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  1. Great thanks. Looks like I'll go with Ben from Platinum for the wife's daily, and I've put an enquiry into Ben at Sydney Auto Salon regarding my 911.
  2. Awesome thanks. Whats the name of Bens business at Artarmon?
  3. I've had a BMW Demo touched up via the dealer before handover, and after about 1-2 yrs the clear coat was peeling off in patches. They all look great when done, I just want to make sure it's done right without any issues in the future.
  4. Hi Guys, My car had some gutter rash on a couple of the rims when I bought it and I've done a quick search but can only find interstate recommendations. Obviously I want it done right, and not have to worry about sealers peeling off in patches in the future. The wife has come across a Sydney company called Platinum Wheel Repairs. They appear to do some high end cars and are a mobile service. Might be ok for a daily, but I want the job done properly for my Porsche. I remember seeing something a while ago that was recommended in Sydney, but can't find it now. Who would you recommend please. I'm looking for a long term repair.
  5. Both John and George at ZAG seem like nice guys. I've known them for years as they are close to my workplace. They gave me advice last year when I told them I was in the market for an old Porsche. Always happy to help, and always busy which is a good sign. A good friend of mine restored his old Targa and only had ZAG and Autohaus work on his car. It was a very expensive nut and bolt restoration with no shortcuts. They have been around for a very long time, and I've not heard anything negative about them.
  6. Wow, just got a quote back from MB this morning. Similar XS to NRMA and came back at $3,600 compared to $2,005. I'd like to think I tick all the boxes regarding good driving and claims history, 46yrs old etc. Even Shannons were aprox $2,300. I was actually surprised it only cost $2K to insure a $95K car which is used as a daily. Looks like I'll be paying the NRMA quote today before I forget. The XC90 seems like alot of car and looks the part. Picked it up on Friday and the dealer said Volvo have just come out with a 5yr pre-paid service plan. Probably to line up with their new 5yr warranty?
  7. I've actually never heard of them. Are they up there with Shannons in terms of reputation should I ever need to make a claim. I've never made a claim, but want to know I won't have issues if I ever do. I'll send off an enquiry for a quote and see how I go.
  8. I had assumed leather was standard in my 84. ? PP.pdf
  9. As much as I was wanting to keep everything with Shannons, just insured the wifes new XC90 with NRMA. Best cover I could find with all the boxes ticked inc New for Old replacement if written off inside 2yrs, Choice of repairer, Hire Car, Windscreen Cover, $850 XS etc. Came in at $2K based on market value of $94,600. I'll try talking to Shannons one more time as they are my preferred, but I've got cover in place at least for the next 21 days before payment is due.
  10. My 84 interior. Also an Ex Duttons Car.
  11. Um, yeah not sure how that would go down with the wife. Looks like the ceramic coating options are my best bet. Opti-coat isnt bad. Given the months of water restrictions, my car went without a wash for far too long. Parked in an industrial estate we get smashed with airborne pollutants and my car felt like sandpaper. I was worried I'd have to go through the whole clay bar process. As soon as water restrictions were lifted, I was out there at 7am washing her down. Came up a treat and smooth as glass. I was actually surprised the paint was still smooth after so many months without a wash in a shitty environment.
  12. Cheers. Yes I've had Opti-Coat Pro applied to my company car which is also a Ceramic Coating I believe. That was 3yrs ago, and not sure if anything new or better has come along in the interim. Can anyone recommend a supplier local to Inner West or Western Sydney? I've used Protekt before but open to options. Assuming this is really my only options to protect the paint long term.
  13. OK, so it's slightly Porsche related, in that because I have my Porsche in the garage (and a couple of m/bikes), the wife's family car had to go outside as of last year. We've ordered a new Volvo XC90 T6, because apparently we needed another 7 seater. What's the best economical protection available as we'll have the car for a very long time, hopefully. I'll give it a clay bar and wax upon collection, but looking for some protection from the elements.
  14. I really like that. Very Nice. Congrats. Great car overall.
  15. Agree with all of the above comments. $110K-$125K for a good Aussie Del, Numbers Matching Original car. That's for a 3.2 Coupe. I got mine almost 1yr ago in that range and haven't spent a cent since. 84 Model, Ex Duttons car with only 184,000km's. Was originally looking at the $80-$90K range, but they all seemed to have issues. which needed tidying to make it how I wanted. Sent some photos off to Shannons and they were happy to insure it for an agreed value of $140K. Get a PPI done by a reputable Porsche specialist so they know what to look for. Maybe in the current market these values may have come down 10-15%????

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