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  1. Hi everyone,I'm looking for a Boge front shock absorber strut for a SWB 911/912. I only need the lower part of the strut. Spindle needs to be in good condition. If you've got one you don't need anymore let me know.Thanks,Brad
  2. Selling an original right rear bumper for a SWB 911/912. It's been sandblasted and primed with red oxide primer. Some rust holes as you can see in the photos, but overall in pretty reasonable condition. Located in Perth, but I can box it up and post at cost within Australia. $250 PM me if you're interested. Brad
  3. Brad

    WTB - 912 Coupe Project

    Yeah but then I’d be massively over paying for a project car. All good.
  4. Brad

    WTB - 912 Coupe Project

    There was a 68 for sale back in December but it sold, and there was a 69 listed earlier this year but the owner hasn’t responded to any of my PM’s so presumably he’s had a change of heart.
  5. Gday everyone, I’m on the hunt for a new project in the form of a 912 Coupe. I’m pretty flexible... it can be LHD or RHD, can be a roller or a bare chassis or a complete car, can rusty or not, any year is ok (although SWB is preferred) and I don’t care where in Australia the car is located. I’ll consider pretty many much anything. I’m not a flipper, just a genuine car enthusiast who’s caught the air cooled Porsche bug. So if you (or someone you know) have a project you’ve lost enthusiasm for or just need to make space for something new, I’d love to hear from you. PM me if that’s easier. Cheers Brad

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