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  1. Thanks for the replies all. Think i might start with a compression test and a RWC inspection just to get an idea of the upfront cost that might be near. As mentioned above the car has had its gearbox rebuilt within the last two years which cost the previous owner $10.8k. I feel that the only other item of high costs that may fail is the engine. IMS being the main concern however the car has traveled over 300km's with no problems.....YET! I did read on another forum that someone said IMS bearings were more prone to fail in vehicle built from 2000 on wards! Any truth? Either way my plan would be to keep the vehicle for 6-12 months, see if i like it and potentially sell it off and look at something slight newer.
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and looking into purchasing my first Porsche. I have a family member looking to sell their 1998/99 911 Carrera (996) coupe. The vehicle has a tad over 300,000kms on the odometer however is in amazing condition inside and out. The current owner is has owned the vehicle for approximately 15 years and has kept all service receipts since purchased. In the time that he has owned the vehicle he has rebuilt the automatic transmission, replaced the water pump and drive belts, various parts of the suspension, carried out all relevant services required along with general wear and tear items. The only item that hasn't been replaced yet is the IMS bearing. I've been asked to make him an offer, something I feel is fair and reasonable. I feel that is a good opportunity to purchase my dream weekend at what could be a great price. What are your thoughts? Cheers!

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