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  1. I mean in relation to 'white smoke ' coming out of my exhaust.
  2. Looks like I’ll be talking to you when the time comes 🙂
  3. My son is trying to sell his Golf. He proudly reported to me : just about sold . A guy from Taralgon is meeting me in Pakenham (45 min) drive from our home , he brings a mate as well . They give me the money and take the car . No consideration for his rego and insurance or the likelihood he gets punched and his car stolen . Why would you drive under restrictions 45 min to some deserted meeting point? The whole thing was crook . Goes to show how easily you can be conned , if you don’t have much experience.
  4. I bought unseen from Perth , agreed with the seller to have it all facilitated through a big dealership. Went without a hitch. But there are lots of scams out there , but I think the alarm bells go up quickly once you get unusual stories , funny answers and the other side does not verify what your asking about.
  5. That’s what I am thinking sometimes when my wife is driving :’is she gone into reverse’?😅
  6. Today is Vietnam Veterans Day. Let’s spare a minute and thoughts on those who were there and their families , as well as the many who lost their lives . God bless.
  7. we're not quite there yet, year 12 , no job , no responsibilities , free loading and just knows best.... I know my time will come and i hang back with an internal grin
  8. Try to go through this with my daughter , ‚the Social Justice captain ‚ you won’t survive...😂😂
  9. How did you meet your husband? I was a Pharmacist and he came in and asked for condoms , xxxxxl size. It was only after I married him that I realised he had a stutter...😀
  10. 7 year and 4 year old brothers are in their bedroom. 7 year old goes:" you know what , we are old enough now , we got to start swearing. Mum will call us for brekkie , and than we swear. i go first and than you." 'Ok' , says the 4 year old. In the kitchen Mum asks the older one ," what would you like for breakfast'? He answers ," Coco pops , bitch', . The slap he gets sends him flying through the kitchen. Mum turns around and asks the 4 year old. his answer ," Don't know mum , but no fucking Coco pops'...

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