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  1. Nope. Left a voicemail for Maximus when the car appeared on carsales but have not heard back from him. Someone else must have been a bit quicker off the mark.
  2. I had the same "vibe" talking to a seller of a certain Carrera and it turned out he was dishonest and the car was submerged/written off (discussed in this very thread some pages back). I have learnt to trust my gut. There is scientific explanation how this works and why we should listen to the "vibe/gut/sixth sense".
  3. Did not ask about the matching numbers and to quote Frank Benvenuto: ....."it is just the vibe......" I may be wrong.
  4. According to seller - Top end done at 110 K km and odo reading now at 280 K. You would think it would be up for another rebuild possibly incl. bottom end this timer around....
  5. You'd be right. Anyhow, I did not get the right "vibe" from this seller. Offered more than what he told me the best offer was (already over asking price) and he then said than deal can only be done tonight and I need to show up with bank cheque otherwise someone else is buying it tomorrow morning (flying from Melbourne and buying it sight unseen). ...
  6. Yep. Was a Melbourne car for a long time, maybe someone on here knows the car/previous owner(s)?
  7. Did not see anything major wrong with it but I would have organized a PPI had I decided to go any further so I was not very thorough nor have I spent much time looking at it. Door bins falling apart, someone attempted (unsuccessfully) to fix them with fibreglass, drivers door strap clicking, paint on the inside of the doors looks like it was applied by brush, struts for the engine and bonnet lid need replacing as does the sunroof seal. Car seemed a bit reluctant to go in second which from what I have been told is usually the first synchro to go on 915 box, gearbox oil was likely not up to the working temp in the short test drive so perhaps it would improve a bit as it warms up.
  8. No service history, owner a bit vague and says too busy to take the car to a reputable shop for an inspection. Sounds like a great opportunity....
  9. Not a genuine M491 so no turbo brakes or other bits. Condition - from a brief inspection there are few bits that could use some attention. Engine has been replaced in 2008 with another engine of unknown origin/kilometers. Power delivery seemed very linear (no kick at about 4500 rpm I remember from my 3.2). Not much in terms of service invoices apart from the stamped service book up until some time in the nineties. Wheels are regular 6 and 7 inch items and look wrong, needs big spacers to fill out the guards.
  10. I am guessing the garage doors belong to the owner.... Congrats on the purchase James, looks like a nice car and a great project.
  11. +1. I bought a Momo steering wheel from them, leather started peeling off it as soon I installed it and they told me there is nothing they can do about it even though it was clearly a manufacturing fault.

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