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    Yes, it is a factory colour
  2. Has anyone driven the Mt Darragh Road? A few years back i took 5 months off work and travelled around - there are so many great roads on the interior of Vic, NSW and QLD
  3. According to Jason’s twitter he is really in to Porsche too
  4. Or perhaps it might be one model in the cayman / Boxster pair and still have other engine choices 🧐
  5. Thanks Lucky Phil Unfortunately I, personally didn’t ‘tick’ any options - the car was built by the dealer, and it had just arrived in their holding yard off the boat 1 day before i enquired so being that it was the colour i liked and 95% of options i wanted, it was fate. I appreciate that if i ordered a car, i definitely would have only added coloured belts, and adaptive cruise solely for the AEB, but i'm glad to have 20" carerra S wheels, lane keep assist, entry and drive, leather and sport tex interior, darkened front lights, PDK and the colour i was wanting. It didn't have sports chrono - but i wouldn't have optioned that anyway. I don't care for launch control and i'm not going to track the car. I have the sport button that would have been the same as the dial. But alas no lovely clock, or the other modes. The MY20 that i have, the factory sport exhaust now standard which was a ~$5000 option before. So i have the button. It doesn’t however give you the sports tailpipes, which i now understand i can add. It’s more of an aesthetic but all of the other hardware bits are already there the friendly sales guy advised. I will also try the auto start stop / sport mode - thanks guys. Appreciate your help and guidance.
  6. So far it’s going quite well. I just have to get used to the coasting function, especially when I’m turning the corner slowly. There is a different technique with driving a Boxster. For example, when I’m slowing to go in to my driveway - it’s a normal suburban one, and i have to slow so i dont scrape it and then the engine turns off, so now i have worked out how to place my foot on the brake accordingly so it doesn’t cut out. Now I’m wondering if I can retrofit coloured seat belts - has anyone done this? I will save and get the twin tail pipes however as a present to myself.
  7. I had some further help in answering some of my questions today: - So in the door they are reflectors and not lights - so that answers why they don't come on - The external folding mirrors with lights can't be retrofitted as it needs a special control module which is added when built in the factory - And the fog light comes on only on one side and there is provision for two, depending on the L/R market where it is sold
  8. Thank you Tips. I put in a Q with the sales person. Will let you know. Funnily enough i was washing my E-Class today and that also has the red door "lights" but they came on. So will find out soon enough. Maybe it only works if you have the folding mirrors with courtesy lights? I hope that's not the case. Thank you GC. That's amazing really isn't it: all day, every day for 5-6,500 rpm. This week I'll look in to getting some wheel cleaner too. These 20" Carerra S wheels are going to be the easiest wheels to wash ever. The other question i'll try to find out is, can you retrofit the folding mirrors with courtesy lighting? The MY20 gives you the option to retro fit the sports tail pipes in either black or silver. The Boxster has the square exhaust tip, but the MY20 gives you standard sports exhaust system, so all the 'other bits' are there.
  9. Thank you. Tonight i have been reading the Owners Manual, and thanks for the pointers. The 2000 km reference was from the sales person, and the manual states 3000, and happy to take it lightly until that point that you mention, so thanks. I don't have the intention to track the car either. The manual also says not to take it above 4000 revs. I think i rarely in previous cars go above 3500 rpm lol.
  10. I picked it up today around lunch time. The hand over was really first class and very informative. I really love the leather/ sport tex seats with the 18 way adjustment and it's really comfy. I'll just run it in gingerly for the first 2000km which i do each time. Then take it up from there. One thing i can't work out is on the driver's and passenger doors there is a red light which doesn't come on? Its at the bottom of the door card. Is that normal? Also with the rear fog lights (not that i use them) although there is provision for 2 lights in the rear bumper, only one comes on? Is that normal too (depending if you have L/R driving selected in the MFD)? Lots of things to learn as this is my first Porsche and don't regret it one bit. I'm in love.
  11. I pick up my first Porsche tomorrow, so i'm pretty excited. I am new to the forum, and haven't been reading anything to date and just joined. I'm normally a Mercedes guy, and decided to go for an Adventurine Green (or advent urine now i can't unsee that) 718. Once i saw the colour i was hooked. I nearly went back to an SLC 43.

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