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  1. Thx for input Privatepang. Do you still have an amber side marker light at the front with the eu front box and would you mind checking where and what colour your rear parking light and markers are please?
  2. Do you have a US long hood import on club or full reg? Curious to know what changes you had to make to your lights for RWC. (excluding RHD H4s - done!)? US spec front: Signal: Amber Side Marker: Amber Parking light: Amber (second filament in signal bulb) • '74 onwards H4 has parking light in main parabola. AU / EU parking light or sometimes called city lights is located in small clear window of signal lens next to horn grille. US housings missing the small parabola and bulb holder / Lens all amber. US spec rear: Stop / Tail: Red Back up: White Signal: Amber Side Marker: Amber RWC pre inspection told me I need rear parking light to be red not amber! Parking lights - 2005 ADR: White in front, red at the rear, amber if reciprocally incorporated with side –direction-indicators or side marker lamps. Side Marker Lights - 2005 ADR: Amber to the front, red to the rear. For side-marker lamps complying with ADR 74/00 and fitted according to paragraph 6.18 of Appendix A of this vehicle standard, the lamp must emit amber light to the front and rear except for the rearmost lamp which may emit red light. from these ADR's it would seem I should be able to negotiate no change? Down side is the front turn signals are really dull with lights on! many thanks!
  3. Thanks Merv. I found my local rep and got a 6 pack!
  4. Hey 9er, I was thinking Wurth too but great to hear the VHT goes well on Fuchs as I want to paint out the ports on mine. Any special prep advice for adhesion on the wheels? thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! im hoping someone can help me with a code for correct IP black paint please? thanks Pete
  6. For anyone who might be interested It appears the location points to fit an inertia reel belt assembly to a 1970 coupe are already there in the body. Just need these support panels and 7/16" bolts.
  7. Thanks Tomo, Good info mate appreciate your reply! Thanks Airhead, Thanks for the contact info. Exactly what I am after. I'll call Spencer in the morning.
  8. Thanks Coastr. I am getting lots of mixed input as to whether or not I need an engineering inspection / local compliance plate. Will only be club registered so I'm hoping that some Melbourne based folks can help me with recommendations please: • Where did you go to get roadworthy certificate? (personal experience with this type of car only please) • Did you need and engineering report for an imported vehicle for club rego? (as above) • Did you need to replace seatbelts with locally made seatbelts? Can you reuse the original hardware but have new webbing and assembly through someone who can provide ADR compliance. I understand the answers to these questions can be so much about who you go to rather than hard rules. Appreciate your help! road test under permit on weekend pic for gratuitousness :) thanks Pete
  9. Hi Coastr, cleared quarantine in early Jan. I have a few things I need to take care of like refitting the rear reflectors, changing the front signal lens and probably need to add a RHS mirror. Wondering if anyone here has found a local source for approved seat belts? I've already fitted RHD headlights and done a 6000k service. Plan is to black out the fuch ports and refit the bright work to the body. Interior needs tidying up but and I have most of what's needed to make her a really sweet ride. I would also appreciate hearing from anyone with experience in a getting a similar age 911 roadworthy engineering compliant. thanks for the warm welcome! Pete
  10. Hi everyone! I have much to learn and hopefully share . After a 2 year search, I found this gorgeous little car in San Diego CA. Body is really solid with matching numbers 2.2 engine. It's running Webber's and a 915 5 speed and S brakes. cheers, Pete

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