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  1. The new 911 GT3 is the most important Porsche of all | Revelations with Jason Cammisa Cammisa talking about all the GT cars from the 996 to now...
  2. +1! Had a bit of fun in mine just after I bought it, when making a snappy 3pt turn with traffic getting closer... but yeah, it's just a matter of getting used to how much muscle you (don't) need to put in to it. Enjoy the new ride!
  3. Had been toying with the idea of a similar swap on mine, but will pass on it for now (not sure I'd get the bang-for-buck out of it, as I'm not handy enough to do it myself!) ...and the Porsche Centre I spoke to said it wasn't doable, as all the required wiring wouldn't be there (or something like that, and I never got around to doing a ring around for a 2nd opinion). So, in theory, once I have a new wheel with buttons (and compatible airbag), I'd only need a steering wheel control module as well, and the means to program it? Or will I also need something else to hook up to the head unit? (have the BOSE in mine, so it runs on MOST, but have a new head unit on order...)
  4. A definite (plus) factor in my recent purchase
  5. Had a chat to the guys at Automotive Integration a couple of weeks ago about getting a Mobridge installed in my car (987.2 Boxster, PCM 3 w/ BOSE) - one of the things I wanted to find out was whether something like that would allow you to control the music from the PCM, or whether you still need to do that from your device; no go from the PCM apparently, still need to Select / Stop / Start from your phone. It was also pointed out to me that apparently PCM units of that vintage are starting to fail, and it may be worth my while to consider replacing the whole head unit instead (which is something I'm thinking about anyway). So in the meantime I've got one of these plugged in to the AUX input in the centre console, with the USB for power right next to it if required: https://www.audiotrends.com.au/wireless-audio-headphones/wireless-audio-speakers-all-categories/wireless-bluetooth-adaptors/portable-bluetooth-receiver.html Works a treat! Edit: Should point out that the car already lets me make and take phone calls via bluetooth, so it's just the music streaming that the Mobridge would have given me.
  6. Picked up the car yesterday, all done and ready to roll. Promptly put the roof down (30 degrees!) and went home the looooong way 'round (400 km or so, via Whittlesea, Yea, Alexandra, Thornton, Taggerty, Marysville, Warburton, Healesville, Yarra Glen...). Still can't wipe the smile off my face. What's also nice - bought the car sight unseen from Porsche Brisbane, and it's in amazing condition for a 10-year old vehicle. Everyone I dealt with to get the car in to my hot little hands (Porsche Brisbane, CEVA, inTraffic) has been pleasant, professional, and just great to deal with. Did I mention I can't wipe the smile off my face?
  7. Car's now en route to Melb. Was really looking forward to bringing the car down from Brissy myself, but unfortunately was not to be - already had plans locked in for this weekend. On the upside, CEVA will work with Intraffic to bring it down, get the RWC, book in with Vicroads and get it registered for me, so when I get it next week, it's good to go...
  8. I know!! Could also bring a 996 or 997 in to the picture if I was to consider all options... ... and you're right, I really should spend a bit more time behind the wheel before locking anything in, that is good advice. But... I put a deposit on it this afternoon. For a range of reasons, probably an even 50 / 50 split between the practical and the emotional! There was token drop of the price, and it's had a few things done to it to get it to Porsche Approved (including a new set of tyres, some parts replaced on the front suspension, a range of cosmetic things). I am looking to get a few years out of it, so the warranty was a thing for me; was looking for a manual, looking for an S, looking for the "analogue vibe". And the siren song in my ear (which might have just been my tinnitus) was drowning out the little voice that was trying to be patient and sensible. ... when I put it that way, it's more like a 60 / 60 split! It'll be grand!
  9. Thank you - good to know. Any rule of thumb as to how much of a premium (%-wise), or is it too hard to say, are there too many other factors?
  10. Hi all Have been lurking for a little while... ...have sold the bike, and am looking forward to making the jump in to P car ownership. I'm now in the market for a 987.2 Boxster S, manual. Not overly worried about options at this point, as it seems that there are not that many available with options! From what I understand (which is not much), the Australian delivered ones had a reasonable 'base' spec; the ones that have come up on carsales over the last month or so don't have too many extras (i.e. haven't seen much in the way of PSAM, PSE, Sport Chrono). So I'm looking out for one that's a reasonable combination of price, condition, kms... though if there is an option worth holding out for, I'm all ears! (or eyes?) In the meantime, any insight you could offer with regard to "Porsche Approved" vehicles would be appreciated: Is there any value in getting a PPI on a Porsche Approved car? Does the answer change if one is in a different city to the car in question? And how much of a premium is "Porsche Approved" worth, especially on a 10 year old car? (Yep, this is the one I'm wondering about: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2009-porsche-boxster-s-987-manual-my09/OAG-AD-17506957 ) Thanks in advance, nick

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