want , making you aware of the traps , bad product, options and solutions. The industry is a minefield . Too many people spend their good money and finish up with crap.
  3. how about meteorite grey metallic cars ?
  4. It is out of control. My son lost$800 trying to buy a camera, I just got done buying gift online. I think the answer is a Sunday drive.😀
  5. Bumped into this awesome car visiting a client on the Peninsula. 2015 911 , 7 speed manual with factory decals. Looks awesome. Apparently not too many around in the country. Does anybody have more insight.?
  6. I owned and developed a 1973 Jaguar E -Type. V 12 engine , rebuild to 6 L , Webber sidedraft carbies, warm cams, 5 speed manual race ratios gear box. The thing was a beast , going sideways under hard acceleration in second gear . Probably did the 0-100km under 5 seconds. Low rev power was awesome , but any old Subaru would kill me on the twisties. HP is only part of the story , mid engine , weight , brakes , suspension, etc , will impact . The Cayman is a Porsche engineering marvel. I am amazed how much performance is generated based on relatively small engines.
  7. How cool , just ordered direct from your link. Cheers.
  8. My daughter got me a can of wheel cleaner. You Spray the Wheel , let the foam sit there for a minute , and hose it with water. Now I have a clean wheel. My centre caps are silver with the porsche crest in Color , let’s just say the crest is black only now. The cleaner took of the paint as well. Anybody had that happen? Other than not using that product again , do you think spraying the cap with a clear paint will fix that?
  9. love the original curves of the 987
  10. Fantastic effort , greatly appreciated. You really caught what the morning was all about. 'You are hired'. Looking forward to see you guys on another run. !!

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