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  1. Does anyone in or around Melbourne or SE VIC have a stand for a Cabrio Hard Top that is surplus to requirements? If so I would be interested. thanks Mark
  2. Not registered but I am hoping to come along in bluey for the first trip out. I think a couple of friends (2019 Golf R and '68 Mustang) are coming along for a ride too
  3. Yes just it has just been detailed and picked up from the showroom, then straight to NineAuto for IMS/RMS and oil separator before I drive it for real. I will check the roof gap, it does look a touch high. As soon as I can get a roof stand for it I'll park the lid in the shed
  4. Ok I know there won't be much love here for this, being a Cab, but it's my first Porsche and I like it
  5. Just an update to advise what I have ordered online: RDA Rotors, cross drilled and vented, to match the OEM and current spec rotors. EBC Red Pads thanks for all the help, I'll post a couple of pics when I get them fitted (and let you know how I get on). I have picked up the car today and just dropped it off with Steve at NineAuto for IMS/RMS and oil separator doing. Next service will be transmission oil etc. Thanks, Mark
  6. Thank you, Yes just road trips and club runs, no track. Are the RDA rotors slotted/cross drilled? Many thanks. Mark
  7. Hello everyone, my first post here, just purchased a Carerra 2 Cabrio Tip 3.4 today in Lapis Blue. It needs front rotors/pads (rears just done by the look of it) and I was wondering if there is a particular brand that is recommended? Many thanks, Mark

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