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  1. Humm. These things look pretty interesting. I’m ready to update my old P90D but there’s nothing inspiring me to get an updated Model S. I saw something about Tesla taking a Model S to the Nurburgring, looking forward to seeing the time comparison.
  2. Not installed yet. I decided to keep the wing mount, and it’s awesome 90’s dash mounted switch to extend the aerial, as it’s still required for the regular radio. I actually bought this car as a donor car, but it’s really too good for that. If I can find another (worse) car soon to use as a donor I’ll keep this car as a daily driver and install the radio. If I can’t find an alternative donor then the radio will be up for sale.
  3. I'm looking at this radio http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/Continental-Digital-Car-Radio-TRD7412-UB-OR/Continental+Digital+Car+Radio+TRD7412+UB+OR which comes with an internal glass mounted aerial for the DAB radio. I'd like to delete my wing mounted aerial. Are blanking rubbers available?
  4. My wife and I visited earlier this year as part of Singer DRT week. Very welcoming and generous host.
  5. This looks well priced? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1979-porsche-911-sc-manual/SSE-AD-5163871/
  6. I eventually bought the car linked to above. It’s really too good to use as a donor, so still interested in any cheap, tired 964 that comes up.
  7. I have a deposit on a 964 that I'll ship to Singer in California. Singer have provided me with a specific inspection document. The inspection isn't too challenging, and any workshop should be able to do it, but it's important that it's done right! (don't want to find an issue when the car arrives in Cali!). Ideally I'll use a workshop near Richmond, Melbourne (close to the sellers address). Any recommendations?
  8. Does anyone know this car? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1990/SSE-AD-5913080/?Cr=2 I sent a message to the seller, unfortunately no contact number to call them.
  9. I'm not looking for a write-off, I need a straight shell. Something in my favour is that the colour, gearbox and sunroof options are unimportant to me. I have some time before my slot in the Singer schedule however (if the car is roadworthy) I would like to drive it for a month or two before it goes on the boat.
  10. Thank you. I'll have to go with whatever is available - and as it is a limited market I understand I might have to buy a car that is too 'good' for my needs. That sounds like a sensible range though.
  11. Is Grant at Autohaus Hamilton? I'll give them a call this morning. Think I'm Singer number 4 for Australia, I'm sure I won't be the last.
  12. Singer managed to get a ruling - no LCT as the car will already be registered and owned by me before it is shipped to California, no GST either, something to do with repair and restoration. It would be a different story if, for example, I bought a car in the UK, shipped it to Cali for the resto, then brought it in to Australia and tried to register it, or if Singer owned the car and sold it to me once complete.

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