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  1. Hey Warren thanks so much, I should have updated this post - I managed to get ahold of one. thanks! keen to check out the rebuild tho!
  2. Hey all - does anyone happen to have this part lying around? I need one and can so far only get it ex Germany. Thanks BRU P/N 000-043-204-28 (Retainer Clip for Headlamp Low Beam Bulb)
  3. Hey Laurens I got it from the states, no one locally that deals Fister products afaik, though you could get a local exhaust shop to have a go at replicating the Fister mod if you’re game.. I did the core return option, it’s the only option unless you want to pay for them to modify a brand new set and send those to you (1300USD PLUS the cost of modification and shipping - no thanks!). I had absolutely no issues with shipping either direction. They arrived within a week of posting on the way here, and I sent mine back to them last Thursday via Pack and Send (onto DHL) for ~$350 (cheapest I could find) and they arrived today. Not the cheapest option, but a good product and easy experience. DM if you need any help 👍🏼
  4. Did you try with a different pump? My guess is faulty/over sensitive pump...
  5. What will you use the car for?
  6. How much do engines like this run? Am not in the market this minute, but will be soon...
  7. Just closing the loop on this one for anyone interested - emailed Harry and he promptly replied with this: “We have a central email for this now. Please send your enquiry to vincheck@porsche.com.au”
  8. Sorry to dig up an old thread.. do you have contact details for Harry at PCA? Trying to do the same thing...
  9. BRU

    993 Odometer

    Pretty straight forward, but defo take your time. I followed this article which was really helpful. I’m more of a words and pictures guy, not video.. https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/pcar_com/993_broken_odometer_repair.htm
  10. Installed Fister II’s on my 993 C2. My ears are happy 🎶

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