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  1. Targas look great. Actually prefer their classic retro look slightly more than the coupes. Personally though, I like the idea of a closed body with less rubber seals, and potential water leaks. (Yes scarred by my old Ghia) I'd expect they'd be a bit more breezy on freeways too. I'm thinking long term ownership and hopefully less headaches and maintenance issues with a coupe over a targa. Also considered the thought of re-sale should the need ever arise in the future. Good Luck and take your time. There's always something new popping up.
  2. No I didn't look at it as I was specifically wanting something Aussie and Original. Also agree 100% with the comment above from 9er. Buy a Targa if you like Targas, not because they are cheap. For a while there I came close to buying a very clean and original 944 Turbo, as it looked great value for money. My wife actually steered me off it and said just buy the car you really want. Ultimately I knew she was right, and now that I've found it, I have no regrets. Personally I love the look of Targas, but having previously owned an old Ghia Cabrio, I've been scarred by anything with an open top. I was only in the market for an original numbers matching Coupe.
  3. I kept coming back to that White Targa every single time when I was looking for something myself. Love the look. If only it was matching engine..... If this doesn't throw you off, it seems to tick all the other boxes. Aussie, RHD etc Looks like a great car. Also feel you could probably get this under $70K. Not a fan of the burgundy one. The black 84 is tempting, but LHD and interstate.
  4. Thanks Tips. Yes I agree going through the service books shows where the car has been, and would be the best place to start regarding previous history. Best I can do regarding photos of the car is a link to the Duttons Sold section which still shows the car. Previous owner has fitted a Portotipo(?) wheel and I now have the original wheel in storage. As good as these photos look, it actually looks better in person. https://duttongarage.com/Porsche-Carrera-Coupe-dr-Man-sp-i-Rel-Jan~22265
  5. Picked up my new Historic Plates after work on Friday. Sorry but was too nervous something was missing on my paperwork and it would fall through and forgot all about asking about stickers as rego plates. In regards to what I ended up buying, it's a 1984, 911 Carrera Coupe in Quartz Grey. Amazingly original and with only 184,000km's. It was far more than I was wanting to pay, but the car is far better than I could have imagined. It's got the classic look I prefer without the tail, and in a colour that looks amazing and is not very common. I'd love to find out the history of it, as it was originally sold through a Melbourne dealership. Spoke with Duttons who sold the car in 2017 with 177,000km's, but they couldn't really help apart from confirming it's a very honest clean car.
  6. Champion. I'll shoot off an enquiry now. That looks great. Will find out from the RTA re stickers and report back for future ref.
  7. Thanks Gents. Agree, I think the King Pin may be a bit too in your face for an older 911. The style/image posted by Harvs11 is what I had in mind, and was hoping there was an off the shelf item people were using. Looks like I'll need to make something up at work along these lines. Appreciate all the feedback. Yes, I did a search first and came across a previous forum discussion regarding the use of stickers. Looks like they are not legal, but think they do look good. I'll ask the question at the RTA this afternoon when I hope to be picking up my new plates. FYI Café Racer, I was actually tempted by your Targa as it looked nice and was Aussie del etc. Preference was always for a coupe though. Funnily enough I was also tempted and actually enquired on the White Aussie Coupe you had a PPI done on. Looks like we have similar tastes. Ultimately very happy with what I managed to secure, and fingers crossed it's a long term keeper. Could never have imagined I'd own such a nice 911. Good Luck with your car.
  8. Thanks, I was actually trying to avoid this too. Yes, I'm very anal when things are really nice. Thought there would be an off the shelf product you could buy that had offset holes, one you could attach to the car, and the other to the plate. I have custom plates on my daily, and have drilled these plates to suit the car. Was hoping there was a nicer/cleaner solution for my first P car.
  9. Pretty sure the red 964 at CTS is Gregg Doyles car. I did enquire about it, but never looked into it any further. Initially saw it listed on the PCNSW site. Does present well in the photos but.
  10. Hi All, I have an original Aussie 1984, 911Carrera Coupe on it's way to me and I hope to be picking up new Historic Plates tomorrow. The car is absolutely Schmick, and I'm just getting everything sorted before its arrival. How do you guys attach your Historic Plates so it looks neat and tidy on a classic. I'm assuming the hole locations won't line up with the car. Want something more secure than 3M tape, and don't want to risk damaging the paint. I'm based in Sydney, so if there's something available locally let me know please. Thanks.
  11. Cheers for the feedback guys. Given the car will be on Historic Plates, I can afford to go for a softer/grippier tyre. Car is definitely worth the extra cost of these tyres.
  12. Pirelli PZero Rosso's have now been sourced and ordered, from two different suppliers. Can confirm these are a Biatch to track down in the sizes nominated above. Fingers crossed there aren't any hiccups.
  13. Didn't know there were two versions. My enquiry was for the following... Pirelli PZero Rosso's in 205/55/16 and 245/45/16 Have since spoken with a mate who is in the industry and he mentioned even if a Parallel Import, Tyres are still genuine Pirelli, and there is no difference in quality. Only difference being they have managed to source direct from Pirelli overseas rather than Pirelli Australia. Are you suggesting there may be two versions of the above tyre?
  14. Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum. Also looking for best pricing on the Pirelli Tyres noted above in the same sizes as sourced by Dalai. Pricing from Motorsport Wheels and Tyres seems way under what others have quoted. When questioned if they are parallel imports I'm assured they are not. Can't explain the huge price difference and it has me worried. eg Over 30% ! I'm based in Sydney, and need to try and source these Pirelli Tyres asap.

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