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  1. I’ve had good experiences with Autohaus for parts. Not sure if they post or whether they’re the cheapest, but they do stock aftermarket and it’s always worth a trip to poke your head in and see what they’re working on.
  2. They’re everywhere!! They look so good in the flesh, a bit smaller than what I perceived from pics. Nice colour spec too @CL997
  3. Yeah he waffles on a bit like most Englishmen I’ve met. But the point of this post is what caused the gearbox and engine case to split...twice. Any ideas?
  4. Anybody else watched this? If so, what the hell is going on in the 'big reveal'? What could cause the engine and gearbox to shear the casing like that? Gotta feel for them after all that work.
  5. Can’t get to it. Never mind. Looks like Moss Green, such a great colour but don’t see too many 996s with it.
  6. Wish I could add something to this, but I’m stock as a rock. This thread definitely needs more pics though (not of fibreglass, of proper mods).
  7. JLD the seller has known for a long time. It was mentioned in this thread many pages ago. 🙂
  8. Hey St3ve thanks for that nugget of gold further back regarding key syncing. Tried it today for my 2nd key and while it didn’t actually fix the problem, I only came to know about the method because of your post. Cheers for that. Key light flashes but it does nothing, so maybe a faulty transmitter.
  9. Great job!! Looks fantastic.
  10. Sorry if I missed it in the earlier posts but did you have anything else done while the engine was out?
  11. Pretty sure you’re referring to the one I bought (for less than the advertised $55k). I had the IMS, RMS, engine mounts, pulleys and tyres all done by PR Tech based on the PPI recommendations. It had 129k at the time, which isn’t exactly what I’d call high mileage, but now on 136k and has been a pleasure to own. I’m sure I’d get my money back or close to it if I put it up today.
  12. Surprised this one didn't get a mention before or after sale, given the factory GT3 option. Setting a reasonable benchmark for a .1 C2 at $65k: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-1998/sse-ad-6716206

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