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  1. Saw a nice yellow GT3 996/7? (I could only spot the back) near South Melbourne area near Montague Street just now.
  2. Already sold! Did you manage to see the asking price?
  3. What do you think would be a good approach to make an offer interstate, say if I cannot inspect the vehicle personally? Should an external / third party inspection be adequate if the seller agrees to it?
  4. I saw a yellow 986 on Friday afternoon passing Wurundjeri Way inbound to the CBD. Plate number was BXTR4 or something similar as I couldn't recall completely.
  5. It's optioned as well, I think it has PASM. Man the market is really aggressive for the the right and good priced car.. I've never seen anything like this before coming from JDM market. Last month there was something similar, a well optioned Cayman S sold for 36k just in span of few hours.
  6. This white 996 which was sitting at 42k just got sold 1 hr ago: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-6037594
  7. A white 2.7 987.1 Cayman that was sold in VIC dealership until just last month I think has just come up privately in QLD: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Cayman-2007/SSE-AD-6163319/?Cr=1 I checked the rego and the VIN matched with this entry: https://www.autotrader.com.au/car/10498548/porsche/cayman/vic/port-melbourne/coupe Interestingly the safety certificate date in QLD rego is showing entry as early as 10/06/2019, suggesting the vehicle has just been registered in QLD when it's now displayed for sale again. Would be curious to know why it's for sale again in just a span of one month.
  8. Ah ok makes sense. Was bothering me a lot haha
  9. Often times I find myself reading older posts and I stumble upon posts that have agreeable content or suggestions. On the other hand they are marked with several downvotes (red down arrow). E.g this thread This makes me wonder, was the downvote button originally an upvote button or something?
  10. I just want to give an update to this topic. So on last Sunday, @Dave986 was generous enough to allow me to test drive his 986 just shortly after SMT. (Thanks Dave! ) The first thing that I noticed the most is the engine. From the sound of the engine starting, until it ultimately opens up at 4000 RPM, it's just a completely different experience. The engine is buttery smooth too and definitely has more power down low compared to the GT86. It just climbs to traffic speed without breaking a sweat, whereas with GT86 you often have to wring its neck just to get that last bit of horses out. This factor alone, I think is more than enough for me to tip the scale over. (The 86 now feels like it has truck engine after testing driving 986...) I guess this is where Porsche drivability trumps their Japanese counterpart. They seem to be able to hit that balance between performance and day-to-day comfort better. You don't always to have to drive the car to 10/10 in order to get enjoyment out of it. Dave's 986 is surprisingly more forgiving over bumps compared to the 86, even though the former has bigger wheels 18" vs 17". If I were to pick a car exclusively for track at this price-level, I would probably stick to the 86 as it's easier to mod, and has cheaper consumable overall. But for the reason above, and for my use case of spending 90% of the time on daily basis in Melbourne's road and not on track, all signs point toward going to Porsche. Now it's just a matter of choosing whether I should get the 986 or the newer one. I cannot imagine how 987 would feel, if the 986 is this good!
  11. Is there anything wrong with the car in particular? Did you find out why the first owner let it go? It's just strange seeing it being auctioned twice, after it appearing in several interstate dealerships without any buyer for some time.
  12. Yep I've set up an email alert for that. (There must be plenty of people with email alert too by the look of it ) The market looks a bit weird to be honest. I wonder what will happen to other 50-60k listed Caymen if some are willing to sell theirs for 40k or even less. Usually in other car market e.g even for Boxster, you got a continuum of price from lowest to highest depending on their model and kilometre. But for Caymen it seems like some people are asking really high price for the model, then you got odd few in 40k range which then disappears really fast.
  13. There was a 987.1 Cayman S for sale for a grand total of 36k yesterday. I went to get my groceries then in few hours the car was already sold. So I guess it's possible to have a Cayman even an S for under 40k nowadays, though must be extremely rare.
  14. There's an interesting Cayman for auction at GraysOnline: https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-10038007/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/2008-porsche-cayman-manual-coupe-78-473km The thing is it's been auctioned before at 37k some time ago, which is weird. Could the buyer have fallen through due to some reason? https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-10037626/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/2008-porsche-cayman-manual-coupe-78-473km Another thing is when you search for the rego plates, you can see it's been advertised online before in NSW and one Vic dealership e.g: http://www.avlonline.com.au/Used-Cars-For-Sale/1593611-ed6b4fb85e.sl19-12/PORSCHE/2008-porsche-cayman-987 It's very weird
  15. See here's the funny thing I found researching Porsche. First you take a look at the earlier model one e.g 986 Boxster. Then you saw the price, and hmm for 3-4k more you can get a 986 S. But hey, actually if you just stretch a tiny bit, say the seller is willing to negotiate, maybe you can even get some early 987 as you indicated at mid 20k level. But wait, now you want to take a look at 987 S too, because it seems like the price difference is not that high. Then suddenly your expected budget goes from 20k to almost mid 30k. Then at the end of the day you're like hmm if you're going to spend that much might as well save and wait for some time then go big and get 911! It's an endless circle I told you.. Though for me 911 is still beyond my budget, so I'm still looking at Boxster and maybe Cayman. I think I just need to drive myself to see if even base 986 suffices, then I can still save a lot for future maintenance and other expenses as well.

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