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  1. Xjc and V12 EType both sold under 20 K each . Still sobbing 20 years later. Needed cash at the time.
  2. I grew up in Germany , Jags were very expensive and full of rust,when I came to OZ I went crazy on the jags for a while. My first love affair was with Capris , Escorts. Cheap, light and quick at the time. Finally saw the light and turned to Porsche. 😂
  3. Where do I start? Here are just a few....missing all of them.
  4. Somebody tried to sell me a coffin today. I told him this is the last thing I need .
  5. Always on the look out for driving routes , 3 of us explored just about every Back road in Gippsland. Mark had done a fair bit of leg work during the week and today was testing time .Left 5:15 am and the roads out there areFANTASTIC. No traffic, awesome twisties , and glorious landscape. Plenty scope to plan some future runs. Mark and John were hardcore in their Turbos , thank you for a very fast morning. We had brekkie and lunch stop in Warragul. Spend a bit of tome this arvo to clean my croc , including removing cow shit out of my air in take.😅 Still better than removing a cow ! Very sketchy on photos , had my hands full to stay on the road.
  6. Hi all, just had my Roof lining and foam replaced in my Cayman . Top notch work , really happy . $500 . Also complete roof lining and sides replaced in our 1963 Beetle as well as all carpet. $1500 . Highly recommend Chris from YVMT in Lilydale. 0448899270 . I had quotes up to 3x times higher , I don't think I would have got a better job done. Thanks Chris.
  7. Checkout the latest member joining PFA! Peter Green.
  8. Arne Krix

    Exhaust mod

    I have the Gert carnewal get cat back exhaust with twin pipe end tips. The sound is great, no drone . Not too loud in the cabin . Glorious under high revs.
  9. Arne Krix

    Exhaust mod

    you find on ebay , either from China or US. $350 -$1000 . Fabspeed , and other suppliers. With no other exhaust mods you get a slightly gruntier sound. If its lots louder , most likely cat back modified as well.
  10. Arne Krix

    Exhaust mod

    $800? I had 2 pipes welded with stainless steel tips , looks shit hot , $120.

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