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  1. Last week I took my car to a suspension workshop to have a set of H&R springs fitted and wanted to share my experience. I had been given the names of some popular shops and had found them to be a tad arrogant to deal with. I ended up taking the car to East Coast Suspension in Taren Point and cant recommend Dave highly enough. he was a great bloke to deal with and went out of his way to accomodate me and get the car out in a timely manner. He found a few small issues while working on the car (like strut top rubbers that needed to be replaced) and he rang and checked with me before going ahead (rather than the do and charge we have all copped before), he also used genuine parts to put it back together and was fair about his pricing. Too often I see workshops copping flack for mistakes but not often enough people praising the good guys so if you are looking to get suspension work done, give Dave and East Coast a try.
  2. Hi Mate, where are you located ?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 997C4S that I want to order work meister m13 wheels for and I need advice on the offset. I want as deep a dish as I can get on the rear and the guards as full as possible but the more I read about offset the more unsure I get. Can anyone tell me what offsets I need Please ?
  4. Hi Mate, I am interested in the pipes, can you send me some details please ?

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