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  1. hope everybody is doing well in the circumstances . and just as Mark says , catch up soon and have some 👍runs.
  2. your falling over , pissed or otherwise , you are 'young'. You had ' a fall" , you're old.
  3. My 2008 Cayman 2.7l , 5 speed manual feels and drives brilliant , very happy with gear ratios . Spirited hill climbs mostly in 2nd and 3rd gear. Does not feel under powered , but you got to drive her „ like you mean it“. The handling and ability to corner fasts, makes up for some missing HP.
  4. Arne Krix

    Exhaust mod

    not sure if Carnewal does different stages, but my version is looouuud. My 987 got the cat back Carnewal , sick loud when you kick up the revs, in traffic not too offensive , if you are gentle on the revs. No drone , no issues , welded separate twin pipes { one per side} , as well. I don't think , I would pass a RW test, that's why i bought the exhaust outright and stored the original .
  5. Congrats , very nice looking car , I am sure you will have lots of fun driving . The 987's getting harder to find now , owners seem to hang on to them. The forum is a great spot to find information and help, as well as staying in touch and catch up from time to time.
  6. Hi Mark, hope you are well. I am tempted , but saving up for a different project. Fantastic car , I think it is a steal. Good luck.👍
  7. Are you selling your 3.4 engine? I would be interested.
  8. I normally say , yes , I have regrets , but to few to mention. However , the one thing haunting me still after nearly 20 years , is the sale of my 73 V12 E type . Never got over it . I could buy one now , but it would not be „ my „ car. Odd thing , not to mention another lot of cortina, Capri , Healy , escort , etc. But the V12 was the one. Even I’ll miss your car chasing me on those twisties. 🤕
  9. I have the Carnewal exhaust on my 987.1, I think the sound is fantastic. We should do a drive for ‚ Dual‘ sound😃
  10. Should have sung out , we could have got milk together😁
  11. OMG, it has taken 24 mths to get the kackler on the road . We went through the last hurdle , R W C , and got the bug registered . Spend the last week on the passenger seat driving with my daughter and teaching her how to drive a 60 year old car in modern traffic. She is totally confident now and loving it. Spend a good amount on parts , holy smoke , I went through the figures , put my brain in denial mode. As you expect, little ongoing issues we have to get on top of . Example : break lights , horn , now you work , now you don’t!! Bad earth? . It was worth it all the way to give the little kackler a new lease on life.
  12. I just try to keep her ready for that elusive SMT. + Niko is right on my heels for shining up his beloved. Hi Mark , I know , I catch myself on a night drive on the freeway to look at my rear mirror and watch the distorted dance of reflected lights.
  13. Guess where I pick up my lock down coffee😅
  14. Got some good info from Dalai today, followed the prompts online , got a call 4 pm , booked for the shot tomorrow morning. I don’t think much of vaccines , however , unless we all get the shot , we will go jo jo style in and out of lock down , no travel , and NO SMT RUNS. Get it done.😎✈️🏎

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