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  1. Thanks for all the info guys, i ended up pulling the trigger as based on my "seat of the pant" analysis it felt better to drive than others i had tried. I'm very happy with it so far, been giving Mt Nebo/Glorious a workout on fine weekends and the car has been a joy to drive in that environment. It's pretty hard to keep the smile off your face as the revs climb through an uphill twisty section of road, blue sky above and trees all around. I have to admit to already starting to wonder whether more than one Porsche in the garage would be excessive... 😉
  2. Thanks for the thoughts so far guys. The gaps aren't so much an issue for me personally, i'm happy with how the car feels etc, my concern is more around resale value. The car's only done 15,000 kilometers all up over 8 years, and by gaps I mean a period of like 3 or 4 years covering a few thousand kilometers. I understand it's not ideal as i would have loved to see yearly stamps, but does a few years basically sitting idle really hurt a Porsche that much? The dealer has just done a major service on the car. Do i run for the hills? Thanks Peter, I missed reading your post before sending mine. The car is in very nice condition excepting the logbook, best i have seen for it's age by a decent margin.
  3. Hi All, hoping to get some advice from the community, I'm still progressing towards owning my first Porsche. 😃 Over the previous couple of months I've seen a number of cars with periods of say a few (or more) years without a service when the car did very low kilometers over the period. Now being new to buying this type of vehicle I looked at that as a major negative and moved on. Now I'm looking at a Porsche Approved car being sold be an official dealer and i notice the car has these same types of "holes" in the service history (again with very low ks during the period), although the dealer assures me it's not an issue now as they've done a major service to bring the car up to scratch and it is now Porsche Approved with Porsche warranty etc. How is this type of car likely to be viewed at resale time, does the Porsche Approved status cancel out the previous holes in the eyes of the community? Thanks for any thoughts or advice you can provide.
  4. Not sure if this is totally the right place for this question (i'm new) but i'd be grateful if someone can offer advice. I'm currently looking at 987.2 manual 2.9 Caymans under 100k on the clock. What would be a fair price for a car in nice condition with a complete service history? I know there's some advertised online but more looking for the actual figure they tend to go for as opposed to advertised prices. Thanks in advance.

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