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  1. ah right - so you used the 996turbo mounts instead? surprising they are cross-compatible?
  2. What was the massive difference here? Was it replacing it with new engine mounts full stop, or were the turbo ones substantially different? I ask, as mine are due for replacement, and may as well have an informed opinion.
  3. Went on a drive on the weekend, and I've completely forgotten about it. I can't imagine the car without it now - it was just so quiet!
  4. Ha just to be fair here. Insurance companies are offering $75k now as value on manual 996s (mostly .2’s). $80k values in less than 4 months.
  5. Are mods checking the store? purchased a sticker like a year ago and never came haha
  6. If you’re in VIC - use Wanted Tinting - they’re great, affordable and will talk you through options. I went with the ceramic tinting at darker than legal and it looks great. My car is black, and yeah it does remove SOME of the lines, but it does make it look very good. The ONLY reason I did it was for heat; it’s cooled the car down A LOT. I recently just bought the Porsche windscreen cover should I park in the outdoors for a few hours.
  7. Ha wow - that is super interesting if true! Yeah - I guess with an extra $10k Val - I’d likely be able to drop down even further. But does seem like yours is cheaper. I am adamant that my Val is closer to $75 not $70; but took $71500 to avoid the pain of photos and interviews.
  8. No I didn’t - didn’t like how with MB you couldn’t do an online quote; personally feel if you can’t be transparent enough to have that as a service, then I couldn’t be bothered being sold to. $1800 per year for me is cheap - considering I’m 31, and in a posh-suburb with a lot of targeted burglars haha. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your total annual cost, excess and car value?
  9. Just moved to Enthusiast Insurance from RACV (I know, blasphemy). I signed up to RACV for immediate cover when I got the car, however, as stupid as I am, just realised that they wouldn’t actually insure higher than $27,000 for a car worth $70-80k. Enthusiast offered the best insurance in terms of price and value. My payments have dropped $800 per year, and the value of the car has gone up 500%. Shannon’s (with roadside assist) was $4,000 per year, so not even comparable in terms of cost. Does anyone have any recommendations around roadside assist? Currently with RACV, but would prefer to move car-related stuff away from them. Thanks team - this thread was super informative for me. p/s turns out that Famous are now acting as an aggregator as RACQ have abandoned them as an underwriter.
  10. Ah right- I thought there was a difference in sound?
  11. What’s the difference in sound? I can only imagine the fister is softer and less throaty?
  12. Windows up fine at cruise. Nice tone when flooring it. Windows down, and it’s loud. Changes the car, for me - and for the better.
  13. Got the Gundo Hack done through Exhaust World in Nth Melbourne. Dropped it in at 8am, done an hour later. Wow! What a difference it makes; sounds like a Porsche now.
  14. Going to try and get the gundo done this week at Exhaust World. Anyone know how long it takes to get done? Feels like a 60min job to me - trying to work out logistics. EDIT: Booked in for this week. Anything I should be requesting? 1.5 pipes feels the right balance. Does anyone have the short and sweet?

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