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  1. Great sounds good! Thanks for the advise everyone (esp @edgy), and thus the search starts. I'll report if there's any interesting development coming in. (If anyone reading this happens to be selling their Boxster and located in Vic don't hesitate to PM me)
  2. My only worry is the power in the base Boxster with 2.7 might not feel that different compared to GT86. But I guess after hearing your perspective as an owner of yet even faster car such as the GT3, power doesn't seem like a problem even in the 2.7. Do you usually look over the car first before doing PPI, or should I do PPI before looking or making offer at the car? Is there any easy way to identify that the car has been neglected / has bad service history at a glance? When I was looking for the 86, I was vehement that I wanted to get a stock one even with the Prius tyres. I avoided any signs of mods or custom wheels. The 86 that I got also has full Toyota service history. P.S: I'll be looking for MT one too.
  3. Hey, thanks for the welcome! Tbh I'm just intimidated with the fact that brand new even the 986 Boxsters cost upward of 100k.. Surely they couldn't just depreciate to the point that even GT86 are more expensive in some instances, unless there are reasons behind it? I'm just afraid of buying one and ended up not liking it in comparison with the GT86..
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and Porsche in general. I'm currently driving a MY14 GT86 for quite a while now and while it's a really good and fun car, I've been very much tempted to try out the 986 Boxster just to try out something different. Funny thing is the price differential mean I won't need to add much if I do decide to sell the 86. (Excluding future potential maintenance of course) However, based on my very limited reading, I've been lead to understand that there are quite few potential issues with 986, IMS bearing being the one, and a lot of other issues like valve cover gasket leak, 2nd gear going out and others. Because of those reasons, I'd just like to hear your advise whether this would be a good decision to make. Even though I don't find power is an issue for me with the GT86, I do wonder if the 2.7 base Boxster is adequate, or do you always need to go to Boxster S for most case? Does the driving experience worth moving from a relatively new MY14 GT86 to something like the 986? Or do I better wait and just save up to get the newer 987 or even Cayman? (Given my present budget I don't think I can even consider 911 in any shape) Say I do start looking for 986, is it always the rule to assume that the IMS is going to break in the future, and thus aftermarket replacement is necessary? Thanks for your help

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