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  1. For some people the project is half the fun No takers yet but yes it will sell for sure! Good luck in your search!
  2. I bought the head unit from Seicane, I've used them on a couple of vehicles with good results now. Last one was a 14 Kluger. The headlights i refurbished myself.
  3. This 2007 MY08 Cayenne S has recently undergone a mid life refresh, and has been updated to obtain modern technology and look and feel. I get frequent comments about this car, by people thinking it’s a near new Porsche. The people in this group will know better, but will also recognise the condition of this car. 22” black on black wheels w/ 285 low profile, near new Pirelli tires. 8” Android 8 head unit w/ WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Reversing camera with guidelines. Integrated with Factory Bose sound system and signal processor. Supports Spotify, Google Maps, Waze and ANY other app in the Play Store. Blacked out headlights with brand new lens covers. MANY new interior parts replaced due to general wear and tear, the car looks brand new inside. European spec factory detachable tow bar. Retains stock look when detached. Rated for 3500kg! Brand new ceramic coating. The car has been scanned for errors and any issues has been addressed, the suspension has been completely rebuilt with reinforced control arms, which is a common issue with these cars once they reach this mileage. 140 000 km $27 500
  4. My lens covers had pretty bad damage from the Aussie sun, so I did this as a part of a headlight restoration project. Polishing was not really an option, as there were deep cracks from the damage. Short story: Order new lens covers from http://www.headlight-headlamp.com/Porsche-Cayenne-Headlight-Lens-Cover-Cracked-Foggy-Headlamp-Plastic-Covers-Lenses-Scratched-Replacement.html Take out headlight assembly from car Cut out old lens covers from assembly. This took about 1,000,000hours, because the glue is very difficult to remove Remove "Reflectors" (they are not really reflectors, just painted matte silver). Paint reflectors with matte black Plasti Dip spray can Reinstall reflectors Glue new lens covers to headlight assembly with windshield adhesive. Reinstall headlight assembly I was expecting to fail and have to buy new assemblies, but they turned out awesome. Brings the look of the car forward 5 years. Point 3 was the painful one.

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