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  1. Selling an original right rear bumper for a SWB 911/912. It's been sandblasted and primed with red oxide primer. Some rust holes as you can see in the photos, but overall in pretty reasonable condition. Located in Perth, but I can box it up and post at cost within Australia. $250 PM me if you're interested. Brad
  2. Brad

    WTB - 912 Coupe Project

    Yeah but then I’d be massively over paying for a project car. All good.
  3. Brad

    WTB - 912 Coupe Project

    There was a 68 for sale back in December but it sold, and there was a 69 listed earlier this year but the owner hasn’t responded to any of my PM’s so presumably he’s had a change of heart.
  4. Gday everyone, I’m on the hunt for a new project in the form of a 912 Coupe. I’m pretty flexible... it can be LHD or RHD, can be a roller or a bare chassis or a complete car, can rusty or not, any year is ok (although SWB is preferred) and I don’t care where in Australia the car is located. I’ll consider pretty many much anything. I’m not a flipper, just a genuine car enthusiast who’s caught the air cooled Porsche bug. So if you (or someone you know) have a project you’ve lost enthusiasm for or just need to make space for something new, I’d love to hear from you. PM me if that’s easier. Cheers Brad

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