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  1. Haha thanks mate, should of known you'd have a spreadsheet for this. 😁
  2. Bugger, means I've got even less chance of finding one than a CS. 😪
  3. Anyone know how many manual 981 Cayman GTS's were delivered? I am assuming even less than the CS? 😔 Am still on the lookout if anyone is selling...
  4. The Qld/WA high km Sapphire Blue is already sold. Anyone from here? 😯
  5. Was very nice, loved the bucket seats, only had a quick look but if i could afford it I'd buy it. Lol This was the one at the dealership for 200k, would be a 45k drop lol
  6. Went and looked at this today, wish it was 155k, would no longer be for sale. 😁
  7. Can you recall what kms were on it? The thing that really worries me is the kms on the Sapphire Blue one, nearly has as many as my 996 lol
  8. Definitely the same car, vin # is the same. What do you think is a fair price for it now? At one point was even advertised at 155k and didn't sell.
  9. Unfortunately not, i was in discussions with the salesman and was looking into freight options when it sold this morning, i should of put a holding deposit on it when i had the chance.
  10. I feel your pain Yeatesy, I've been on the hunt for a 981S or GTS Cayman for ages, originally wanted manual but have conceded to looking for a PDK. Most are still over priced, if they are not they sell before you can press the enquire button. That 987.2 Black Edition sparked my interest when it appeared on Carsales earlier today though.
  11. Not a 981 but a does anyone know anything about this 987 Cayman S or has possibly had a look at it? I'm mildly interested but as usual it is on the other side of the country. One thing I've noticed from the pics though is what appears to be heavy orange peel in the paint on the drivers door, possible repaint?
  12. I have been keeping a close eye on this car, options list does appear to be impressive but have been waiting for the price to hopefully drop a bit before i contact the owner to ask for the full spec list. As for the bottom right button i sourced a better pic of the centre console from when the car was for sale previously, it appears to be for Active Aerodynamics, this was never an option for the Cayman so i am a bit confused by it tbh.

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