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  1. Added more pics of rear seat condition including original “horse hair” underside.
  2. As above, I’ve replaced a pair of fog lights with vents so these are surplus to my needs. In working condition when removed. Factory part numbers. Looking for $400 pick up in Sydney. If buyer is from interstate, I could also send them.
  3. As above, I’ve got various bits from around the car that I’ll be upgrading or replacing as I build my 911. Thought I’d list them in one ad. I’ll include condition and photos of what’s available. All parts located in Port Stephens (near Newcastle). 1) Complete factory rear seat from ‘74 911S. Black leather in good condition. Will come up even better than in pics as they have not been wiped over with any leather treatment product. I also have the rear seat belts, although they have a small amount of corrosion on the buckles while car was sitting in storage. Unsure on price but offers welcome at this stage. 2) Front seats (with rails) from ‘74 911S. Black leather. Passenger seat in good condition. Drivers seat requires attention on right bolster. Some corrosion on rails while car was sitting in storage. Will upload pics once removed. 3) Front cross member, A-arms, hubs, torsion bars, etc from ‘74 911S. Looking to offset some of the cost of doing some upgrades. Would recommend replacement of any bushes or bearings if purchased as well as a cosmetic tidy up. If you’re after something in particular, please ask. Unsure on price but offers welcome at this stage. Will put up photos soon. 4) Fuel tank (sender unit not included) was removed from a ‘74 911S during panel work. Car had been sitting in storage for quite some time with fuel in it. No leaks. Tank would be ideal to have reconditioned before fitting. Not recommended to fit “as is”. SOLD
  4. I found the same thing. Most will turn you away. Can recommend one in Sydney that will be less busy if you’re interested.
  5. Obviously this isn’t a for sale thread so I wasn’t going to say too much. The fuel tank is in Sydney (northern beaches). It’s out of a ‘74 911S.
  6. FWIW, I’ve bought a replacement tank so my original one will be for sale if anyone wants to have a go at restoring it. Not after much for it.
  7. 100% agreed. Merv mentioned James at Autohaus, although not genuine Porsche parts, the quote I received for door and window seals for a car I have at the panel shop was some 50% cheaper than the trade price I was quoted by a Porsche dealer. Worth checking for sure. Hoping for a good outcome from BWA as well!

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