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  1. Thanks for the offer Lee, obviously I missed it, I need to log in more! Im still waiting to get the mirror and rear deck parts back from the paint shop, hopefully tomorrow, then ill be up for meeting you guys. Thanks again for being so welcoming, I do want to get the car out and talk Porsches and drool over some other 911s. Cheers
  2. Hi to all those who chipped in to help. Good news, ive got SA Plates on it, I ran with Zelrick911's suggestion, I got through, the guy didnt even turn the lights on. I had many sleepless nights thinking of scenarios where they would thoroughly check everything. However the check took 3 minutes and that was mainly completing paperwork. Now im just getting the rear deck cover and a passenger mirror painted, then im done. To the hills we come. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Phil, I believe the problem lies with the fact that the car was a Singapore import, were the 2 cars you are referring to Aussie delivered? cheers mate just about there now anyway (I hope)
  4. firestone - id love to be able to do this, first id need to find a willing person with the headlights to let me borrow them for a morning, but then there may be an issue with all of the plugs and wiring and stuff? Im not sure it would just swap straight over? I think it is a different set up for the HID lamps with balasts etc v the stock h7 in terms of plugs and wiring. Then there is the option with the HID lamp to swap my set up temporarily with an HID with self washing / leveling lamps, but I believe that that will need additional wiring and plugs too to make it all work. Then I need to find someone with the lamp set up to swap for a morning too. There is a wrecker here in Adelaide who says he has some of these, but I don't know what he is going to charge me? I don't really want to buy them. Im still flying blind to an extent, I haven't seen in person any of these options, im just gathering information. This weekend im just going to buy a h7 lamp and see what mods I need to do to it to have it fit my globe holder, just to get the ball rolling. If I can get it to fit, then hopefully rigging up the wiring to make it work wont be too hard and I may get an Auto Sparky involved Thank you......appreciate all of this
  5. Zelrik911 - This is what I needed mate, I was just about to ask for some more detail on why it will not work just changing the globes over, but I think this gives me the answer. I will get my hands on a H7 (or I just saw on a post the original globe is a H9 65w single filament lamp) lamp and have a look at how different the structure is . If I can get it to fit, I guess the rest is just some temporary wiring. I was thinking of hitting up the local Auto Sparky with my problem after ive done some of this leg work. Thank you for this....im still searching for a fix, I am hoping I am getting closer.......I just want to drive my car, its so nice, I took a gamble with buying the car, I didnt see or drive it, I just trusted a couple of people, took a bit of a risk, but the car is fantastic. I just got to get SA Plates on it then get on with my life! Then I can cruise with some of you blokes and roll up to a sunday morning coffee and Porsche thing and love it. Ive wanted a 911 all my life and still cant believe there is one in the Garage...
  6. The 996 was in VIC for 4 years and QLD for 9, I just got it from QLD it was registered in each of those states so yeah, its all pretty frustrating, but I gotta play the little game I guess... Zelrik911 - Your second paragraph sums up what I need to do I think, I am not sure if my wiring looms and plugs ect will fit, thats my concern, but if there is anyone in Adelaide who thinks they may be able to help, ill be forever in your debt and I will not mess you around. Thanks for the you tube video, its amazing what knowledge you gain in a short period of time when you have to.... Thanks guys.....ill put a pic on here when my skills on the forum evolve but its an Arena Red with Grey / Black interior and GT3 wheels. 1999 130,000kms.
  7. Hi There, Im new to this, ive had my 996 for about 2 weeks im in Adelaide. The Car is a Singapore import originally but to get it registered ive had to have a full inspection and they picked me up on 2 things, one the rear spoiler impeding the view of the brake light (I can live with that and have a solution coming) but the other is difficult. I have HID lamps and it looks stock from the factory but the inspection report says "headlights are HID, return to standard H type of globe or fit self washing / self leveling lights". I went to Buicks and apparently it isn't as simple as swapping out globes. Any advice or help or parts to get me through the inspection I would hugely appreciate. Ive been told to get in touch with Leigh? Not sure if im supposed to provide my number but here it is 0409235055 - Michael. FYI, I love the car and im happy with it. Thanks in advance for the use of this platform.

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