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  1. Interesting to see this is now shown as not available on CS and now listed on Collecting Cars. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1987/sse-ad-6828570/?utm_campaign=sold-alert&utm_source=notification-centre&utm_medium=browser-push-notification&csn_atid=e01d2487-fd19-46f5-9ae9-52f9c6e9bb33 Was originally listed at $100K, and I actually quite liked it. Low km's, Aussie Del, matching numbers etc. Just not in the market for a cab.
  2. I actually enquired about this car as it looked nice, as did the asking price. There is no mention in the ad of it being an import. I then noticed the MPH speedo and queried the owner if it was a UK import. He advised there was no service records available and had to have his mechanic check for him to confirm that it was indeed a UK import. Thought it strange that the owner didn't know what he had?
  3. Fark, I need to change forums. This garage is going to cost a bomb. I'd be happy with a 4-5 car basement garage with a washbay. May as well throw in some surround sound music, and provisions for bollards for added security. Regarding the suggested Whirly Birds, yes they do work, but I'd prefer to make the roof as water tight as possible. No box gutters, and no internal downpipes. At some point, seals, and glues perish and eventually you'll get a leak, it's just a matter of time. Avoid any roof penetrations if you can.
  4. Actually that's a good topic for a new thread. Issues you've had from leaving your car sitting idle for too long. This may encourage more of us to ensure we use our cars more often. You often hear people say you do more damage by not using these old cars, but if we can get people to post their actual experiences, such as your leaking rear shocks, it may help drive the point home. I try and take mine out at least 1/month, preferably every fortnight.
  5. Great Question. Thanks for asking as I'm in a similar situation with my older AC 911. My Harley is in a similar position also, and may sit for several months on a trickle charger. But as mentioned above, generally take it out for a decent run to get everything nicely warmed up. Frasers were shocked to find it in such good mechanical condition given it's age, as they were expecting to come back to me with a list of issues at the last service. It's 21yrs old and has aprox 45,000km. Guess this proves they can sit (not ideal), but if they do, longer runs are preferred.
  6. I'll have a crack,....$4,763.37 in Year 1, and $9,682.95 in Year 25. Not saying it's right (could be), but I think it would be very close. Seems to be two posts on this.
  7. Yes UK import confirmed also by owner. I liked it being a wide body Targa and a later 3.2 model. If the UK part doesn't concern you, it's probably not far off and worth looking into.
  8. I'll have a crack,....$4,763.37 in Year 1, and $9,682.95 in Year 25. Not saying it's right (could be), but I think it would be very close.
  9. I'm not sure how these things work, but I'm assuming it's met reserve since it's showing as Sold?
  10. Agree, I'd be seriously looking at this if I was in the market for a Cabrio. Actually like the colour, just not a fan of Cabrios in general though. Looks like a clean example with low km's. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1987-porsche-911-carrera-cabriolet-manual/SSE-AD-6828570/?Cr=12
  11. This was exciting to watch last night. I notice the boys from ZAG had it listed on their website at $500K. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1975-porsche-911-turbo-930-coupe
  12. Something is happening in the market place. Cars I've been watching are all of a sudden selling in the last couple of days. This includes the $175K restored 912, the $180K local 84 White Carrera, the 1974 mint looking UK import at $109K, the 1982 white SC at $120K. A few of these are members cars I think. I've also noticed the number of cars on the market is slowly falling.
  13. If its a factory fitted option I'd leave it. Think it looks good and suits the car, especially given the colour and matching yellow console giving the whole car a sporty feel.
  14. I'm not a fan of the heat either Lee. Hence if I take my car out during Summer it's early mornings which I prefer anyway as it's much quieter on the roads. I can't think of any other car brand apart from Porsche, where you just want to add another model if possible. I'm happy with my 84 Carrera, but would love to "also" be able to afford another more modern Porsche. As much as I'd like a 964, it's probably too similar. A 993 is still probably considered not modern enough, which means if I was able to it would be a C4S, or even a 997S. Given I'm not looking for a daily, I'd still stick with a Manual. Good Luck mate. If it gets you out driving more often, it can only be a good thing right? @FishcopThat's a classic mate.
  15. That looks nice. I actually prefer yellow over some other colours. Love the colour coded centre console too. Do you have a side profile showing that fixed rear wing? Obviously been well cared for over the years.

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