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  1. Under the statutory Warranty, the dealer is required to rectify, or in the case of a major fault, refund the purchase price, and can also be liable for any costs or damages. In this case, I allowed the dealer the opportunity to fix the problem. Unfortunately though, and I expect understandably, the dealer chose to try the cheapest rectification, against the advice of Porsche Service. They had 3 go's at it, each time certifying it as repaired. Each time the PDK failed right after collecting the vehicle. Finally when, now 2 months after purchase, and 5 days of actual possession, ( Warranty expiring in 4 weeks ), they were still trying to find an inferior less costly solution, I felt that it needed to be brought to a head and exercised my right to a refund. I didn't think I'd ever be confident of this car, being correctly sorted. The dealer did do the right thing, ( voluntarily ?), however they could have done the right repair originally also. Whilst I wont mention the dealer in an effort to besmirch them, I dont think they deserve much of an accolade either. You're right, it probably only makes sense to buy a Porsche from an authorised dealer, with a 12 month and extendable warranty, so thats what I've done !!
  2. That's very tempting to do. However If the dealer DID do the right thing and repair it satisfactorily, that might look a little Vindictive or scurrilous. However, there is a photo of the car on this forum, and it is now known to every Porsche Service Centre in Sydney, Sydney South, Willoughby, Parramatta, and of course Hamilton's. Surely there is a duty of disclosure should a future purchaser order a Pre- Purchase inspection ? Of course if someone was to PM me in this regard, I would offer any assistance.
  3. It does have PDK. This will be my daily driver, with a lot of urban driving, so I think its a good pick. Finding a manual with all of the options I want is not easy. Anyway, the PDK anecdotally, from this forum and Porsche themselves appear to be pretty trouble free. Obviously I bought a car that for whatever reason was hiding a problem. I'm putting it down to very bad luck.
  4. Thanks all for your comments. All too hard. The dealer has bought the car back. Ive now purchased a Porsche Approved car, from an authorised dealer, warranty etc.. I feel I have some comfort now that if something goes seriously wrong it will be rectified correctly. I believe my old car is being sent to a Porsche "Specialist". The same one that said that the PDK issue was because I drove in Sport Mode in traffic. The same "Specialist" that on the next occasion, flushed the Transmission, replaced the faulty battery and certified it as "performing correctly" before it again failed about an hour later. Anyway the dealer thinks this "specialist" will pull the PDK apart and repair it. A cheaper option than the Porsche recommended and usual remedy of replacing the whole unit. I feel so sorry for the poor mug that buys this car, oblivious to its previous issues. Just like I did !!
  5. I am aware that there is quite a bit of protection under NSW consumer law also. The first steps I've been advised, however are to resolve the issue "nicely" between the parties. Ive been doing this for 2 months. I have been assured by the dealer that the dealer WILL sort this out. Problem is the dealer see's this purely about mitigating their liability and commercial loss. The only updates to progress or in my case lack of are after many unanswered or unreturned calls I appear un announced at their office !! I wonder what would have happened if I'd passed them a dud cheque, taken possession of the car and dodged the issue for 2 months trying to find out why my account was short, and how I could get someone else to put it back in credit so that I could honour the payment !! Id be arrested for fraud !! As you allude to. You just FIX IT !!
  6. Thanks Simonk. I always assume the best, expect the worst and then give the benefit of doubt. However Ive also suspected that an assessment, like yours is on balance, the most likely.
  7. I had a 111 point check done by Porsche Willoughby, prior to purchase. $695.00. ( Last scheduled service provider. One would assume they might know this car. ) It came back all good. After the transmission failed, the next day - Day 1 of ownership, I contacted them to discover if they had detected any previous Fault codes that may indicate previous issues. They advised there weren't any. My situation was either incredibly, incredibly, bad luck, or their diagnostic tests are not comprehensive. There seems to be a disconnect between Porsche Service Centres. I guess they are dealers and have no incentive to share information.
  8. This should not be a Forum to make accusations that could be subjective and un verifiable. The Fair trading web sites are where we should find rulings of nefarious conducts. Regarding previous owners, things have become interesting. Due to Privacy Laws there are no records on your Log / Service / Manuals of the previous owners. The dealer is not allowed to divulge this information, even if they know it.. Ive asked Porsche to provide this information as they would be the only ones that have it, however quite rightly they will not divulge either.
  9. The Gear box failed !! The car is now at the 3rd Porsche Service Centre after its 4 th diagnosis, the first being "It needs a new PDK". I'm waiting for the selling dealer to tell me what they will or won't do !! Its only been 2 months since I bought the car so - I patiently wait. Gearbox Fault 1 gearbox Fauly 2 Gearbox Fault 3 Gearbox Fault 4
  10. You wouldn't think this would break. 38,000 kms, perfect history. $30k repair needed.😪
  11. Yep !! It is such a sweet car. The new PDK will be around 30k. Drove it for a few days and took the photo. Oh well. Better buy a Toyota Camry now !!😢
  12. Whatever you do dont buy without a Porsche Warranty from an authorised Porsche dealer. You can read my post's about a car I just bought that failed one day after purchase. ( 38,000 k. Complete Porsche Centre service history and Porsche Willoughby Pre- Purchase report ) 2 months now and I don't have a car - or the money I paid. It will break your heart.
  13. My dream would be to have a bevy of 35+ cars. Just don't have the luxury of the time or know how to devote to keeping them running. I wanted a daily driver that might provide some week end joy. My 991 is still in limbo. All agree now it needs a new PDK. The dealer I bought it from is unwilling to pay - they want Porsche to pay. Porsche has refused to pay. 2 months now, everyone running from the exits. My 911 dream is now a nightmare.
  14. gearbox Faault 1 The first was " Drive Temperature too high Reduce Load" Yellow. Second was "Start stop activation disabled" Yellow. Third was " Gearbox faulty Poss. no R gear" Yellow. In between there was a RED stop the car to cool down, as well as a "Sports mode not allowed" These lights came up in sequence quite quickly and as I was in traffic I was more concerned with avoiding an accident as I was in limp mode.
  15. Thanks GC911. Unfortunately and I wont mention names, but a reputable Porsche specialist on Sydney's north side is the one that told the dealer "allegedly" that I shouldn't be driving it in Sport mode in Traffic. They were also the ones that did the pre- purchase service, the subsequent Transmission flush etc. and report that the car was performing correctly. So I'm respectfully dubious of the relationships some dealers have with "specialists". A huge problem seems to be that Faults can be cleared easily, however without a thorough test drive in real conditions other than a quick spin around the block, the real issues don't become apparent. It's too expensive ( labour wise) for them to do that. I just "gave" my BMW 330 Ci - 1 owner < 90,000k out of desperation to a wrecker. $10k spent and each time "problem solved." I drive it 30k and there it is again. I chose not to trade it, as even though it would pass a quick road test, I would be putting someone in the same position I now find myself in. So I went out and bought a Porsche. Problem is I'm driving a Skoda !!

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