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  1. Hi all, Searching for part (see photo); This disappeared from my car at some stage, either via loose fasteners or an odd case of theft:) Anyone have one laying around? Porsche Bumper Trim Strip 9115050990470
  2. Just an update; Police executed a search warrant on a bloke last week. Got my Porsche charger and service history. Gauges gone, so they may still pop up somewhere. Anyway, some good news;)
  3. That could work. I’m onto one in the USA, might grab it and get the machining done there. Where are you located in Aus?
  4. Thanks, I’ll do that Sal
  5. I just signed up, I’ll take your suggestion Stew. Yes, there is a lot of CCTV in there. I can see about 5 cameras from where my car is parked. Hopefully this helps.
  6. Good ideas all... I’ll definately keep an eye on the normal places. I didn’t think of Facebook, but I have now set up some notifications. Thanks everyone
  7. Agree. My car was in a secure apartment garage, and they also stole many bikes, surfboards, tool kits, etc... so I wasn’t singled out. That’s why I find the service history theft a strange one. It has me pretty furious. Al
  8. Yes, my home address would have been on the more recent receipts. The car is in Sydney and my home address is Melbourne though.
  9. Hey all, Asking for people to keep an eye out for some stolen 911SC gauges. My car was broken into last night in Rozelle, I had three gauges in the hood compartment for another project. Maybe the thieves are silly enough to advertise them for sale in the next couple of weeks. Jono will recognize the photos. They also stole the service history and books for my 3.2 Carrera from the glove box. I’m not sure what value this is to anyone but me. Thanks Al
  10. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll shoot him a line.
  11. Probably. It’s a funny engine design when you have the engine number stamped to the smallest of the three parts which make up the engine case. You can ventilate the block and still maintain a matching numbers car.
  12. Late to the thread, agree with LeeM, John Benton is great to have a chat to when he has the time. I bought a 912 off him in 2014, it hadn’t run in 10 years. His team did some work on it for me, and I did a 4000 mile drive around the US in it. I’m looking at a 912 build at the moment for the old girl, have a read of these articles, I found them very useful; If you take it to the next step and are sourcing parts, I’ll go you halves in shipping to Paddington:) Al
  13. Hello all, Looking for a 912 case and some heads so I can kick off my machining work before removing a running engine (preparing myself for another lengthy project). Don’t require the 3rd member, but I’ll buy it if it’s a set. I’d also take heads if they are clean. If you have or know anyone who has a case, heads, long block, or full engine I’d consider anything. I’d also take a 356 CS or C case. Thanks, Alister
  14. Thanks gents, Seeking original ply ones. Nick, I’ll PM you to get a pic of yours. Al

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